Whooop whoop there are blessings that happen literally EVERY DAY here at the MTC!

First: Wael. OH MY GOSH WAEL!!! My whole district is like, "who's this random guy from Lebanon whaaat??" haha he gave me the biggest package of HEALTH FOOD! Like goji berries, golden berries, etc, and along with CORRINES food (yeah--ANOTHER box. with almonds and a whole bag of macadamia and MORE) I make my own trail mix every day!! SO AWESOME! ahh I can't believe how thoughtful everyone is! Seriously. I love it so much. Expect a note in the mail for them 2 for sure soon! 

And mom, the ear plugs: THANK YOU. haha so happy. And my medallion?? Can't believe you foudn it! amazing!

So, I'm having so much fun here. Don't get me wrong, it's still a challenge for sure! but this challenge is strengthening me and changing me. Man, the purpose of life makes so much sense to me. God sent us to earth so we can experience life. So we can gain these experiences and grow and change and come closer to him! Notice, whenever you go through something hard, you learn from it. You become a better person. That is all part of God's plan. It's incredible! 

I would honestly be nothing without prayer. It's been giving me so much strength!@

Here's an example of how awesome prayer is. our President basically told me that I need to "dig deeper" with each sister. I've been PRAYING every night for each of them and how I can serve them better, but I felt like I was getting no where! his message was just for me. I need to dig deeper. What island from Tonga is Tu'avao from? I didn't know (but now i know it's the main one, Tonga! haha. Btw, it snowed today, and we walked out of the temple when it was snowing and Tu'avao is SO HAPPY. she's never seen snow!) So his talk was just for me. Dig deeper. Know every concern. Well, I was in the bathroom, and I heard Sis Adams walk in. She's one AWESOME sister. She's gorgeous, hilarious, and just real. Love her. ANyway, I said a quick prayer, "please have the spirit guide me so I am able to know what to say to Sis Adams!" so we started talking about her bf who's serving in Samoa. Well we ended up talking for THIRTY minutes, past bed time and everything, but had this incredible deep talk where I learned so much about her! HOLY AMAZING! After I left her room, I just prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for guiding me in that conversation. I've tried and tried again to talk to her, but never really got anywhere, and this prayer totally provided that miracle! I'm so grateful for that!! I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is always wanting to help us. All we need to do is sincerely ask. It's incredible. How lucky are we to have that knowledge? And sometimes I just feel so happy that I decide to pray and thank HF, and boom--even  happier. Haha love it. 

So I was reading during personal study in 3 Nephi 19. Whoa. This is when Christ came to the Americas and was teaching the people there how to pray for the Holy Spirit. Verses 20-26 were so beautiful! I just love the desire the people had to have the spirit with them, and even when Jesus went away to pray, they were all still praying with so much faith.  "and they did not multiply many words, for it was given unto them what they should pray, and they were filled with desire." There's no feeling like that desire. There's no feeling like being lifted by the Spirit. After reading these verses, I thought, "My Savior must be proud of us." I apologize if you don't like the word "proud", but I think he is. When we have that desire to have the spirit and ACT on it, and do what the spirit prompts us to do, what could make him happier? When we act on the spirit, "we may be one" with our Savior. that's all He wants for us. And when we are One, then we become selfless, loving, respectful, patient, kind, happy...and any other Christlike attribute. Ohhhh boy does it take some work, but the work starts with prayer. "Pray on" Jesus says in verse 26. I love that, pray on, family! :) 

Oh, one last thing. S Kartchner and I literally laughed for 3 hours one night. Like either of us couldn't breathe. We defintiely did NOT get our lesson planned at ALL, but the memory was so worth it! hahaha I don't even know what happened! But wow, every day we laugh so hard. She is so fun! Our whole district is so fun! Sister Tu'avao cracks me up all the time! One night she was singing to us in Tongan as we were going  to bed and I said all sleepily and calmly, "sister tu'avao that was so beautiful. you should keep singing, I love it..." and she quickly says, "whyyyy--so yuu can faw ah-sleeep while i stay ah-waaaaake?!" Okay maybe it's not that funny but if you knew her and her thick tongan accent... man she's great! Haha she was so excited in the snow and at one point she stopped quickly and said, "ah!!! I see a snow!" and a snow flake had landed on her eyelash. Hahaha as I'm reading this it's really not funny but she's funny if you know her! She thinks i'm crazy for eating so healthy. Let me just tell you... the Lord knew I wouldv'e died serving in Tonga... 

