The Things You Learn from Missions...

(Aug 4th, 2014)

FAMILLLLYYY!!!! i am so sorry I am so bad at responding to everyone. Just know I looooove everyone's emails sooo much! You are all the best! Especially Derick's email. Derick and Julia=power couple. Man! I loved hearing about your scripture study together! I've thought about that scripture all week, thank you Derick.

Brooke--ahhhh loooooved your letters!!! hahaha man and especially Kyson's stickers! haha he is so cute. I read your letters to Sister Cheung and she loves them so much. haha she even kept the pic you sent (because I have it too, :) ) and she just loves hearing stories about everyone in the family. haha it's so fun talking about how awesome you all are!

Hey mom, can you email the music for Where Love Is? Sister Cheung heard me sing it one day and randomly asks me to sing it all the time! haha it's now her favourite song! thank you!  And Wow! I can't believe Sister Hansen read my letter in RS! I always feel like my letters are so dumb haha. thank you! she is so sweet.

Oh man mom, your health food.... is amazing. i miss it sooooo much. in my package in october when dad comes to Hong Kong with his dental team, can i pleaaaase have a ton of green powders that i can fast stick with frozen bananas? I literally eat so much bread every day, quick oats, and canned tuna or skippy PB. and then like apples/bananas. veggies are totally available and cheap, but they DO rot fast AND we never have time to cook food because we don't live in our area so we're never home. haha we have to throw lunch and dinner in and pack during get ready time in the morning... it's kinda lame! So, any thing you can think of that would just make me healthy would be amazing. THANKS SO MUCH about the inhalers! Isn't Sis Hawks INCREDIBLE?!?!?!!? I can't even say how much I love the two of them! And it looks like everything in the pictures you sent is so fun! :)

Weeeeell this week was one full of learning opportunities!

Let's talk about Bishop Chan's dad. He is so cute and totally has a desire to follow Jesus Christ through baptism. His date is September 28! He even said that he really wants to live forever with his son Jimmy because he loves him. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT! And imagine a small, chinese old man saying that in Chinese.... ugh so cute. Well they made us THOUSANDS of Shui Gao (like pot stickers!) and yeah, I ate a ton. that means pork too, baby. Pork, shrimp, and veggies. but it was so fun being with them! But THEN, all of a sudden, Brother Chan's wife called us and said they want a break for a little while. whaaaat?? and she never lets her husband talk on the phone. well, we'll see about that! Keep praying for them. We want the first ever baptism in Pok Fu Lam ward to unite the Bishop's family together forever :)

Oh!! So this week I got to have a summer missionary!!!! But only for 2 days! so summer missionaries are the youth here, and they go to a different area in HK and serve with a missionary for 2 weeks straight. AWESOME HUH!!! So the sisters in our apt got them for 2 weeks (so right now we have 6 girls in our tiny apt... haha it's so crazy!) but they were busy for 2 days with leader ship training things. Sooo, me and Sister Au (JUST US 2, ME AS SENIOR COMPANION) went out to do some missionary work! But it was so fun. hahaha man i could barely understand anything she ever said, but i just love that girl. she's 16 and she BETTER serve a full time some day! I learned so much from her. and I also got lost, BIG time. I feel so bad still. But, i just remember being so so so nervous and full of anxiety to have to go from place to place with a 16 year old who barely speaks english, and i barrely speak her language... but once again, the Lord gave us SO many miracles! We ended up teaching 4 lessons on the street and getting a new investigator, Aungel. haha Aungel... she doesn't live in our area :( but she works almost all day in Wah Fu, so we teach her. She even called US to confirm! She has a very...special spirit :) haha she's so cute. She really just wants to know Christ and loves the spirit the gospel brings!

We also had an incredible Zone Training this week. I loved it! Oh! By the way, President Hawks just announced that sisters are only going to serve in 2 areas the whole mission. So Pok Fu Lam is my home for quite a few months! woooooo hoooo!!! i'm not leaving this area any time soon! also, our transfers are 9 weeks at a time, not 6. Well at Zone Training, they had the people who are going home in 2 weeks speak. and one of them is Sister Olsen, who lives in my apt! It was literally so sad...but so inspiring. Man! This is the BEST thing I can be doing right now! I honestly have mixed emotions about P-Day. I love being able to read your letters, but I hate not doing the Lord's work. I'm very, very excited for tonight, because we're ending PDay early to eat with Mia and teach her, and then finding in Wah Fu for a few hours. Wah Fu baby here we come!!!! Anyway, it was beautiful, beautiful training, because I just got so pumped to start over and do all I can to glorify the Lord, to give my ALL to Him! Out of everything I've learned so far, the best thing is my conversion to my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the number one reason why I am so excited to serve. I love Him!

Huge miracle-- we had 4 LA's come to church on Sunday! One, Angel, we've been working with forever, and the other was the Lee Family! We visited them last week and invited them to come AND THEY DID. So amazing! Our ward is the best at fellowshipping when they see a new face in the ward... i Love them.

Oh another thing I learned! How to plunge a toilet!!!!! Dad are you so proud?? haha our toilet clogs all the time, or just stops working. and the other night, i totally saved the day. I'm so grateful for these mission experiences ;)

i'm so sorry this letter is totally random and unorgazined!!

Keep praying for Helen. It was her birthday yesterday :) She is so amazing! She's still keeping all her commitments, she's just having a hard time developing that faith and going against her mom's choice. keep praying for her! I love her so much!!!!!!

Missionary affirmation 4: I am trustworthy. I am totally obedient, dependable, and honest.

I love this gospel and this work!! Thank you for all your prayers! :) Whenever I get down about the language, I always remember how much I love these people and want them to know more about Jesus Christ. Every effort counts. And that makes it all worth it!

Love always, Sister Bosler

 OH MAN. a member chenged us out to pizza.... biggest I've ever seen!
 English class

haha and here is Aungel :) with me and Sister Au, the summer missionary. We had a super fun English class where we pretended to make Alien protectant hats and pretended to go in a rocket ship to space. A whole family came! A mom, dad, and 3 kids that we recently met on the street. We can't wait to work with them more!

The view outside of a the Ng Family's house last night.  I'll tell you what-- eating at Member's homes is my FAVORITE THING!!! haha i love them so much!!

With the Chan Fam! love them so much!

And here's the food. can you believe I eat this? And the thing is, it all tastes great! haha.

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