Are you a 65-er?!

Faaaaamily!! Vacaviiiille!

Wow. Last monday, guess what I got? A huge letter from Vacaville ward! That was seriously the coolest thing ever! I love the unity of our ward and how much they love and serve the missionaries. I know that when we work together as missionaries and ward members, God will provide us so many more miracles! (wow, it was really hard for me to write that in english! SWEET!!!!) Seriously, keep up the work in helping out the missionaries. we need more members like you all over the world!

Well, I can't even express how much I love Helen! yesterday our day was so busy that we started personal study at 6pm. Helen had come to her lesson 45 minutes early to ask us questions she found in the Book of Mormon! AWESOME HUH! And what to know something cooler? every answer was (..what's the word in english!! when the problem is taken care of??) taken care of...through the Book of Mormon! I love the Book of Mormon so much. She's all the way in 2 Nephi 20. I love her. And the past week she's been bringing her Book of Mormon, which is highlighted, has post it notes in it... man. This girl has changed. Anyway, we saw her quite a few times this week, and we plan on seeing her almost every day this week. Her interview is on Thursday! Wooooo hooooo! She's so so excited and nervous. :) i love it.

Our last lesson last night was reviewing the Plan of Salvation (she TAUGHT it to us. literally she teaches it better than me!) and then we taught about temple marriage. whew. so awesome. We committed her to scheduling an interview with the Bishop after her baptism to get a temple recommend... wow. Last night, I just visualized her entering the temple and being married to a worthy man with for time and all eternity! it was the most beautiful thing! I am so happy for this girl! Every time I see her she seems to be more and more beautiful--more confident about herself and just happier. She dresses modest (one day she wore nice jeans to church because she didn't have any long enough skirts. Some Relief Society members are taking care of that! :) ), she loves the scriptures, and she feels like the church members are her family.

Last night she asked us, "so when I start paying tithing, am I still allowed to donate to other charitable organizations?" YES! gahhhh she's so amazing. i can't believe how much she has grown! When I first met her, she believed in God a little bit, but she believed in Gyun Yam! and now look? She reads the Book of Mormon for 45 minutes a day, she's glowing with the light of Christ, and she's about to make a beautiful covenant with God and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (her favorite part!)
Sister Cheung and I were talking about how lucky we are to have her in our lives. She is teaching me so much! I'm seriously soooo lucky as a Hong Kong missionary to start off my mission being able to help someone truly come unto Christ.

Oh! Also on this sunday, during Helen's baptism, a deaf man is getting baptized in our ward! he even came all dressed up to church yesterday! haha he is so cute. OH! We finally got to see Sister Yeung, our deaf investigator again! She's been taught since February, and she can finally pray correctly! haha yay! and she knows who Jesus is! :) haha it's a little bit slower working with deaf people. And wow, my sign language sure has grown! I have so much to thank Heavenly Father for! Last night, I felt so grateful because I was able to teach the Restoration in sign language, and also I found myself being able to understand what others were saying more than normal. things are picking up here :)

Another huge miracle-- we were finding in Wah Kwai Chun, and I found myself walking next to a tall boy, but he was on the phone, so I didn't bother him, plus, we aren't allowed to teach boys. Well then he hung up, so I thought I might as well just try! Boom. We had such a powerful lesson on the street. The next day, because the elders were busy, we taught him the Restoration and WOW! He is SO prepared! His face lit up as we explained these incredible truths we have on Earth today. He especially loved hearing how we on earth today have the same authority Christ had. We invited him to baptism, and he absolutely accepted. The next day, we turned him over to the elders, and the lesson was so powerful! it's the most beautiful thing seeing a humble, prepared person learning about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! He came to church, and he's loving everything. Pray for Jason! :)

ALSO! Sister Cheung and I have had an INCREDIBLE week! We laid out a vision and plan to the elders and our bishop and we're on FIRE. Where do we Pok Fu Lam in December? Our whole mission has a goal of helping 65 people come unto Christ through baptism by December. We are SO excited! this means more Unity, Support, and Awareness (we were so excited when we realized this spelled out USA) in our ward! So we made some plans and changed a few things in the ward. We're so excited to see the changes here in Pok Fu Lam! We want to help this ward grow so bad! It's our family! :)

I love my companion :) She is so funny, so fun, and I'm just so grateful for her happiness! Pray for Sister Cheung! We're pretty positive we'll be with each other in Pok Fu Lam until she leaves in December :) (the smiley face is about us being together, not her leaving!)

