"Favorite Things" June 28, 2015

Helllllllooooo family!!!!

it looks like everyone is doing awesome at home :) i love hearing about that!

Sister Kartchner and I had an I N C R E D I B L E week. we sat down to eat i think only once this week-- no lie. haha we've been insanely busy and insanely happy. the Lord is blessing us so much, we can't even believe it!
We've been working with an LA named To Hiu Ching. she's 19, and so shy. and pretty lazy. stays up until 4am and never comes to anything. her sister is one of our investigators! cool huh!

anyway, with To Hui Ching, she still isnt coming to church! our last lesson was pretty powerful: forcused on sacrifice and obedience. i LOVE those 2 topics... I really feel like sacrifice and obedience are 2 really sacred things, because of the humility we show towards God, and the incredible blessings He gives us. Elder Holland once said that it makes him cringe when people casually say Nephi's words "i will go and do the things which the lord hast commanded" because most the time, we dont realize the sacredness and importance of true obedience and sacrifice. (and TYLER BOSLER!!! I got your letter! LOVED YOUR TALK. my comp and I read it so many times last night, and honeslty, we learned a lot about teaching skills. you are seriously amazing. mom and dad must be dying about how cool you are, because i am dying! and so is sister kartchner! she cant wait to meet you!) well, in the end of our lesson, we committed her to sacrifice saturday night parties so she can wake up for church. and we both did a little sacrifice along with her. we called her on sunday morning as we were on the MTR, but, as usual, she didnt answer. as we sat down in the pew, SHE WALKED IN! with her BOYFRIEND!! oh yeah. sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven.

today we will go shopping with investigator Kelly to buy modest clothes :) every time we see her she's a little more modest each day! she's working on it! woo!!!

one day, we ran into the mission office (which is our church building, in Kowloon Tong) for little 10 minutes to eat lunch, copy some papers, and leave. but then Elder Pack, the senior couple, ran up to us so excited and told us "PRESIDENT HAWKS IS READY!" we had NO idea what was going on, but all of a sudden, Sister Kartchner and I found us in President Hawks' office, with Elder and Sister Pack (senior couple) and Elder and Sister Holbrook (Another senior couple) and we all started singing revised version of "These are a few of my favorite things" to words of serving a mission in Hong Kong. we were DYING of laughter.  I Really felt like it was a scene from The Office. Hahaha that was seriously the highlight of our day though! Who else gets to sing to their mission president with the senior couples? the lyrics are so clever and cute, too, ill show you someday ;)

Sister Kartchner makes me laugh so much. She is the most positive--TRULY positive--person I know and she does all things because of her love for the Lord and people. yay!

I love you all!!!!!!

Love, Sister Bosler

Pictures from home; Cabo San Lucas
 From Karli: you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! wow look at you both! that looks so much fun. love that. i love you both!!

 that is too funny!! haha i havent seen an iguana in HK! but that looks so much fun! loved the pics so much!

From Karli:
haha right now it is 12:30 pm on monday!
wow congrats to Matt! YAY!!! haha mom i love the things you do like that! freeze them all up woo!!!!!! ty will help you pick them! ;) or you can get the deacons to do service haha.

From mom:
Karli you’re online! So cool! 
Dad and I are inside now and the house fan is on and it’s perfect weather. We are both eating cherries and Matt’s peaches are all ripe. That means I have to pick and freeze them ALL tomorrow. Most of them are on our side of the fence and Matt thinks it’s funny because he doesn’t want to pick or freeze them this year.
I love you! Do you need anything to add to your grocery list? Did you ever get the little blender for smoothies?
Love, Mom

From Karli:
Haha, the chinese woman's food looks just like mine. ALL THE TIME.

except S Kartchner loves eating healthy and really wants to learn how to eat healthier and wants to lose 2lb a week! so we're eating healthy! woo! and buying everything together and cooking everything together! it's so awesome.