If there's something I could ask you all to do, then that would be to PLEASE "dear elder" sister kartchner random times throughout the week! She'll get it that day! just thank her for being such a wonderful example to me! On sunday, we got lost before Sacrament, and were FIVE minutes late. And I was super stressed and booking it from building to building, just quiet and upset. And she was still smiling and even said, "wow, look how beautiful the leaves on that tree are growing!" and i just shrugged it off. Why was I was stressed to get to church on time?Let's face it, it's beacsue I wanted to look good in front of the mission president. But she didn't care. She knows the Lord knew she's trying hard, and that's all she cares about. So here I was, stressed, late, and embarrassed, and there she was, just as late as me, but happy, full of the spirit, and doing what HF wants her to be doing. She's amazing! I apologized and will always remember her wonderful example. She reminded me of Natalie then. :) all her info should be the same as mine!

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Maybe if you could send something to Sister Tu'avao. Her unit box is the same as mine, but she never ever gets packages bc she's fromTonga. IMagine coming to a forgein country to learn ANOTHER foreign language?! she's incredible!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! SERIOUSLY SO MUCH!!! I feel so happy when I get your emails and love! You make me so so happy! I'm so blessed to have you all in my life forever ;) 

Love, Sister Bosler

Karli's first email home: "I LOVE YOU!!!!"

On April 23rd Karli wrote:
Ohhhh my gosh!! This first picture is when I first got my new missionary nametag!!

I need Ty's email so bad! Ty, you're the coolest boy ever. I think about you all the time and how EXCITED I am for you to serve a mission! Holy smokes, if you serve for the right reasons, you will LOVE it. I miss you. Your positive and fun attitude will get you through so many challenges!

Okay soo..

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the amazing little notes! It made me so happy! I was unpacking my second day (hardest days were second and third day), took my shorts out of my suit case and 10,000 neon notes fell out of my shorts. I couldn't stop smiling. Wow you are all the best. Ngoh gnoi leih! (I love you!) 

Mom, thanks a milllion for sending me Dad's blessing. Dad, thanks a million for giving it to me. I love it. Any little note or huge blessing gives me so much comfort here in the MTC.

Huge blessing-- CORINNE BARR!!! All I eat here is the  same salad and pineapple/grapes/banana, and white rice and canned corn or beans. hahaha. So one day I got this MASSIVE package and it said it was from Corinne, full of awesome food I love. Mom, can you ask her for the recipe for those amazing healthy muffins? My companion LOVES them and can't eat sugar, so she's dying for her mom to make us some. 

There are thousands of blessings that happen every day at the MTC. Mt tuhngbuhn (companion) S. Kartcher is my biggest blessing. She is incredible. I love her so much and have already learned SO much from her. One of my favorite things here is Companionship Inventory. FAMILY, I challenge you to use Comp Inventory!! p. 150 of Preach my Gospel! We feel so uplifted after our inventory. Anyway, she always asks me what I'm grateful for today. (who does she sound like? Yup, you got it--DAD) She is always 100% positive. Her email is Please email her or send her something. I love her to death! Whenever I'm feeling down or stressed about Gwong Dong Waa (cantonese), I think of her and how she's always serving others, always positive, always fun, always smiling and laughing. And she really means it. I laid in my bed for an hour one night just crying and praying for her. Please keep her in your prayers! One thing I've been learning while being in the MTC is how to really love. (man this is the BEST prep for being a mom!) S. Kartchner has an extremely hard time learning Cantonese. I started getting frustrated when we planned our first lesson (yeah--on FRIDAY! we've taught a lesson per day since then, besides Sunday.) because I felt like she was pulling me behind. She has the hardest time pronouncing anything. Then on Sunday I realized, "wow. I am here to serve. Not just people who don't know about Christ, but also my companion." I have been loving her unconditionally since! I don't care if we don't keep up with the other companions in the district, what I care about is if I'm serving my companion. I feel so happy!!! We're getting along so well!! 

Anyway, in my district, we have 4 elders and 6 sisters. The elders are ALL from England! haha their Cantonese sounds little more proper than ours.. haha! My district is the best. I love them!