Well, I am loving the work! I love how literally every thing I do is consecrated time. Everything I do is in the name of Jesus Christ. How great is this calling! I am so happy and so blessed and so privileged to be able to help so many people learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it will transform their it has transformed Helen's! :)

I love you! I love our Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart. Ah, if anything, I have grown so much closer to Him. He loves us all so much!

Love, Sister Bosler

One night as we were walking home, we saw this sushi place that was having a special for 2 HK $ per sushi! um, that's like .30 CENTS PER SUSHI IN AMERICA! we went crazy. haha but the thing is, we're not allowed to eat raw fish, so with every sushi we had to ask if it was cooked or not. it was SO FUN AND SO CHAOTIC! haha i love hong kong!

Look at all this unity we have--matching sisters! we told the elders to wear blue ties, too, because this was the day we were having a meeting with bishop about our vision of unity in the ward. and guess what--even Bishop wore blue! haha heck yeah!

Another fun thing: I love pohpos! they're the old grandmas! one pohpo was literally doing deep squats in a park one day! So i totally joined her--it was so fun. haha oh man. we love them.

 Then Bishop took us out to dinner! Check out our unity :)

Have you ever seen such a cute bus? Hello Kitty!!! <3 This is in Wah Fu Chun

Such a cute PohPo we met on our way to church! Hehe love her! She's 94 and walks as fast as us! 

I don't know what this sea urchin thing is! cool though! it wasn't bad! at a member's home.

With Rosa and her special son Michael! She took us out to eat!
Thought you would like this! this is a Chun in Wah Fu, the main area we go finding in. craziest people hahahaha. wow. anyway, this door is a less active's door and her name is Bobo! we visit her every week and love her to death. she has so many kids and a super lame husband. she needs so many prayers!

 MOM, I LOVED THE PEACHES OHHHH my GOSHHH!!!!!!! Ahh we all went crazy! I've still had a smoothie every single day, sometimes twice a day. THANK YOU. i just buy so much fruit and veggies and freeze it all! love it!

LOVE EVERYTHING!! I read your letter, mom, about the missionaries. YES! thank you for helping them!!!! THANK YOU!! you're the best! thank you for everything!!!

THANK YOU!!!!! :)

also, this is a huuuuge project... but if you have time or can, could you send me a USB full of LDS music - Mo Tab, EFY, anything; and Mormon Messages? man I'm so sorry i always ask for so much stuff!! i love you!

LOVE THE POWER HOUR CHALLENGE!!! we did it once (bc i remember the missionaries did it in Vacavile to us!) and we saw some miracles too! it was awesome!!! love it love it love it!

More pics:

Reality Check

Whew I learned a LOT this week! I am so grateful!

Well, Helen had her baptismal interview on tuesday. We have seen her every single day this week! super awesome! We even bought her a mango cake, decorated the room--we were stoked! Well then the interview lasted TWO HOURS. what! And Helen didn't pass. ....YES! haha seriously the biggest miracle of all time!

Elder Kang is the district leader,  and he talked to us afterwards and explained why. He said she got every question in the book right (yeah she did!) and believes everything and technically can get baptized! And he said he kept the interview going because the whole time kept having the biggest prompting that he just can't pass her. He looked over DC 20:37 over and over again and then finally it hit him, and he knew why. 

