On firrrrreee!!! January 21st, 2015

It's seriously been the BEST week! We had a full row of people at church with us--Sister Richardson and I were dying! I couldn't stop praying of happiness! man... this is the best. 

There were so many miracles this week I don't even know where to start. The most exciting thing though, was with Ms Lau. We decided to get off our bus at a different stop this time, earlier than normal. We were walking up this hill to Pok Fu Lam Village, when we tried contacting this woman, Ms Lau. As usual, she said, "not avaiable! sorry, in a rush! no time!" but we kept talking, as usual. as we were about to give her a flyer, she said something like "i just don't believe this because i haven't found the right church yet." whoa whoa whoa YET?! then she started opening up even more about other things, and we were able to share the full Restoration with her! As we were teaching her, her problems were all solved through the book of Mormon and the Restoration. towards the end, she ended up saying how she feels a little emotional--and she thanked us. She asked both what our life purpose is... She then asked us how come we don't teach an english class here....she was thrilled to find out that we do! So we rescheduled her to teach her more, and she's also coming to english class. Do you see the CHANGE that happened in her? It was incredible!!! Sister Richardson and I walked away feeling so...light, excited, on fire...just blessed. it was a miracle. we are so grateful the Lord guided us to meet her. Pray for Ms Lau! 

Right now, we have progressing investigators. We have people coming to church. Our investigators are reading the Book of Mormon. They are happy, they are changing... life is wonderful! 

This week we visited the YW president/Elder quorums president's mom. After the lesson, Brother Leung begged me to sing the song "His Image in Your Countenance" because that's his favorite from his mission in Oakland. haha so after awhile, they got me to sing it. it was the craziest thing as I was singing, because I haven't sung something my whole time in Hong Kong, other than straight from the hymn book in chinese... and Mom, I felt like I sounded just like you! I don't know what happened to my voice! It was the craziest thing! I hope it wasn't just my imagination though, because I would love to sound like you! Haha so that was another little miracle that happened this week ;)

Here are some beautiful people you can pray for: Gloria and Gordon, Man Man and A-Keung, Yuki, and even Ms Lau. She WILL be progressing I just know it! Sadly, Ms Chow dropped us :( we are still her friend though, which is good. i just wish she would let the gospel help her life.

I love this gospel. It was helped me so many times in my life. it helps me every day. This week, on the bus I sat next to a woman who only speaks Mandarin and some english. She ended up asking me, "why do you believe this? have you seen miracles?" it was the best question anyone has ever asked me. I love bearing testimony of what I know with all my heart to be true. (And cool story with this mandarin woman-- i randomly accidentally grabbed a simple chinese characters Book of Mormon (so that means the type they read in Mandarin) not a traditional chinese Book of Mormon! (Cantonese). definitely God's hand. she accepted the Book of Mormon, and it was in her own language :) ) 

Thank you for your prayers and love! I'm always praying for you too! 

Cute old man with a bird we met in Wah Fu

 Temple today with my lovely comp!
 This is Pok Fu Lam village! we never go there because it's creepy, but we went and saw much success! so cool looking huh! only in this place can we knock doors. everywhere else in our area are apts/estates.

Pok Fu Lam village! 

Member's home. 


  1. "This girl is amazing! I'm so glad to be able to read of her experiences." Donna S.
    "Haha, I was just thinking when I woke up this morning when Karli's hump day was..." Corinne B.
    "I love every letter and pictures. Thank you so much for sending them. Life is great. What an awesome girl you have had and raised. She is a miracle in all of our lives. Love you." Mom (Grandma Thomas)

  2. What an amazing letter! And . . . she's singing like her beautiful mom! I love this. Things will all work out, given patience and in the Lord's time. Thanks so much for sharing this sweet letter and pictures.
    Hugs and love from Debz (Debi McMindes)

  3. Who wouldn't want to sound like you KIM? Aw she is doing so great. What a sweetheart she is! (Kendra Smoot)

  4. Hi Kim,

    I love this letter so much from Karli. You can tell she and her companion are sharing the gospel with EVERYONE they meet with faith. Why? Because they love Heavenly Father and Christ first and the people they serve second; both more than themselves. Results.....a full pew of investigators at Church and the full measure of the Spirit granted to them because of their faith, love, and obedience.

    Had Karli not went on a mission, it would probably take her 15-20 years to learn what she has already learned in 9 months. All these sisters serving are spreading so many powerful seeds throughout the world that will blossom in the near future and the church will grow faster than we could of ever imagined possible. Very exciting.
    Thanks for sharing her emails.

    Marty Hansen