So guess what Mom and Dad? Guess who spoke at Tues night devo? Dallin H Oaks!! He was awesome. buuuuuuuuuuut guess who spoke on Sunday night? PRESIDENT UCHTDORF!!!!!!! Ahhhh. (I was singing in the choir and ppl said my name was on the screen a ton! hehe..hi President...) Wow, just wow. He spoke right to me. (except when he said, if you're having a hard time learning spanish, just think 'at least it's not Chinese!' whoop....) He spoke about the Apostle Peter. After the Resurrection of our Savior, PETER FEARED NO MAN. Nothing kept him from raising his voice and being a witness of the Savior. He did NOT know and did NOT care if he would be killed while preaching. He even boldly preached to those that killed our Savior. So what does this have to do with me? Everything. I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been called to be His representatibve. Like Peter, I have taken upon myself to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ! He asked the question, What kind of witness will you be?

Family, what kind of witness will you be? 

I challenge you to read the talk, The Character of Christ by Elder Bednar. Corinne sent it to me, but because she's so in tune with the spirit, we saw it broadcasted on Sunday night. whoa. MIND BLOWING. Please read it! 

Well, one more thing President Uchtdorf said. He said, "training new missionaries is one of the most important leadership positions in the field." I wondered why that is.

Just moments after our amazing devotional with an apostle of the Lord, my Branch President called me and S Kartchner into his office. He asked me to be Sister Training Leader. Um. I can't believe it. I feel so incapable. I am practically the youngest (my comp is 22, 2 other sisters are over 20) and I feel like they all know so much more than me. But wow, Heavenly Father has given me the most amazing opportunity to do all I can to serve my sisters in every way. I met with them one night and just told them I will do all I can to help them in any way. Our STL just left yesterday for Cambodia, and so did our entire zone, but to Thai, Korea, etc. Sooo now it's literally just my district! But every week (starting toNIIIGHT!!!) we have new missionaries coming in! Tonight we have Thai missionaries! yay! Can't wait to help them!! 

I've never prayed so much before in my life than I have been now. The spirit is leading and guiding me in all I do. Last night, we taught Allie (our "investigator") and I was able to bear my testimony on my own, with the spirit. Ohhhh yeah I felt the spirit! It was amazing! I pray 85% in Cantonese now, too! It's awesome! I'm slow in speech, but it's coming. I have SO MUCH FAITH!!! :) I feel so happy all the time! Thursday and Friday were super hard, but it's because I was anxious, I was being competitve with the language, I was worrying about myself. That has all changed. Our branch President's wife said, MTC can stand for Make The Change. I am changing! (!) name the song?? Natalie knows it!) 

Oh here's one small example: At Girl's camp, I'd always wake up from someone snoring. I'd get so mad and throw whatever I had in sight at them so they'd wake up and I could sleep again. Hahaha oh man, that is awful. ANyway, here, there's a sister who snores, and I wake up every night. But I literally don't even get frustrated!! It's so amazing! I really feel a change within me already! (however...if you want to send me some ear plugs Mom, that would be greatly appreciated. The lord helps those who help themselves...or who have awesome moms...)

I'm loving it here! Our teacher only speaks Cantonese so Day 1 was soooo exciting and scary haha! I'm loving everything I'm learning! Time is so precious here. The gospel is so perfect in every way. I love you all and think of you all all the time. Please send me your mailing addresses too! 

I know Heavenly Father hears my prayers and leads and guides me in EVERY way of my life, as long as I sincerely ask. Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Seek and ye shall find. So true.

I love you. I love being a missionary. I'M A MISSIONARY!!!! 

I am a disciple of the Savior Jesus Christ. Because He is with me, I do not fear.

Love always, Sister Bosler

Karli enters the MTC! (Mission Training Center) April 16, 2014

On Wednesday, April 16th, Karli entered the MTC! Each Wednesday we will be posting Karli's weekly mission letters. Until June 17th, she will be in the Mission Training Center, learning Cantonese. Her email address for her entire 18 month mission is:

You can also write her or send a package at:

Sister Karli Bosler
2007 N 900 E Unit 81
Provo, Utah 84602

And another fun option is to go to You can write a letter which will be printed out and delivered to her the same day for free!

As you can tell from these pictures, Karli was VERY excited to go on her mission!