life. is. so. beautiful. January 26, 2015

life. is. so. beautiful.

Why is it so beautiful? Because Sister Richardson and I have chosen for it to be that way. The beginning of our companionship was honestly rough. I had a lot of stress from leaving my trainer, and not being able to understand Cantonese at all. Plus Sister Richardson and I were quite the opposites haha! So we had either 2 options: hate our lives, or love them. We decided the latter, wouldn't you? :) It's been so awesome to see how much depth, fulness, and happiness you can have in your life when you show the Lord you want it. When you make up your mind that we can and will see miracles, that we can and are obedient, that we will always follow Him and do all we can to serve and love. Because of our choices, we are so, so, happy. And the Lord is blessing us! :) 

This is the key to happiness in life. Follow God's word, and He will bless you. There's no doubt in my mind that that isn't true. 

We have had the greatest week--AGAIN! Yesterday, at church, was the most intense day of my life. Haha we had so many people planned to come to church, so many arrangements with members, and the possibility that Ms Lau would even come. But the night before, she called us and told her she won't. She got COMPLETELY anti-ed and asked us about a bunch of rumors she has heard. 1: What a miracle she was even talking to us! 2: all I could say was it was up to her to find out if this is true or not. I bore my testimony of what I know to be true, and gave her the invitation to find out for herself. She said she'll think about it and call us later. 30 minutes later, she texted us, "miss, i will be there at 9:15 tomorrow." WHOOOO HOOO!!! AND SHE CAME!!!! Her and her husband! They sat with Bishop Chan's brother and his wife (AWESOME couple) and it was so great! what a miracle! Thanks for your prayers everyone! :) 
Sunday's definitately are a roller coaster though. Sacrament started, and Gloria and Gordon still didn't show! We were looking back at the doors every 3 seconds, super disappointed but trying to keep the faith that they would come. well, they didn't. turns out they both worked OT and couldn't come. But this means that they aren't necessarily progressing, and Gloria's baptism is on the 8th! So we met with her and told her how little time she has left. We'll be seeing her every day this week now to help her prepare. During the lesson, she asked us, "after I get baptized, am I allowed to serve a mission?" WOOO HOO YES YOU ARE SISTA!!! we asked her why she would want to, and she explained how she wants to share this happiness with everyone :) what a miracle. keep praying for her! 

But then that afternoon, Bishop called us and invited us over for dinner, and to invite 2 investigators. So we invited Coey and Yuki (Coey is a new investigator from english class a few weeks ago! she has no background of Christ, so our lessons with her have been very slow. but on saturday night, we had a great lesson with her! She opened up to us that she doesn't know which 'god' in this world is true-- Buddha? Gyun Yam? God? Christ? we shared with her about one of the most amazing experiences in the world, when a boy named Joseph Smith found out for himself--not from other people telling him--but for himself that God is real. That this church is true. it was really a sweet lesson.) anyway, Coey ended up opening up to a member all about how she's heard rumors about our church, too, and has been a little scared.. but since she's been around these people, been hearing our message, she knows that it is good. :) The only way to know if something is true, is simply to search and ask. She is searching, and has committed to asking! 

Well, I'm loving every day :) At an activity on Saturday night, Sister Yu randomly showed me a video of some 6ft tall lengjai (chinese slang for cute guy) spinning a basketball on his finger--oh wait, that was my BROTHER?! haha i was freaking out Ty! you are the so cool!

Never stop reading the Book of Mormon. It has your answers to life in there. I love it :)

I love you all! Love, Sister Bosler

Gloria took us and a member Kasey (in the picture) to eat a Taiwanesse dessert.... Dad did you eat like this on your mission??! 

On firrrrreee!!! January 21st, 2015

It's seriously been the BEST week! We had a full row of people at church with us--Sister Richardson and I were dying! I couldn't stop praying of happiness! man... this is the best. 

