life. is. so. beautiful. January 26, 2015

life. is. so. beautiful.

Why is it so beautiful? Because Sister Richardson and I have chosen for it to be that way. The beginning of our companionship was honestly rough. I had a lot of stress from leaving my trainer, and not being able to understand Cantonese at all. Plus Sister Richardson and I were quite the opposites haha! So we had either 2 options: hate our lives, or love them. We decided the latter, wouldn't you? :) It's been so awesome to see how much depth, fulness, and happiness you can have in your life when you show the Lord you want it. When you make up your mind that we can and will see miracles, that we can and are obedient, that we will always follow Him and do all we can to serve and love. Because of our choices, we are so, so, happy. And the Lord is blessing us! :) 

This is the key to happiness in life. Follow God's word, and He will bless you. There's no doubt in my mind that that isn't true. 

We have had the greatest week--AGAIN! Yesterday, at church, was the most intense day of my life. Haha we had so many people planned to come to church, so many arrangements with members, and the possibility that Ms Lau would even come. But the night before, she called us and told her she won't. She got COMPLETELY anti-ed and asked us about a bunch of rumors she has heard. 1: What a miracle she was even talking to us! 2: all I could say was it was up to her to find out if this is true or not. I bore my testimony of what I know to be true, and gave her the invitation to find out for herself. She said she'll think about it and call us later. 30 minutes later, she texted us, "miss, i will be there at 9:15 tomorrow." WHOOOO HOOO!!! AND SHE CAME!!!! Her and her husband! They sat with Bishop Chan's brother and his wife (AWESOME couple) and it was so great! what a miracle! Thanks for your prayers everyone! :) 
Sunday's definitately are a roller coaster though. Sacrament started, and Gloria and Gordon still didn't show! We were looking back at the doors every 3 seconds, super disappointed but trying to keep the faith that they would come. well, they didn't. turns out they both worked OT and couldn't come. But this means that they aren't necessarily progressing, and Gloria's baptism is on the 8th! So we met with her and told her how little time she has left. We'll be seeing her every day this week now to help her prepare. During the lesson, she asked us, "after I get baptized, am I allowed to serve a mission?" WOOO HOO YES YOU ARE SISTA!!! we asked her why she would want to, and she explained how she wants to share this happiness with everyone :) what a miracle. keep praying for her! 

But then that afternoon, Bishop called us and invited us over for dinner, and to invite 2 investigators. So we invited Coey and Yuki (Coey is a new investigator from english class a few weeks ago! she has no background of Christ, so our lessons with her have been very slow. but on saturday night, we had a great lesson with her! She opened up to us that she doesn't know which 'god' in this world is true-- Buddha? Gyun Yam? God? Christ? we shared with her about one of the most amazing experiences in the world, when a boy named Joseph Smith found out for himself--not from other people telling him--but for himself that God is real. That this church is true. it was really a sweet lesson.) anyway, Coey ended up opening up to a member all about how she's heard rumors about our church, too, and has been a little scared.. but since she's been around these people, been hearing our message, she knows that it is good. :) The only way to know if something is true, is simply to search and ask. She is searching, and has committed to asking! 

Well, I'm loving every day :) At an activity on Saturday night, Sister Yu randomly showed me a video of some 6ft tall lengjai (chinese slang for cute guy) spinning a basketball on his finger--oh wait, that was my BROTHER?! haha i was freaking out Ty! you are the so cool!

Never stop reading the Book of Mormon. It has your answers to life in there. I love it :)

I love you all! Love, Sister Bosler

Gloria took us and a member Kasey (in the picture) to eat a Taiwanesse dessert.... Dad did you eat like this on your mission??! 

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