. 37 And again, by way of commandment to the church concerning the manner of baptism—All those who humble themselves before God, and desire to be baptized, and come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits, and witness before the church that they have truly repented of all their sins, and are willing to take upon them the name of Jesus Christ, having a determination to serve him to the end, and truly manifest by their works that they have received of the Spirit of Christ unto the remission of their sins, shall be received by baptism into his church.

Helen failed because of humility and faith. And the even cooler part is, he didn't tell her because he wants her to find out for herself! Well, after the interview, Helen didn't even seemed upset or bugged that she failed! She finally left, and we just cried. haha man we were so sad. and we brought that cake home and depressingly ate it at 10pm after planning. how great is that? well THEN, as we were saying a comp prayer, Helen called us! Begging us to tell her what she did wrong!

(wow. this apple store is the place of miracles! one worker just came up and said he always notices a bunch of missionaries come in here and he's curious on why there are so many different churches today. he also asked how we came to know that this church is true. YEAH! unfortunately we couldn't give him a BOM or teach him bc he's working, but we're excited to call him up tonight! amazing.)
anyway, Helen has completely changed! she now reads the Book of Mormon for 45 minutes a night, and has the strongest desire to get baptized! like crazy!

Anyway, this experience just helped me realize how important baptism really is. Baptism is no lukewarm endeavor! it's no casual dunk in a pool! we're not here to beg and try to persuade others to get baptized to just have more members.. no, this is an everlasting, eternal commitment with our Heavenly Father. wow. Helen could answer every question in the book, but baptism is not a statistic. The first and most over-looked requirement truly is humility! This makes me think back to that missionary in Becky's ward who said, "a mission is not about baptism, but it is about repentance." so true. Helen has never really felt like she needs repentance, or like she's ever really done anything wrong. Since taking the discussions, she's believed in Christ, but she's never had a burning testimony that He is the Way to Eternal Life.

Helen is extremely smart and asks a thousand unnecessary questions...but since this humbling moment, she has totally changed. practically all we do with her now is read the Book of Mormon and share testimonies. ah, it is incredible! If Helen got baptized just to get baptized, then the Atonement would be of NO effect. and if she doesn't think she needs the Atonement, then WHY get baptized? Anyway, this is so wonderful. We gave her a new date for Aug 31. This time, when we gave her the date, her eyes lit up and she got SO excited. I guess she thought she wasn't going to get another chance hahha. but that's the beautiful thing about this gospel, about our Savior and His Atonement... we always, always get another chance.

I am so grateful for this work! I am so grateful I am a member of the church! I am so grateful I get to EVERY DAY share about our perfect Savior and how he can help each and every person. No matter who they are, no matter what they've done, no matter how busy they are--Jesus Christ and His Atonement is for everyone. Keep praying for Helen. She is so wonderful. I just love her face off so much! Haha oh--AND, she's even started talking slow on the phone for me now! how nice! haha she's so great. oh, she also just bought a mini piano! so cute. i love her :) we're learning a duet of I Am A Child of God. :)

missionary affirmation:
I testify with bold humility. As to my strength, I am weak, but in God's strength, I can do all things. I speak to everyone I meet about the Savior and the Restoration of His church.

I'm so grateful for this gospel! We are SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED! wow. I can't even believe it. we have so much to thank God for every day. Love you all!

Oh!!! So this picture in Chinese characters. One meeting with Helen, I felt impressed to share just the Intro of the BOM. boom, she grabs a piece of paper, and draws out this diagram how the BoM, Joseph Smith, and Christ's gospel all testify of each other. then we read on to the last verse and I asked her where Jesus Christ would go in her diagram. and she stuck Him right in the middle of all those things! AH SHE GETS IT. it was so cool. It was like in Indiana Jones when he finally figures out the mystery and everything connects together. SO COOL! Dad can you read this? :)

One member took us and Helen out to eat in Wanchi. I ATE SQUID!!! haha it was actually good. super chewy though!

 this just sums up Wah Fu.