There were so many miracles this week I don't even know where to start. The most exciting thing though, was with Ms Lau. We decided to get off our bus at a different stop this time, earlier than normal. We were walking up this hill to Pok Fu Lam Village, when we tried contacting this woman, Ms Lau. As usual, she said, "not avaiable! sorry, in a rush! no time!" but we kept talking, as usual. as we were about to give her a flyer, she said something like "i just don't believe this because i haven't found the right church yet." whoa whoa whoa YET?! then she started opening up even more about other things, and we were able to share the full Restoration with her! As we were teaching her, her problems were all solved through the book of Mormon and the Restoration. towards the end, she ended up saying how she feels a little emotional--and she thanked us. She asked both what our life purpose is... She then asked us how come we don't teach an english class here....she was thrilled to find out that we do! So we rescheduled her to teach her more, and she's also coming to english class. Do you see the CHANGE that happened in her? It was incredible!!! Sister Richardson and I walked away feeling so...light, excited, on fire...just blessed. it was a miracle. we are so grateful the Lord guided us to meet her. Pray for Ms Lau! 

Right now, we have progressing investigators. We have people coming to church. Our investigators are reading the Book of Mormon. They are happy, they are changing... life is wonderful! 

This week we visited the YW president/Elder quorums president's mom. After the lesson, Brother Leung begged me to sing the song "His Image in Your Countenance" because that's his favorite from his mission in Oakland. haha so after awhile, they got me to sing it. it was the craziest thing as I was singing, because I haven't sung something my whole time in Hong Kong, other than straight from the hymn book in chinese... and Mom, I felt like I sounded just like you! I don't know what happened to my voice! It was the craziest thing! I hope it wasn't just my imagination though, because I would love to sound like you! Haha so that was another little miracle that happened this week ;)

Here are some beautiful people you can pray for: Gloria and Gordon, Man Man and A-Keung, Yuki, and even Ms Lau. She WILL be progressing I just know it! Sadly, Ms Chow dropped us :( we are still her friend though, which is good. i just wish she would let the gospel help her life.

I love this gospel. It was helped me so many times in my life. it helps me every day. This week, on the bus I sat next to a woman who only speaks Mandarin and some english. She ended up asking me, "why do you believe this? have you seen miracles?" it was the best question anyone has ever asked me. I love bearing testimony of what I know with all my heart to be true. (And cool story with this mandarin woman-- i randomly accidentally grabbed a simple chinese characters Book of Mormon (so that means the type they read in Mandarin) not a traditional chinese Book of Mormon! (Cantonese). definitely God's hand. she accepted the Book of Mormon, and it was in her own language :) ) 

Thank you for your prayers and love! I'm always praying for you too! 

Cute old man with a bird we met in Wah Fu

 Temple today with my lovely comp!
 This is Pok Fu Lam village! we never go there because it's creepy, but we went and saw much success! so cool looking huh! only in this place can we knock doors. everywhere else in our area are apts/estates.

Pok Fu Lam village! 

Member's home. 

Gloria! January 10, 2015


So sorry, I don't have much time to write this time but that's okay because i got to do MISSIONARY WORK on P-day big time! every p-day i try passing out cards whenever it's comfortable, and today as we were emailing, people kept coming up to me and asking about the church! shared the Restoration with one guy, and even rescheduled someone! OH! biggest miracle during email time: and, an eternal "only activity investigator"  Christy we always invite to every activity (last week invited to church for the 50th time and she CAME) just called asking about what charity is and how she really likes reading Moroni and is glad we told her to. And then we rescheduled her to read the BoM together! what??!??! love this work. i love those moments where we get to share the gospel on p-days, or when you cut your lunch/dinner time to continue finding... i feel like I get to give a little more back to the Lord. it's the best ever! 

But, this week was seriously incredible. Why? GLORIA! She called us asking about things she didn't understand in the Book of Mormon, and she loves it so much. she's already found her answer! she invited us to come to her house and read it with her...and her COUSIN! oh YES! her cousin's name is Gordon and he is so awesome too--not like most chinese men. his knowledge though is SO little compared to Gloria's, but his desire to know if Christ can help them is there. it's so awesome. as we were at their house, Gloria made us chinese sweet soup, and we taught more about the BoM. She told Gordon, "this book is true. it's God's word. and i have an experience where..." and starts telling him how the BoM--how God--has already helped her overcome a problem! she's the best. 

