Ni hao!!! March 22, 2015

hi fam!!

another incredible week. :)

First, I'm now speaking mandarin in the mission!!!! kaai waan xiao. jk. i wish. i want to speak mandarin sooooo bad! i ask Sister Wu from Taiwan questions all the time. i love her to death! but, everyone 'prepared' is from China. no joke. we met the cutest college student named Andrea. we talked to her for a long time about her life. she had never tried praying before, so we carefully and simply taught her the power of prayer. man we're lucky. anyway, after Sister Anderson said a prayer, Andrea looked up and said, "why did you pray for me?" sister Anderson said, "because I care for you, and God loves you." Andrea thought for a second and said, "I will try that."
The power of prayer is so real! God absolutely hears us! We rescheduled her and taught her with the mandarin sisters. so this lesson was all in mandain! i understood probably about 30%? haha it was so fun though!! hong kong is so cool.

okay, scratch that. hong kong is SO not cool. summer is COMING. we are so scared.... haha summers here are insane!

Yesterday, Sunday, a member in our ward gave a talk. he's been home for his mission about 5 or 6 years now. but his talk was very powerful and really got me thinking.

21 And now as I said concerning faith—faith‍ is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope‍ for things which are not‍ seen, which are true.
 22 And now, behold, I say unto you, and I would that ye should remember, that God is merciful‍ unto all who believe on his name; therefore he desireth, in the first place, that ye should believe, yea, even on his word.

how many times have we read this scripture? so many! but how important is it? it's the foundation of our beliefs. we must have faith. this brother shared about a friend who has fallen away from the church. ah, that is so hard for me to hear! But what I know, is that we must do all we can to strengthen our faith every day.
Others may offend us. we may spend hours trying to fulfill a calling in the church and just feel unappreciated or exhausted. or, we might even find ourselves testing and challenging true doctrine. if that is the case, forget yourself, and pray to the Lord. Call up the missionaries and ask them if you can help them teach. Bear testimony. Learn from the missionaries faith and from the investigators who are willing to completely change their lives for what they are finding out is true. THere is nothing in this gospel that isnt good. if we think there is, then that is just our lack of faith in Jesus Christ. and if you dont know yet if it's good or not, 'even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you' until you one day will also know of these eternal truths and happiness. I know God loves us. I know we are His children. I know Joseph Smith restored Jesus Christ's original, true church. I know The Book of Mormon helps us come close to Christ and know for ourselves that these things are true. We are not perfect, but this gospel is absolutely 100% perfect.
Ask God again, and He will answer you :)
I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ!
I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

i ate cow stomach. COW STOMACH. haha so weird.

 This is my birthday cake. Me sister bosler, bishop Jeung and his wife. They are the best and bishop is one of the smartest people that i know. he teaches teachers ho to be teachers at one of the top Universities in the world.

 oh and we went to a wedding! :)
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER ANDERSON!!!! made her cookies for breakfast ;)

 strawberries are insanely expensive but an investigator gave them to us!! yeaaaah!
 more amazing food ive ever seen in my life!!!!! wow!!!

Bishop Cheung's home. SUCH A HUGE HOME. i danced in their bathroom because it was so big and pretty.
these people are incredible!

Note's from Karli:

holy smokes! how long were the missionaries over for?? haha wow, there missions are SO different. I'm so happy you help them feel at home! they must be loving it! haha so fun, they love you!

thanks for serving them :)

wow - VACAVILLE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! ah i can't believe! you and steph are SOOO cute! ty is SO tall! haha too fun!

hi mom! how is maranda weigant doing? ive been thinking a lot about her. can you call her up and see if she needs any help with the baby? dont forget about her. she needs this gospel and your service and charity! love you! I JUST READ THIS!!! WHAT!! wow, crazy you just talked about seeing her!! the spirit is so true! awesome. call her up! go to her shower!!
how is jas?? is he going to church??

Dear Karli,
I hope you get it before Easter! You really should. We will be on a cruise with Tyler, Sam, Skyler, Bailey, McKenna, and McKinnley. It's going to be fun! We are all going to to watch conference together in our ocean view room on Sunday.

It's so beautiful here right now and we miss and love you so much. I think you're going to love your Easter package. Your letters are so inspirational Karli and I thank  Heavenly Father every day for you. I hope you can feel His blessings and the love and support you have from Home and from all of your relatives!

I LOVED your last letter on how to measure your life! It is so true!! Wow I can't believe you get that concept at such a young age. You're so amazing. Well that is now on my vision board as well.

I love you!!!


