Merry Christmas!! (Dec 21st, 2014)

I can't believe how much Hong Kong people really celebrate Christmas!! It's so exciting!

We had a big music activity in Wanchai  this saturday and our ward wanted us missionaries to sing with them. it was SO fun! And what's even cooler, is that some choirs even sang "Fum Fum Fum" and "Dance Then!" total Madrigal flash back- i was so happy! and then they even had a BELL TABLE OUT! and i started getting so excited and told my companion I used to play bells and....well, her reaction was the same as Tod's basically ;) haha she's brought it up plenty times already since Saturday haha!

I've never felt as much love or given as much love than this past week. Haha our ward is the greatest ever! Last night we went to Bishop's house and brought our investigator Ms Chou and she brought her 24 year old son! Super cool! She had us talk to her daughter on the phone, too, and now they'll be coming to our Christmas party! Anyway, Ms Chou asked if we had an extra Book of Mormon, and she, herself, gave it to her son and started explaining it! so awesome. (haha she started explaining it though because she loves the picture of Moroni in it.... she talks about his picture a lot.. she's the funniest investigator i've ever had. every time I'm with her she gets my dying laughing!)
At Bishop's house, we shared a message, played a game with sign language (seriously SO fun), and then Bishop asked me to sing the first 2 verses of Silent Night, following with everyone joining in after. ah the spirit was so strong! The biggest thing I've been learning on this mission is the love of Christ. I was reading in Ether 12 and found a verse that stuck out to me a lot. Moroni prayed the Gentiles would be able to have the grace of God so that they can feel his love. Love is centered around the Atonement of Jesus Christ! I'm so grateful, too, because I have the opportunity to serve as Sister Training Leader! It's been such an incredible experience already! I love serving missionaries.

ITS BEEN SOOOO FUN opening 12 days of Christmas!!!! My companion almost cried when she saw you gave HER a stocking too! you are SOOO Awesome!! I Love you!!

Us with Sister Wan at church last sunday :) she loved how Christmasy we were!

At Bishop Chan's :) I love these people.  I Love this work. I truly am happy.

Love, Sister Bosler

wow, those pictures are the greatest. haha family forever! I love you all! Cutest manger scene ever!

Game night! Levi won!

 The kids saw Grandma kissing Santa Claus!
The boys got legos but the Head Lamps were a huge hit!

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