Gordon even asked for a BoM on Sunday after church when we taught them our life's purpose. it was so cool. this work is the best. i've been so happy out of my mind lately! :) love it!!! Gordon said his feeling at church is like family. that's what it's all about. Christy and Gordon are both getting it--this gospel is about love. :) i love this! one of the best parts about Gloria and Gordon is how much the ward has taken them in. i love my Pok Fu Lam family!
this week a family invited us over to eat and they ended up feeding us pizza and ice cream. THIS IS WHY I AM NNOT SERVINg iN AMErICA! because i threw up 6 times that night! haha awful. and then the next day, a family gave us the traditional chinese sweet red bean soup... loved it so much. haha i love this culture! 

Brooke--your baby Stella is so beautiful. I am so happy for your family! Can't wait to meet her! My sisters are all so gorgeous! Tyler--you are SOOO TALL!!!! I hope you can come to HK some day and meet all these people I love! 

And HBT fam: SOOO FUN EATING TOGETHER! haha love you guys!! 

By the way, no p-day next monday, not until Wednesday because we are going to the temple! :) 

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

 Us and Gloria and Gordon! :)
Pretty decorations in the mall in Central. whoop whoop! 

Best week of my mission! Jan 5, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS BROOKE AND TOD!!!! Ahhh I am SOOO excited about Stella!!! She is so perfect!!! I literally cried when I saw those pictures of your happy family, especially with Kyson so happy! He's the best big brother already :) 

This week has been probably the best week of my mission! I've loved it! All throughout yesterday, I kept saying how much I love serving the Lord here in PFL. haha my companion is so patient. 

Well, this week we had Missionary Leadership Council and a toonnnnn of planning! and miracles happened. MLC was the greatest thing: President Hawks is the biggest example of my life and I learn so much for him. I am grateful for obedience. I am grateful for faith. I am grateful for trials. He's taught me so much. 

After MLC, us and the ZLs planned, planned, and planned. and it all was SO worth it! Zone Training Meeting was incredible; we're hoping with our latest plans and actions that it will bring more unity within the zone and more strength within each missionary. 

But here's the awesome miracle part!!! ah! 

so 2 weeks ago, we met a woman named Daisy on the street. she had a ton of questions and asked if we could meet right then and there at the church. of course! we taught her the Restoration, she wrote down in her planner when church starts, scheduled herself for us.. we were so stoked. and then we realized... we never got her number. haha i do NOT even know how that happened; i've never done that before. we felt like bawling. but then we realized that the Lord is trying to teach us a lesson! and from then on, we prayed for Daisy every single prayer, talked about her all the time, expecting she'll be at church. Sunday came.... Daisy didn't come.
neither of us mentioned it throughout church, but we were both thinking the same thing... why? we put so much faith into that! 
Then Wednesday came around. we were in the middle of planning, and a private number called us 3 times. finally I answered. IT WAS DAISY!!!!!!! She called asking when we can meet again!!! I got her number, we scheduled her for tomorrow!!! but the reason why she called is because she wants to give us our book back at the church. haha well whatever!! we have a big feeling she was anti-ed, but it's awesome because she's willing to contact us, meet with us again, and be respectful instead of trashing God's word! in my eyes, this is a huge miracle. we are just amazed because we prayed so much for her to not fall out of our hands and she ACTUALLY CALLED US. i love prayers.

another huge miracle.... we've been praying every day for our dear Marlo. SHE TEXTED US! She's been going to church in the Mandarin ward!!!!!! God hears every prayer. :) 

Well.. here's the best part. WE have a new investigator named Gloria! She knows us missionaries because her friend is serving in Hawaii. She came to church early, met everyone we wanted her to meet; even a member bore their testimony about her!! all of church was incredible (one member who helped us a teach a long, long, less active we finally got ahold of (oh! This LA, Wong Tai Ho, has never answered the door for years, but we left our card at her door, and she called us! what!!! she is so humble and sweet!) this member bore her testimony all about missionary work and how much she loves helping missionaries and serving the Lord and how grateful she is for missionary service. oh man i was bawling.) and after church, we had an opportunity to teach Gloria. gosh, please please pray for her! 

