This Isn't Me!

Well I'm dying to know.... Brooke what is your baby girl's name going to be??!?! I just want to know so bad!!! I saw pics of your performance. LOVE IT! You are so stinkin gorgeous! I'm so grateful for my sibs!

Okay. and. holy. smokes. THAT HUGE BAG OF POWDERS IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!! I can't even THANK YOU ENOUGH! I loooooove the dates and almond butter, and all oils are SO cool (slowly and slowly I'm converting my comp to loving natural foods and oils. just wait. one day she was sick with a headache so i gave her ice water with the lemon oil (like Ashley had with apples in it!) and she was all better! Doterra is true. Our Bishop even says so.) but anyway, i'm just so grateful for you Mom! Thank you so much!!!!! I love being healthy and having my awesome smoothies! you velly good.

Also, at church on sunday, deaf Sister Chan and deaf Sister Lee and Brother Lee came up and talked to me forever about YOU Dad! So weird. they showed me pics and explained their journey with you. haha it's insane they were randomly cleaning the church on a monday and you were there at the same time! amazing.

Well... training is definitely an adventure alright!! haha wow. I'm so grateful to know that this is revelation and that the Lord trusts me to do this! Sister Richardson is definitely very patient with me :) Everything is great though, we are working hard, and I make her do a lot of sihfaahns (role playing! thats the word.), so her teaching skills are improving!

I think the hardest part though for sure is communicating. haha man, especially with Marlo since her mandarin accent is so thick... half of our lessons with investigators are me asking, "can you repeat that please?" or "what does that mean exactly?" or just pretending like I understand and really just praying that it wasn't that important.. i've had many moments where i feel like my brain is about to explode from confusion of trying to understand someone's problem. But, no matter what, I am always able to vaguely understand in the end. And I definitely know that this is the Lord helping me! I'm perfectly aware that I can't understand, but somehow, we are still able to help our investigators and help them feel the spirit. I love it. It definitely shows that this has nothing to do with me--it is all the Lord. The Spirit is the most precious gift we could ever have! At times, I have been so humbled these past couple weeks. Mainly because I know how weak and unlearned I truly am, but how much the Lord trusts me. I am so grateful for His trust and guidance, that I do all I can to not let Him down. I know this is His work, not mine and Sister Richardson's! We are just here to help :)

There has been soooo much drama with Marlo lately! gah! Her faith is strong, she's reading the Book of Mormon, loves the gospel, but her husband is SO against it all. this tuesday we will be teaching her again and she will also have an interview with the Bishop. keep her in your prayers! I've never met anyone so humble in my life! she's so special! i'm so so SO grateful and humbled by this opportunity to help her know of the truth and happiness through the gospel of Jesus Christ :) love it.

Eating out on p day!! we love to go all out at super normal american places in Kowloon :) SO YUM.
I can't remember what pics I've sent, but here's Ruby! miracle stories with her....but no time, sorry! :) haha love you all so so much!

Love always, Sister Bosler