How to Measure your Life. March 16, 2015

Hello family!! :)

Mom, can you please send me a picture of me and grandma bosler? a print? that would be awesome, thank you!

What a week again. wow. today we are going to the temple! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAITLIN!!!! i showed your picture to a family last night and someone said you look like a model! and then they said we look alike. heck yeah. ;)

Well guess what. Sunday morning, before church, we planned Bobo's lesson, a little worried because we don't know if she really thinks the Book of Mormon is true yet. When we met with her after church, the first thing she said was, "I know the Book of Mormon is true. I think that's pretty important." OHHH MYYY GOODNESS!!!!! i cried. I'm so excited. it's the biggest privilege and honor to teach Bobo. she honestly strengthens me. I've never taught someone so....ready. so prepared. so willing to change her life to come closer to her Heavenly Father. and then guess what--she gave me doTERRA!!! haha what! and it has chinese characters on it. oh she's the greatest.

That night, we went to a fireside in Wanchai. oh how i missed Wanchai! it's so gorgeous! do you know Clayton Christensen? Brad Wilcox gave me a book from him that's in my room right now. He was giving a talk about business, but for some reason, President Hawks said we could go and bring investigators. so we went with a big group of members and Bobo :) at first, i didn't understand anything he was saying because it was all business-y and he's a genius. i thought "gaa yauh chinese friends!) (add oil!) made me also grateful i'm not studying in school right now haha. aiya.
but then, the rest of his talk really changed my focus on my mission, what i pray for, and hopefully the focus of the rest of my life. he talked about How to Measure your Life.

There were many incredible things I learned, but the greatest was my purpose here on earth. ( it's incredible how i teach this to people all the time, but still, every day, I learn more and more about my purpose here on earth! )
Someday, after this life, we will be judged according to our actions and desires on earth. Every day on the mission, when i'm exhausted and am waiting at a stop light while walking home, i think about my actions here on the mission, get over myself, and talk to the person next to me. I then think about that moment when we are judged for our actions. I always hope God will say, "Sister Bosler, you were one hard working missionary." In my previous emails, i would tell you all "woo hoo, I'm changing! I'm become a better person!" and all that jazz. But that is NOT what God is going to tell me. what He will ask, is, "sister Bosler, i placed you in this position as a full-time missionary. or, Karli, I placed you here on earth in the year of 2015. How did you help an individual person become a better person?"
What is my motivation here on the mission? Why do I work hard every day? Why do I pray to obtain charity? Why do we have families? it is to help people become BETTER. it's not for me (even though, yes, through the experiences the Lord gives us, He wants us to become better and happier, too) but it is for us to become the Lord's instrument to help others around us become better. How can I help Sister Anderson become a better missionary? What can I give up to build more unity? How can I help Bobo build the desire to receive baptism and change her life? How can I help my family at home continue to have the desire to read the Book of Mormon? How can I help this random person on the street want to become like Jesus Christ?

We have countless opportunities every day to help people become better people. Every moment-- even every time we go on Facebook, every time we buy groceries, every time we go to school--as human beings, God gave us the opportunity to constantly uplift others.

As a missionary, that is my purpose. You all have missionaries serving in your area, who have the same desire as I do. Which one of your friends needs this happiness? Who in our family needs to change to their life? Please do all you can to help other people. You will find more happiness and peace in your life. You will find more direction. You will become more like the Savior. And then that day, when we face Him, He will ask, "how did you help that individual person become better?" and you will be able to see how many lives you have changed, how much purpose your life had.

I love you all! Thank you for your love and support. Keep praying, keep reading, keep finding ways to share the gospel. There are more opportunities than we think. Be bold!

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

 ps im in church news!

 At a fireside, look who i ran into? Sister Fae and ling Ling. we cried. it was the happiest moment ever. do you remember meeting them in Hong Kong? :) they are the most loving people i've still ever met! I'm so grateful for their faith and charity.

my area in Tai Po!

 buying groceries last week.. look who else was? haha.

at a families house last night :)

So happy to see you again too! I love those pictures! you are the best! :)

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