Best week of my mission! Jan 5, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS BROOKE AND TOD!!!! Ahhh I am SOOO excited about Stella!!! She is so perfect!!! I literally cried when I saw those pictures of your happy family, especially with Kyson so happy! He's the best big brother already :) 

This week has been probably the best week of my mission! I've loved it! All throughout yesterday, I kept saying how much I love serving the Lord here in PFL. haha my companion is so patient. 

Well, this week we had Missionary Leadership Council and a toonnnnn of planning! and miracles happened. MLC was the greatest thing: President Hawks is the biggest example of my life and I learn so much for him. I am grateful for obedience. I am grateful for faith. I am grateful for trials. He's taught me so much. 

After MLC, us and the ZLs planned, planned, and planned. and it all was SO worth it! Zone Training Meeting was incredible; we're hoping with our latest plans and actions that it will bring more unity within the zone and more strength within each missionary. 

But here's the awesome miracle part!!! ah! 

so 2 weeks ago, we met a woman named Daisy on the street. she had a ton of questions and asked if we could meet right then and there at the church. of course! we taught her the Restoration, she wrote down in her planner when church starts, scheduled herself for us.. we were so stoked. and then we realized... we never got her number. haha i do NOT even know how that happened; i've never done that before. we felt like bawling. but then we realized that the Lord is trying to teach us a lesson! and from then on, we prayed for Daisy every single prayer, talked about her all the time, expecting she'll be at church. Sunday came.... Daisy didn't come.
neither of us mentioned it throughout church, but we were both thinking the same thing... why? we put so much faith into that! 
Then Wednesday came around. we were in the middle of planning, and a private number called us 3 times. finally I answered. IT WAS DAISY!!!!!!! She called asking when we can meet again!!! I got her number, we scheduled her for tomorrow!!! but the reason why she called is because she wants to give us our book back at the church. haha well whatever!! we have a big feeling she was anti-ed, but it's awesome because she's willing to contact us, meet with us again, and be respectful instead of trashing God's word! in my eyes, this is a huge miracle. we are just amazed because we prayed so much for her to not fall out of our hands and she ACTUALLY CALLED US. i love prayers.

another huge miracle.... we've been praying every day for our dear Marlo. SHE TEXTED US! She's been going to church in the Mandarin ward!!!!!! God hears every prayer. :) 

Well.. here's the best part. WE have a new investigator named Gloria! She knows us missionaries because her friend is serving in Hawaii. She came to church early, met everyone we wanted her to meet; even a member bore their testimony about her!! all of church was incredible (one member who helped us a teach a long, long, less active we finally got ahold of (oh! This LA, Wong Tai Ho, has never answered the door for years, but we left our card at her door, and she called us! what!!! she is so humble and sweet!) this member bore her testimony all about missionary work and how much she loves helping missionaries and serving the Lord and how grateful she is for missionary service. oh man i was bawling.) and after church, we had an opportunity to teach Gloria. gosh, please please pray for her! 

We had 10,000 miracles this week.. the Lord is so mindful of us! I know He hears our prayers. I am so grateful for church and the love I feel from Him and His members. There's honestly nothing better than the work of the Lord. every day I think of how much I love this. Every night I am exhausted...but so, so happy. 

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

PS. Thank you Brother Marty Hansen for The Lamb of God CD! I still listen to it all the time, and we played "Lord is it I?" at Zone Training. talk about powerful. 

our ward had a BBQ on thursday. it was SWEET. never seen anywhere so beautiful in HK! It was like a real camping site! we roasted duck, chicken wings, bread, potatoes, fish balls, corn... :) 

PS. pray for Ms Chou! she needs extra strength and faith! :) love you

PSS Im writing Grandpa a letter today! 

i love you both.

real quick, i just want you to know (IM NOT THINKING ABOUT GOING HOME, just giving you time to plan and save money!) if you want, you can pick me up from the mission in Hong Kong :) 

love you so much! 

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