How to Measure your Life. March 16, 2015

Hello family!! :)

Mom, can you please send me a picture of me and grandma bosler? a print? that would be awesome, thank you!

What a week again. wow. today we are going to the temple! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAITLIN!!!! i showed your picture to a family last night and someone said you look like a model! and then they said we look alike. heck yeah. ;)

Well guess what. Sunday morning, before church, we planned Bobo's lesson, a little worried because we don't know if she really thinks the Book of Mormon is true yet. When we met with her after church, the first thing she said was, "I know the Book of Mormon is true. I think that's pretty important." OHHH MYYY GOODNESS!!!!! i cried. I'm so excited. it's the biggest privilege and honor to teach Bobo. she honestly strengthens me. I've never taught someone so....ready. so prepared. so willing to change her life to come closer to her Heavenly Father. and then guess what--she gave me doTERRA!!! haha what! and it has chinese characters on it. oh she's the greatest.

That night, we went to a fireside in Wanchai. oh how i missed Wanchai! it's so gorgeous! do you know Clayton Christensen? Brad Wilcox gave me a book from him that's in my room right now. He was giving a talk about business, but for some reason, President Hawks said we could go and bring investigators. so we went with a big group of members and Bobo :) at first, i didn't understand anything he was saying because it was all business-y and he's a genius. i thought "gaa yauh chinese friends!) (add oil!) made me also grateful i'm not studying in school right now haha. aiya.
but then, the rest of his talk really changed my focus on my mission, what i pray for, and hopefully the focus of the rest of my life. he talked about How to Measure your Life.

There were many incredible things I learned, but the greatest was my purpose here on earth. ( it's incredible how i teach this to people all the time, but still, every day, I learn more and more about my purpose here on earth! )
Someday, after this life, we will be judged according to our actions and desires on earth. Every day on the mission, when i'm exhausted and am waiting at a stop light while walking home, i think about my actions here on the mission, get over myself, and talk to the person next to me. I then think about that moment when we are judged for our actions. I always hope God will say, "Sister Bosler, you were one hard working missionary." In my previous emails, i would tell you all "woo hoo, I'm changing! I'm become a better person!" and all that jazz. But that is NOT what God is going to tell me. what He will ask, is, "sister Bosler, i placed you in this position as a full-time missionary. or, Karli, I placed you here on earth in the year of 2015. How did you help an individual person become a better person?"
What is my motivation here on the mission? Why do I work hard every day? Why do I pray to obtain charity? Why do we have families? it is to help people become BETTER. it's not for me (even though, yes, through the experiences the Lord gives us, He wants us to become better and happier, too) but it is for us to become the Lord's instrument to help others around us become better. How can I help Sister Anderson become a better missionary? What can I give up to build more unity? How can I help Bobo build the desire to receive baptism and change her life? How can I help my family at home continue to have the desire to read the Book of Mormon? How can I help this random person on the street want to become like Jesus Christ?

We have countless opportunities every day to help people become better people. Every moment-- even every time we go on Facebook, every time we buy groceries, every time we go to school--as human beings, God gave us the opportunity to constantly uplift others.

As a missionary, that is my purpose. You all have missionaries serving in your area, who have the same desire as I do. Which one of your friends needs this happiness? Who in our family needs to change to their life? Please do all you can to help other people. You will find more happiness and peace in your life. You will find more direction. You will become more like the Savior. And then that day, when we face Him, He will ask, "how did you help that individual person become better?" and you will be able to see how many lives you have changed, how much purpose your life had.

I love you all! Thank you for your love and support. Keep praying, keep reading, keep finding ways to share the gospel. There are more opportunities than we think. Be bold!

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

 ps im in church news!

 At a fireside, look who i ran into? Sister Fae and ling Ling. we cried. it was the happiest moment ever. do you remember meeting them in Hong Kong? :) they are the most loving people i've still ever met! I'm so grateful for their faith and charity.

my area in Tai Po!

 buying groceries last week.. look who else was? haha.

at a families house last night :)

So happy to see you again too! I love those pictures! you are the best! :)

One of the happiest days of my life! March 8, 2015


Tai Po is absolutely INCREDIBLE. we love it so much.

yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life! Bobo was early for church, church answered all her concerns; during sacrament, a missionary who served in Oakland and i met her!!! gave her homecoming talk--oh yeah--and invited 5 friends that we met! another girl named Wilma Ho gave a farewell talk--actually, she sang with her sister --aamazing--and now her sister wants to sing with me! yes! anyway, the spirit was so strong and we were bawling. after she got set apart, we visited their family. we all read D&C 4 together, and since we have that memorized in Chinese, i said it in chinese and they all thought i could read characters ;) haha but we also taught Bobo that day too... i can't even express the love and the feeling i have when teaching her! she knows God loves her. she loves Him. and she's changing her life for Him. she inspires me. i've never been so happy.
we ran all throughout our area yesterday getting to appointments. we met a cute pohpo (grandma) in our ward who's daughter is LA. we became friends with her and she's adorable! but we also had dinner at Bishop Cheung's home. he. is. AWESOME! a potential named Joanne came with us--she's vegetarian ;)
i'm already loving Tai Po so much. it was sooo hard leaving PFL and my family there, but i'm loving this place just as much! i'ts very, very exciting!
my companion ROCKS. she is hilarious and so chill but hard working. haha love her!! she's from Utah and a farmer :) she's the bomb. we run along a river every morning together, and today we're hitting up the street markets of the New T's. life is good.

last week, we were priviledged to be visited by another prophet of the Lord. Elder Ballard. he speaks with power. he has changed my mission--actually, he has changed my life. everything i've been learning the past few months has been changing my LIFE! it's incredible. there's so much more to life than i ever knew! i just want everyone to find out for themselves and give us missionaries a chance to help them find out for themselves! anyway, one thing i learned again is a lesson of love. love is obedience. obedience is love. i never, ever, knew that. i thought you could only be one or the other. but you can't be one without the other.

And something else I know to be true and truly hope everyone knows: I know we are all God's children. What does this mean though? why does this matter? Because He is loves us SO much, He understands us completely. We lived with Him once before, and He sent us here, knowing we would receive trials, become lost, possibly never even have an opportunity to learn of Him, but he sent us here so we can choose for ourselves if we want to change to become like Him. That's all He wants for all of us--to become better. To become more loving, more happy, more full of service and gratitude, more successful, more kind, more forgiving--until we can become like Him. I know each of us has potentional to become as perfect as our loving Heavenly Father. All we have to do is begin to ask Him how we can do so, and follow the answer we receive.
 45 For the word of the Lord is truth, and whatsoever is truth is light, and whatsoever is light is Spirit, even the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

 46 And the Spirit giveth light to every man that cometh into the world; and the Spirit enlighteneth every man through the world, that hearkeneth to the voice of the Spirit

I invite you to take this opportunity and sincerely ask God what He wants for you in life. Every day we have the opportunity to change. Start now :) it's the greatest thing in the world.

I love you! I love our Savior and Heavenly Father!

Love, Sister Bosler

 members homes!! :)

and on the bus to go visit with the elders!

Notes back and forth from Karli to family:

BEST FAMILY EVER!!! man, im going to raise my family just like that. :) haha thanks mom and dad.

Tyler is so tall. andrew is so old. dad - you're #1. our comp study today turned into how awesome dads are and quality time with dads. (for me, it was the times with dad running, for her, it was times with dad on the farm. haha!)
love the update! thank you!

a LETTER from BISHOP??? haha what!! he's awesome. i didint get it!

Dear Bosler Family,

5 mins ago, Sister Bosler called me and shared with me a sad news, she will move to another area called Tai Po Ward, I knew it's a big loss and sad news for many members and investigators in Pokfulam area, but it's definitely a good news for the Tai Po Ward, I know the bishop over there and he's a good friend of mine since we both studied at BYU Hawaii, I knew Sister Bosler will serve in a much bigger ward with a very kind and great bishop, ,and now her leadership and talents can bless and influence more people, Bruce and Sister Bosler, you have all reasons to be proud of your wonderful daughter who demonstrates all Christlike attributes towards everyone she encounters with, I know she is part of our Pokfulam Family since she came here in last year June. We definitely miss her and wish her all the best in her next mission journey.   Thank you for raising such a great missionary and sister leader, who dedicated her whole time for the Lord work and being a great example among us, we truly share many happy and challenged moments together.

Warmest regards,

Bishop Chan

從我的 iPhone 傳送

aww.. that made me cry. i love Bishop Chan. I love Pok Fu Lam. it was so hard leaving, you. have. NO. idea.

Mom SOOO AWESOME! haha wow i cant believe how beautiful that is! haha i live in such a different world.

aww such a cute letter! great idea putting it on your vision board. you are awesome

ive been eatting a LOT more chinese food lately... can i please still have green powders and protein powders? you are so awesome.

On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 12:09 PM, Kim Bosler <> wrote:

 We flew home early in the morning and the beautiful CA hills were welcoming us! 

