MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! December 28th, 2014


it was SOOOO fun talking to you on Christmas! haha wow-- thanks family! I can't believe how old Tyler is though. he's a stud. best future missionary ever. :) 

Well, you pretty much know all that's going on in Hong Kong!  I'll send some pics from our Christmas fun :) 

Besides that, we've had a lot of time this week planning, planning, planning. We're working all we can on building more unity within our zone. it all starts with unity! I'm also so grateful because us and the PFL elders are taking the same message to each member in the ward. Obedience. It's really awesome, we tried it out last night at a member's home (a single man (his girlfriend is Calyx! and by the way, he and his mom drove us to a different area in his MERCEDES Beinz! it was the coolest thing...biggest step up from the mini bus) who fed us white bread, mayo, frozen mango cakes, and canned spam fish. oh man....) and it was really powerful. It's so comforting to know that God knows. He created us, He is our Heavenly Father, and no matter what situation we are in, He has more knowledge than we do, He knows what is best for us. Our message to the members is focused on not asking the 'why', but trusting in Him, having faith, and following Him. But then it ended really powerful because we promised them how we are doing all we can to be exactly obedient as missionaries, so we can be worthy enough to receive His spirit to do the work in Pok Fu Lam. it was awesome! 

Another great moment: we randomly met with a member after church, Sister Wong Rong Ping. her husband isn't a member. I felt a little weird in the beginning because we didn't have a solid lesson planned. but during the lesson, i looked at the love between her and her daughter, and just had the biggest feeling of love come over me as i thought of the happiness me and my parents have because of the gospel. all i want is for them to have it to! and then it was SO awesome, because Sister Wong is actually letting us come over next week to share about Jesus Christ to her husband! but the miracle is that we've asked her MANY times if we can come over and talk to her husband, called her plenty times.. but it's the message of our Savior and His love that softened her heart :) yay families forever!! 

I love you all :) 

keep praying for ways to serve each other.. it changes everything! love you! 

Love, Sister Bosler
Thanks mom :) it was so fun talking! and hearing everyone's voices! who is Rachel?!?!?! hahaha! 

OHHH MY GOSH LOVE MY JAMMIES AND SLIPPERS!! best present EVER!! yes yes yes! its been FREEZING here so THANK YOU! 

 SanLihn faailohk! Happy New Year!
 ward party! our ward gave us 2 HUGE baskets of food! they are so cute!
 Hello! I am Sister Bosler and I serve in the greatest ward ever, Pok Fu Lam, with your sons. They are awesome! Here are some pictures of our ward party they wanted you to have! Merry Christmas!

 ward party! our ward gave us 2 HUGE baskets of food! they are so cute!
 Christmas night dinner at the MAk's! roasted duck... and other stuff.

 we saved some of our 13 days for Christmas night with the sisters and it was SOOO FUN opening the presents! Thank you for caring for me and making Christmas so much fun! we were dying how you gave me pumpkin seeds and her candy! haha so perfect! I love you!

SO FUN! :) love you!! 

MTR in West Point opened today! YAY!! 

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  1. "She is adorable! Wouldn't you let her in if she knocked on your door?" Susan Collins

    "Great pictures. Love that girl!!!" Mom (Grandma Thomas)

    "Thanks for sharing Kim! Great pictures! She had the RIGHT attitude!
    Happy New Year! Hope to see you next week." Love, Ann Millward

    "Oh this is so cute. That Karli is changing so many lives!!! WOWOWOWOW!!" Kendra Smoot