 Helen's congrats cake we never gave her.... and then ate.. haha such a sad night. BUT AWESOME NIGHT! OH guess what-- that same night, i decided to make peanut butter with a pound of peanuts i bought. and then i broke my blender. i was so sad. so helen not passing, and then breaking my blender.... man... but THEN, Helen called us, and then, right before bed, I tried my blender again... IT WORKS! haha so many miracles! this is why we go through sad things, so we can be so happy and grateful for the blessings God gives us and his many, many, MANY tender mercies. So happy. :)

oh that pic of that woman (suki) and Sister Cheung. So we met her on the street, named her daughter an english name for her, and then taught her. it was so fun! THEN, she gave Sister Cheung a makeover. ahahha.

HE IS SO CUTE WHAT THE HECK!!! OOOOH my gosh--this means he's an inch taller than ME?!?!?! NO WAY!!! he's so cool. he's going to be the MOST AWESOME missionary. he can already be one!! he better be hanging out with the elders 24/7! haha ;)

Note from MOM on Aug. 18th, 2014:

How are you???  O my gosh I love your letters so much. I love the sister missionaries in our ward to pieces too because they both remind me of you!!  They are beautiful and thoughtful and loving and kind and really fun to talk to.  And guess what? It's Sister Reid's bday next week and we get to have them for dinner! So I'm going to do a big candy bar poster and have cake and presents! So fun!!!  She is going to be SO SURPRISED!!

Three events that were extra awesome that I'm sending you.  First of all.  TYLER IS NOW more than 2" TALLER THAN NATALIE. This was taken at the pre-show dinner party that Lucia did for all of the Angst family and us and friends.  Can you believe how much Tyler is growing? I just bought him new sunday shoes and basket ball shoes and now they are both too small.  AGAIN. You should see how tiny your shoes look next to his now! I'll take a picture to show you.  lol 

From Karli: Aw yay!!! Love you!! mom... i only have like 2 spoonfuls left of the powder.. haha you have no idea how happy these smoothies have made me! today all my groceries were for smoothies---and they have the best produce to freeze! Including awesome green/red spinach! so.. if you would like... please just send more powder and spiraling! I'M SO IN LOVE. i literally wake up and then smile thinking about my smoothie. haha thank you thank you thank you you are the BEST! and sister Cheung is starting to become so healthy now too! look how many lives you change ;)

LOVE These pics! haha Lucia is so cute. natalie is a babe. praying for her. looks so fun! tell Lucia I love her!

and those sisters are SO right. SO right. It's the happiest time of my life and no glamour or glory. Grandma sent me a pic of HBT and said, "aren't you glad you're on a mission?" it made me tear up. yes, i am so happy i am here.

haha but thank you for being so great to the sisters! You have NO IDEA how much we love members, when people feed us, when they give us apples, or anything! haha mom, thank you! seriously, you have no idea how much missionaries love members.

The Things You Learn from Missions...

(Aug 4th, 2014)

FAMILLLLYYY!!!! i am so sorry I am so bad at responding to everyone. Just know I looooove everyone's emails sooo much! You are all the best! Especially Derick's email. Derick and Julia=power couple. Man! I loved hearing about your scripture study together! I've thought about that scripture all week, thank you Derick.

Brooke--ahhhh loooooved your letters!!! hahaha man and especially Kyson's stickers! haha he is so cute. I read your letters to Sister Cheung and she loves them so much. haha she even kept the pic you sent (because I have it too, :) ) and she just loves hearing stories about everyone in the family. haha it's so fun talking about how awesome you all are!

Hey mom, can you email the music for Where Love Is? Sister Cheung heard me sing it one day and randomly asks me to sing it all the time! haha it's now her favourite song! thank you!  And Wow! I can't believe Sister Hansen read my letter in RS! I always feel like my letters are so dumb haha. thank you! she is so sweet.

