I like you, I love you! (November 30th, 2014)


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! haha first, last p day, i got a call from the mission president's WIFE saying she has a stuffing recipe for me from my mom! haha i about died. my parents are famous here in the mission, that's all I can say... haha oh man.

Anyway, we made an awesome stuffing! we made it with West Point elders, haha and they got the wrong spices, so it tasted like pizza stuffing ;) haha it was great though!

Thanksgiving was a blast-- we got to eat with missionaries for a couple hours, and then teach. it was wonderful. I feel so grateful every day!

We seriously had such a FUN week! The ward is becoming my family for sure. people are now coming up to me with worried expressions saying, "sister Bosler, you're not leaving right?" :) no way. never! but last saturday night, we invited an investigator to come to a wedding reception in our ward. She loved it so much. actually, that was downplayed. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! haha especially because the bride is Chinese, and her husband is AFRICAN! who speaks french! so they both speak their 2nd language together, english. oh man, it was the best thing of our lives. haha especially their vows.. so happy! During his vows, he would say in the cutest accent, "even if we have 1 million dollas, or if we homeless, i like you, i love you, i love you, i love you." hehe so cute and unique. and then he even gave a shout out to the missionaries! He's getting baptized on the 14th of December so they can be sealed in the temple for eternity! It was soooo cute and awesome! Now THAT'S missionary work. Our investigator, Cinny, is seriously incredible though. we taught her towards the end of the reception and as we talked about faith, she said, "i feel like this church is good, and true. because as i look at everyone, their smiles are so happy. it must be right." I'm so grateful Cinny has figured out for herself the purpose of this gospel: happiness! All good things are of Christ, and she's just realizing it. last week, she quit her job so she could come to church! she came this week and loved it. keep praying for Cinny!

One of my favorite things about the culture in Hong Kong is their love for food. they even have their own version of the word of wisdom--no joke. last week, a member was teaching and said, "eat more veggies, eat less meat, eat more rice..." haha of course the rice. whenever they say they're going to eat, no matter what the meals associate with "are you going to eat rice?" haha it makes me laugh. they also eat so messy and with their hands, and just throw the bones of whatever on the table. i didn't realize how much my manners have changed until my trainee keeps pointing out things that i do too now that the chinese do! so sorry family, my manners are terrible now!

about Marlo... ah! she is incredible! i say this every week, but when she prays, she is truly talking to our Father in Heaven. Every time her prayers bring me tears. Poor thing though, her husband is so extremely stubborn and will not let her get baptized. there's no way she can without his agreement, especially since families are so central in the gospel. it makes me so sad. her baptismal date is the end of this month, so pray for her husband to open his heart!

We had another super cool experience on the street. we met a guy from Napol! And he literally hasn't even heard of Adam and Eve, didn't even know about "a babe in bethlehem" and so our first lesson with him was SO cool. he is excited about learning more about the Christian religion. he said, "i feel like this is really good, because as I look at these pictures (of members and Christ on our walls) I see happiness, and good things." moral of this week: the gospel brings pure happiness. I'm so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and for His love for us. I'm so grateful He so perfectly completed God's will for us, so that we can receive strength from on high and return to live with God again in pure joy. I'm so grateful for the spirit, I'm so grateful for this opportunity to change and use the Atonement more. I love this! I Love you!

Happy December! :)

Love, Sister Bosler

and here's the lovely couple :D  so great huh! love it!!!!

 lunch today with my favorite person in the world: Sister Smith. she's been my roommate since the beginning and she leaves for home this week :(
she's the most incredible example because even though she's dying on the mission, she still has more mission fire than anyone i know! i love her and am so grateful for her example!

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