What an exciting week it's been! July 6, 2015


What an exciting week it's been!!! Seriously. wow, life is awesome. In the past 7 days, Sister Kartchner and I have given 5 trainings! And it's funny how much I have learned from GIVING trainings. I love how that works.

We met our new mission president, President Lam. They are in our ward! I think we see them almost every other day. At church on Sunday, Sister Lam met our investigator, Kelly, and invited us to come teach her in her home... IN THE TEMPLE!! This hasnt been done in over 3 years at LEAST! Kelly gasped and said, "but im not baptized yet! I can go in?!" so cute. I love Kelly, she truly wants to change and follow God. Imagine if everyone had that desire..and acted on it. She's incredible!
So, this Wednesday we will teach her in the temple with the mission presdient's wife. haha so awesome.
President Lam got baptized 20 years ago. His wife is amazing-- it's because of her 100% commitment to God and obedience why he is baptized today.
This was literal proof and a witness to me that when we obey our Heavenly Father, He will bless us. Let us always remember the covenants we made with Him when we decided to get baptized, when we partake of the Sacrament, and when we went through the temple. I love those covenants!

President and Sister Hawks, however, have made a huge impact on my life forever. One of the biggest things I've learned is how imporant it is to love your spouse. The love President and Sister Hawks is like the love general authoriries and their wives have for each other. It's so strong, it's eternal, it's pure joy. How did they get it? They work for it. But not alone, they focus on God. He is number one in both of their lives. I'm so grateful for their 100% commitment to Him. I have a whole page, front and back, of things I have learned from their examples.

I love this gospel. I love serving! Especailly with sister Kartchner, she is a perfect example of Christlike love. She is always laughing, and always going the extra mile to become more like the Savior. She thinks of Him always before she opens her mouth or acts. You can tell she does. Mom--coordinate with her mom when you both come to hong kong... i want you to meet her so bad!

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to come closer to my Savior. I love Him! I love you all!

Love, Sister Bosler

PS. i used my first squater today in Hong Kong! fun stuff!

Today was my first time going to "yam chah" or eat dim sum!! SO GOOD. seriously, i loved it all. I remember a RM from HK took me to eat dim sum in SLC and I hated it... either it's 100x better in HK or my taste buds have changed... probably both :) these are all my favorite sisters! love them all!

Letters & pictures from home:

Hi Karli,

We are at Mindi's house right now heading over to grandpa Thomases house because it's his birthday today. Everyone's in the car waiting for me so I just thought I would hurry and shoot a few pictures off of this weekend. I flew up to Provo with Tyler and he went to BYU basketball camp – which he loved! And then we both attended Britney and Sean's reception on July 3rd and I went to her wedding – all of my 11 siblings were there! So exciting and fun.

 All 11of us!! Nate photo bombed haha
 I took Sophie and Hattie on a walk and they kept pretending they were dead! LOL
 Tyler LOVED basketball camp!
 Took my fav nieces and nephews to BYU Creamery
 Brittany and Sean coming out of the temple.
 Loved helping at the ice-cream table at the reception.

 Can't express how much I love my boy. He was such a gentleman tonight - introducing himself to relatives and helping out and dancing with his cousins. He's so cool.
 The Freedom run
 Went to a beach by Ginas after the parade and played water games.
We sang "You are my sunshine" in the woods together! 
From Karli:
CUTE til death!!!! (i dont know if thats a phrase in english, but it is in cantonese!)

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