Oh man mom, your health food.... is amazing. i miss it sooooo much. in my package in october when dad comes to Hong Kong with his dental team, can i pleaaaase have a ton of green powders that i can fast stick with frozen bananas? I literally eat so much bread every day, quick oats, and canned tuna or skippy PB. and then like apples/bananas. veggies are totally available and cheap, but they DO rot fast AND we never have time to cook food because we don't live in our area so we're never home. haha we have to throw lunch and dinner in and pack during get ready time in the morning... it's kinda lame! So, any thing you can think of that would just make me healthy would be amazing. THANKS SO MUCH about the inhalers! Isn't Sis Hawks INCREDIBLE?!?!?!!? I can't even say how much I love the two of them! And it looks like everything in the pictures you sent is so fun! :)

Weeeeell this week was one full of learning opportunities!

Let's talk about Bishop Chan's dad. He is so cute and totally has a desire to follow Jesus Christ through baptism. His date is September 28! He even said that he really wants to live forever with his son Jimmy because he loves him. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT! And imagine a small, chinese old man saying that in Chinese.... ugh so cute. Well they made us THOUSANDS of Shui Gao (like pot stickers!) and yeah, I ate a ton. that means pork too, baby. Pork, shrimp, and veggies. but it was so fun being with them! But THEN, all of a sudden, Brother Chan's wife called us and said they want a break for a little while. whaaaat?? and she never lets her husband talk on the phone. well, we'll see about that! Keep praying for them. We want the first ever baptism in Pok Fu Lam ward to unite the Bishop's family together forever :)

Oh!! So this week I got to have a summer missionary!!!! But only for 2 days! so summer missionaries are the youth here, and they go to a different area in HK and serve with a missionary for 2 weeks straight. AWESOME HUH!!! So the sisters in our apt got them for 2 weeks (so right now we have 6 girls in our tiny apt... haha it's so crazy!) but they were busy for 2 days with leader ship training things. Sooo, me and Sister Au (JUST US 2, ME AS SENIOR COMPANION) went out to do some missionary work! But it was so fun. hahaha man i could barely understand anything she ever said, but i just love that girl. she's 16 and she BETTER serve a full time some day! I learned so much from her. and I also got lost, BIG time. I feel so bad still. But, i just remember being so so so nervous and full of anxiety to have to go from place to place with a 16 year old who barely speaks english, and i barrely speak her language... but once again, the Lord gave us SO many miracles! We ended up teaching 4 lessons on the street and getting a new investigator, Aungel. haha Aungel... she doesn't live in our area :( but she works almost all day in Wah Fu, so we teach her. She even called US to confirm! She has a very...special spirit :) haha she's so cute. She really just wants to know Christ and loves the spirit the gospel brings!

We also had an incredible Zone Training this week. I loved it! Oh! By the way, President Hawks just announced that sisters are only going to serve in 2 areas the whole mission. So Pok Fu Lam is my home for quite a few months! woooooo hoooo!!! i'm not leaving this area any time soon! also, our transfers are 9 weeks at a time, not 6. Well at Zone Training, they had the people who are going home in 2 weeks speak. and one of them is Sister Olsen, who lives in my apt! It was literally so sad...but so inspiring. Man! This is the BEST thing I can be doing right now! I honestly have mixed emotions about P-Day. I love being able to read your letters, but I hate not doing the Lord's work. I'm very, very excited for tonight, because we're ending PDay early to eat with Mia and teach her, and then finding in Wah Fu for a few hours. Wah Fu baby here we come!!!! Anyway, it was beautiful, beautiful training, because I just got so pumped to start over and do all I can to glorify the Lord, to give my ALL to Him! Out of everything I've learned so far, the best thing is my conversion to my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the number one reason why I am so excited to serve. I love Him!

Huge miracle-- we had 4 LA's come to church on Sunday! One, Angel, we've been working with forever, and the other was the Lee Family! We visited them last week and invited them to come AND THEY DID. So amazing! Our ward is the best at fellowshipping when they see a new face in the ward... i Love them.