im not eating as gourmet as you are though! that sounds incredible! our groceries were really slim... some peppers, tomatoes, carrots, a can of tuna, 2 avocados, some bread (not healthy, just life wheat lol), and a half a cantelope and baby apples. haha literally our groceries for the week. we'll jsut pray...? ;)

mom, your life sounds SO fun! wow! im so happy to hear you've been able to spend time with everyone in the family. families are so special in the gospel.

im glad dad had a great fathers day!
haha dont eat TOO many cherries now! ;) seriously, why is mexican food SO MUCH BETTER than chinese?? haha i totally agree! however, chinese food CAN be healthy. normally, when you eat at normal member's homes, they make (white) rice, dark veggies (but in soy sauce) and a big fish. and then normally chicken wings, but you can get by with eating 2. and then they usually have pork, but as long as you keep your bowl full of something else and you dont finish eating first, you can get by without the pork! the worst part, though, is when they bring out the soup in the end, full of pork fat... then it all goes down the drain haha. but, i wouldnt trade it all for anything. i only get this special experience once. hong kong is so special :)

love hearing updates about you!

From Mom:
Dear Karli,

What an amazing week you had!!! Leaving Tai Po, then finding out your new companion.  SISTER KARTCHNER IS YOUR COMPANION AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! AGGGH! I love her mom too! You've got to be kidding me!
Well it will certainly be a wonderful experience. Yesssss!

I love your letters Karli!

I also want you to know what a joy it is reading five chapters a day in the book of Mormon with Tyler. We even kept it up on vacation last week! At one time me, Tyler, and Kaitlin were all on the bed just reading the scriptures together. It was such a neat feeling.

We really had the best vacation with the Goldthorpes. I've decided it really is special to have just one-on-one time with each child's family. You really get to know them that way and have such special topics. When dad and I take the entire family to a family reunion, all the kids end up talking to each other which is great but the one-on-one time is very special.

I just made dad a really great baked tofu sandwich. Amy McElwain gave me the recipe! You marinate the tofu in garlic and sesame oil etc and then bake it in thin slices. Soooooooo good! I added non dairy cheese and coleslaw etc.

Well I used really fresh sour-do bread like it suggested in the recipe, but from now on I'll use Daves bread!

I just love the scriptures as I read in Jacob today.

We are so blessed to have the book of Mormon in our lives!

Well if you read my "happy birthday" email to Jason and you will have seen some of the pictures of our vacation to Cabo. You wouldn't believe how adorable and smart Landon & Carter are. Kaitlin & Scott are such amazing and loving parents! I love how Scott loves us too. He's so fun to talk to; dad loves talking about medicine with him and they are both so interesting to talk to.

Right now I'm eating a huge bowl of cherries that are in season and sitting outside by our pool. The weather is just perfect and there is a slight breeze. I love living in California.

When we got back from Cabo San Lucas, we met a Chinese gal at the airport that dad had arranged to give a ride home and stay at our house for an evening. She was so sweet - here's a picture:

We took her out to dinner and this morning she just wanted the leftovers from our dinner last night. My favorite you know, Chinese food! Seriously ever since we went to China it's been very hard for me to eat Chinese food. It was so fun in Cabo – Mexican food is always so delicious! I've never eaten so much guacamole and salsa in my life. It was so creamy and delicious, served with everything from grilled vegetables to fajitas to sandwiches to omelettes everything! Now I need to go on a cleanse. LOL

Well I took Tyler to BYU basketball camp today for a week. Then I am flying out on Wednesday and will help with Brittany Beckham's wedding on Friday!!! July 3rd. I really love the guy she's marrying, Sean, and they will be moving to New York to live where he has a great job.

Well the sun is setting and it's just gorgeous here. It's nice to be home even though it was a blast to be on vacation too.

Last week I bought a memory foam topper for your bed and you know you have a new bedframe for when you get home right? No more hard squeaky mattress and wobbly frame! That was ridiculous! Ha

I love you so much Karli. Does your loved his Father's Day card, too. That was so sweet! Jason sent dad two really nice shirts and Kaitlin did a homemade shirt which was so adorable with lots of dads favorite treats on a poster she took to Cabo! So thoughtful. We have such a great family!

Love you sooooo much!


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