 Sammy loves his G-diddy
 Sammy loves the flowers blooming all over
 Becky is the same height as Karli! (Tyler was shorter than Karli when she left for her mission.)
 bday boys
 Vegan Dinner
 Awesome cards from all the boys for Grandpa
 The boys are really getting good at basketball
 Andrew’s new pogo stick
 Andrew is a love - always saying “I love you!!"
 Birthday Buddies. Andrew is ten!
What’s inside?

Becky made the best pies!

Tai Po!!! March 1st, 2015

 Well I should've figured you all would already know that I got TRANSFERED! Haha too funny how close you are in contact with my members here.

It was sooooo hard leaving PFL! I was there for 8 whole months! I love that place, love every ward member so much -- yes, had a relationship with every, single, one -- and it was so hard leaving them so fast with so little time!

But, my companion is Sister Anderson!!! we went on exchanges just last transfer! She's only been on the island her whole mission too, so we were both stoked and shocked to find out that we are OPENING TAI PO!!!! woo!!! There hasn't been sisters there for years, so this is super exciting for us!!

We got to Tai Po, in Tolo Harbour -- SOO DIFFERENT. our chapel is HUGE! it's actually it's own building instead of inside another building. it has a basketball court too! and we even sit in pews, have a real piano, and there's practically a forest outside of the windows. it's SO AWESOME. our ward is GIANT. Bishop Chan already knows my new bishop, Bishop Cheung, so when we were at his house on wednesday night, he called him and warned him about me ;)

But wow, we love it here already. We live with the mandarin sisters in Tolo Harbour -- one from Taiwan and one from Korea. Sister Wu and Sister Kim. haha i sang them the chinese song you taught me dad and they FREAKED out -- "you sound chinese! you sound chinese! you need speak more! you speak more!!!" they are my favorite people in the world. on sunday night, we had a huge chinese meal together in our apt. love them.

but, right when Sister Anderson and I got to Tai Po, we hit the streets. WE LIVE IN OUR AREA!!! so we went down the elevator (we live on top of a bar! haha!), walked out, and the first person we talked to, stopped, listened; got her number, and share scriptures with her every night.

Tai Po. is. NOT. the. island. haha it's a land of MIRACLES! we are both so shocked every where we go.

There are a ton of mandarins here too, and people are in and out of main land like crazy, so since we live with the mandarins, we'll be workin on our mandarin ;)

well day 2 in Tai Po, we literally have NOTHING -- no area books, member books, or anything, so we met up with the elders at the church (which is a SEVEN MINUTE WALK! yeah! we love living in our area! no traveling!), and while we were there, the Mandarin Elders showed up with a woman they were about to teach. they realized she was from Gwong Jau (how do you spell it Dad???) so she actually speaks Cantonese! so right then and there, we got to teach her. she kept thanking us. saying how much she wants this. it was amazing. we then found out she's actually in the other ward, but still--so amazing to meet her!

then church came. gosh our ward is BOOMING! we have so many families! the mandarins also come to our ward, too. well, during church, we met 10000 new people, including Bobo. our new investigator. she works for... doTERRA!!!!!!! IM OBSESSED OVER HER. haha anyway, she's actually come to church 5 times already with her friends who work with her, and the elders only taught her once. so we taught her after church and she was sharing with us how she's been changed by her friend's example. she has always heard bad things about our church, so always stayed away. but then at work, she realized the Mormons were the ones who could speak really good English (yay for missions), who were really hard working (yay for missions), really productive, nice, successful, and charitable (yay for missions yay missions yay missions). so she came to church. and since then, she has been changed. she has found how God has changed her. she loves that we have modern revelation from God, and that we have high standards. she wants this so bad and  wants to take the lessons so she can answer her friends questions. we taught her -- i mean, she taught herself--the Restoration, and she's getting baptized April 19. SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!

Her friend started crying in the end because she has also seen how much Bobo has changed already. I've never felt so right, so happy, so grateful in my life.

This gospel is true. God loves us so much. We are His children. He sent us to earth so we can become like Him. It is up to us to decide if we want to change or not. And He gave us the only way--through Jesus Christ.

I love this! Tai Po is on FIRE!

Love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

saying goodbye to members in PFL. love them SO much.

Oh my THANK YOU NATALIE AND STEPHANIE FOR THE BEST PACKAGE EVER!!! it came right during my move when i had no time to cook or anything THANK YOU!!! they are the BEST!!

saying goodbye to Gloria :( :( won't see her baptism! she's the greatest!!


dinner with my comp and roomies! :)