Oh another thing I learned! How to plunge a toilet!!!!! Dad are you so proud?? haha our toilet clogs all the time, or just stops working. and the other night, i totally saved the day. I'm so grateful for these mission experiences ;)

i'm so sorry this letter is totally random and unorgazined!!

Keep praying for Helen. It was her birthday yesterday :) She is so amazing! She's still keeping all her commitments, she's just having a hard time developing that faith and going against her mom's choice. keep praying for her! I love her so much!!!!!!

Missionary affirmation 4: I am trustworthy. I am totally obedient, dependable, and honest.

I love this gospel and this work!! Thank you for all your prayers! :) Whenever I get down about the language, I always remember how much I love these people and want them to know more about Jesus Christ. Every effort counts. And that makes it all worth it!

Love always, Sister Bosler

 OH MAN. a member chenged us out to pizza.... biggest I've ever seen!
 English class

haha and here is Aungel :) with me and Sister Au, the summer missionary. We had a super fun English class where we pretended to make Alien protectant hats and pretended to go in a rocket ship to space. A whole family came! A mom, dad, and 3 kids that we recently met on the street. We can't wait to work with them more!

The view outside of a the Ng Family's house last night.  I'll tell you what-- eating at Member's homes is my FAVORITE THING!!! haha i love them so much!!

With the Chan Fam! love them so much!

And here's the food. can you believe I eat this? And the thing is, it all tastes great! haha.

His Work and His Glory

 Hiiiii lovelliiiieeesss!!!!! :)                                              (Aug 10, 2014)

MOM OH MY GOODNESS. Can I tell you how happy I've been this week because of countless green smoothies??!?!!? I've been making 2 a day! I am SO happy with the powders you sent me! thank you thank you thank you. if you can, please send more. this is all i want, just bags and bags of Raw protein and spirulina. whoop!! also, I LOVE THE PICS! haha holy smokes our family is so stinkin fun. Sis Cheung also loves our pictures haha! thank you for sending them! I got 2 whole packets! That was the best! I've seriously been so happy and loving these smoothies... thaaaaaaaank yooooooouuuuu you are a MIRACLE

Becky--Tim is THE missionary! and keep up the spanish with your kids, that is incredible! how is the sign language going? Here in HK, we sign religious phrases with ASL, but everything else is signed the Chinese way, minus the alphabet.

Brooke--- ahhh LOVED your last handwritten letter!! I wish i had time to respond but it was definitely a highlight! thank you for all you shared! I love families!

Okay. It might be a little late, but I have officially jaapgwaned. I have officially adjusted. I AM LOVING HONG KONG! ahh I am so grateful. I realized this just this last week when we visited the Ng Family (we actually visited 2 Ng families this week haha). They made us a lunch (with awesome fresh, whole steamed fish, bean sprouts, and a weird fungus thing i ate!) and S Cheung and I left feeling so grateful and so full of the spirit! I left their tiny little home feeling like... it was my home! I'm loving all the little Chinese traditions and culture and people. it is so, so fun. But the best thing about visiting the Ng family (they are members) was our lesson. We decided to simply teach the Restoration and help them remember their conversion stories. (the cool thing about HK members is that practically everyone is a pioneer. They all have the strongest and coolest conversion stories!) Well we finally got to Joseph Smith's experience, and it was my turn to recite the First Vision. Boom. The spirit hit me and I just started practically bawling! It's hard enough crying and speaking english, but crying and trying to say these tones?! haha impossible! Good thing they were members so they knew his experience already, because I know I made absolutely no sense. But after I shared his experience, Brother Ng completely opened up and shared an incredible spiritual experience with us about his conversion. and then HE started bawling. man, the spirit was so thick it felt like  the Hong Kong humid air. What I learned from this is that their literally was no language barrier, because the spirit completely testified of the truthfulness of this restored gospel! It was such a beautiful experience.