We had 10,000 miracles this week.. the Lord is so mindful of us! I know He hears our prayers. I am so grateful for church and the love I feel from Him and His members. There's honestly nothing better than the work of the Lord. every day I think of how much I love this. Every night I am exhausted...but so, so happy. 

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

PS. Thank you Brother Marty Hansen for The Lamb of God CD! I still listen to it all the time, and we played "Lord is it I?" at Zone Training. talk about powerful. 

our ward had a BBQ on thursday. it was SWEET. never seen anywhere so beautiful in HK! It was like a real camping site! we roasted duck, chicken wings, bread, potatoes, fish balls, corn... :) 

PS. pray for Ms Chou! she needs extra strength and faith! :) love you

PSS Im writing Grandpa a letter today! 

i love you both.

real quick, i just want you to know (IM NOT THINKING ABOUT GOING HOME, just giving you time to plan and save money!) if you want, you can pick me up from the mission in Hong Kong :) 

love you so much! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! December 28th, 2014


it was SOOOO fun talking to you on Christmas! haha wow-- thanks family! I can't believe how old Tyler is though. he's a stud. best future missionary ever. :) 

Well, you pretty much know all that's going on in Hong Kong!  I'll send some pics from our Christmas fun :) 

Besides that, we've had a lot of time this week planning, planning, planning. We're working all we can on building more unity within our zone. it all starts with unity! I'm also so grateful because us and the PFL elders are taking the same message to each member in the ward. Obedience. It's really awesome, we tried it out last night at a member's home (a single man (his girlfriend is Calyx! and by the way, he and his mom drove us to a different area in his MERCEDES Beinz! it was the coolest thing...biggest step up from the mini bus) who fed us white bread, mayo, frozen mango cakes, and canned spam fish. oh man....) and it was really powerful. It's so comforting to know that God knows. He created us, He is our Heavenly Father, and no matter what situation we are in, He has more knowledge than we do, He knows what is best for us. Our message to the members is focused on not asking the 'why', but trusting in Him, having faith, and following Him. But then it ended really powerful because we promised them how we are doing all we can to be exactly obedient as missionaries, so we can be worthy enough to receive His spirit to do the work in Pok Fu Lam. it was awesome! 

Another great moment: we randomly met with a member after church, Sister Wong Rong Ping. her husband isn't a member. I felt a little weird in the beginning because we didn't have a solid lesson planned. but during the lesson, i looked at the love between her and her daughter, and just had the biggest feeling of love come over me as i thought of the happiness me and my parents have because of the gospel. all i want is for them to have it to! and then it was SO awesome, because Sister Wong is actually letting us come over next week to share about Jesus Christ to her husband! but the miracle is that we've asked her MANY times if we can come over and talk to her husband, called her plenty times.. but it's the message of our Savior and His love that softened her heart :) yay families forever!! 

I love you all :) 

keep praying for ways to serve each other.. it changes everything! love you! 

Love, Sister Bosler
Thanks mom :) it was so fun talking! and hearing everyone's voices! who is Rachel?!?!?! hahaha! 

OHHH MY GOSH LOVE MY JAMMIES AND SLIPPERS!! best present EVER!! yes yes yes! its been FREEZING here so THANK YOU! 

 SanLihn faailohk! Happy New Year!
 ward party! our ward gave us 2 HUGE baskets of food! they are so cute!
 Hello! I am Sister Bosler and I serve in the greatest ward ever, Pok Fu Lam, with your sons. They are awesome! Here are some pictures of our ward party they wanted you to have! Merry Christmas!

 ward party! our ward gave us 2 HUGE baskets of food! they are so cute!
 Christmas night dinner at the MAk's! roasted duck... and other stuff.

 we saved some of our 13 days for Christmas night with the sisters and it was SOOO FUN opening the presents! Thank you for caring for me and making Christmas so much fun! we were dying how you gave me pumpkin seeds and her candy! haha so perfect! I love you!

SO FUN! :) love you!! 

MTR in West Point opened today! YAY!!