Well guess who I love so much. HELEN! you guys. She has completely changed. We had a lesson with her on Wednesday, and she walked in glowing, and said, "i have found my testimony!" WOOOOOO I totally cried of happiness! and when she left, S Cheung and I just jumped up and down forever screaming and laughing and crying! So here's what happened. Man that lesson was killer. We actually had no idea what to teach Helen, because she kept saying she has no testimony, she's too scared, blah blah blah... well randomly the scripture Moses 1:39 popped in my head and we decided to just read this ONE scripture and discuss it. "For behold, this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Boom, that's it. We were pretty stuck. Well during the lesson, we had her replace "man" with her name, "Ng Mei Yan" (helen is her english name). I think everything just clicked for Helen. The spirit was so strong! She said she found her testimony, she wants to get baptized, we set a date for THIS SUNDAY together, and she right then and there prayed for it and for help to achieve this goal. ahhhhhhh YESSSS!!!!!!!! This is missionary work baby! We can't even contain ourselves.

On Sunday, Helen stayed for choir, and then afterwards we had lesson with her and went over the baptismal interview questions and scheduled her real interview for tomorrow! whoop! But please, please keep praying for Helen! Help her not be afraid of her mom and to continue making the biggest step of faith-but most powerful and fulfilling step--towards Jesus Christ! :) :) :) :) OH! and, last wednesday, Helen looked at us and said, "why do you love me so much? I don't understand why you would care so much for me." i felt like crying. Helen talks super fast and has a large vocabulary, so even S Cheung doesn't understand a lot of things she says. But I am SO grateful she knows how much I love her! And then she gave me a big hug and i just died inside! oh--and, Helen always keeps her commitments and reads the scriptures every day. She shared with us a miracle! Whenever she's on the bus, she can't read anything or play any game on her phone or else she'll get carsick--except when reading the Book of Mormon! amazing huh! She was super excited about this little miracle God gave her :) I love her!

We also had mission tour this week, where Elder Funk (he interviewed me! Look him up in this month's Liahona!) Aw man, I wanted to talk about it but no time! It was super awesome though!) and Elder Wong came and presided and spoke. talk about AMAZING!! My favorite part though, was President and Sister Hawks' testimonies of the Book of Mormon. I pretty much bawled the whole time. I'm so grateful for this powerful scripture we have today! I can't even describe how sacred and special the Book of Mormon is to me. Every scripture applies to my life! Every verse testifies of Jesus Christ and strengthens me! It is definitely the most true and correct book in the world. It brings me so much peace and answers so many of my questions about life and it definitely, definitely has strengthened my relationship with my Savior. I invite you all to please start reading the Book of Mormon as a family! It is the answer to everything! And please start at the introduction and the testimonies in the beginning. They are so powerful and so true. I love it!

Missionary affirmation: "I am prayerful. I begin and end each day with prayer. I seek inspiration from the spirit. My heart is full, drawn out in prayer continually."

I'll be focusing on that affirmation this week. Who's with me? :)

Love always, Sister Bosler

Pray on!

PS. Remember that missionary Sister Moody I used to follow who served in Hong Kong? well she just went home exactly one week ago. and guess what. SHE'S ENGAGED. yeah i died too.

I love you all SO much!! Seriously. I am so grateful to have such an incredible family like you. You're all examples to me. I love you!

PS. Ty. I almost died looking at your pics. Swing dancing?!?! And that was NOT you wake boarding! I seriously thought that was dad! You're stinkin BUFF! what's going on? ;)

Pictures:  GREEN SMOOTHIES ALL DAY!!! :) Even in Hong Kong!

S Cheung and I made this awesome soup!

MOM YOU ARE THE BEST. My raw powder is literally almost gone already...


And a soup Mia made! Check the chicken feet. It was actually SO good and had a chinese ingredient thing for women! haha!

 Our cake pops! Bad lighting.

Candy's ADORABLE daughter Ada. (Couldn't upload for some reason but she is super cute!!)