Sister Chan time!! :D August 23rd, 2015

HII!!!! sorry, so little time to email today!

well, when Sister Kartchner and I had to split up, we cried. the first night and day without her literally felt like a break up haha! we called each other the next day and just talked for 20 minutes after 10pm. she's the best. BUT, we are still in the same zone!

im in SHam SHui Po still with... SISTER ELLEN CHAN!!! Brooke, you probably recognize her name? She's from New Zealand and we were insta friends before. she's AMAZING. we are having an incredible time together.

Lee Sun Ho Yan passed her baptismal interview!!!!!!!! YEAAAHHH WOOOOOOO!!!! before her interview, we reviewed Sabbath Day with her, because she has some problems with it. For some reason, it was the most powerful lesson we have ever taught. at the end, she looked at as and said, "i will do all i can to keep the sabbath day holy." she's amazing. she has gone through so much to receive baptism!

Sister Chan is super stoked for our zones plans and actions. we even have our mission president coming to our zone training this friday because he loves whats happening in our zone! not only is Kowloon Zone changing, but the entire Hong Kong MISSION. it's amazing, and we're so excited. time is so precious... ah!

We received a referral this week named Dragon Wu. I just wanted to add about him because his name is so great. But, we taught him in his mom's home (she's a member) and HE said he's looking for direction! wow, you rarely hear that from Hong Kong men!

I'm loving every moment here. Life is incredible. Heavenly Father truly loves each and every one of us. No matter what we are going through, we can truly change.

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

 NEW COMPANION!!!! Sister Ellen Chan!! she is seriously AMAZING!!! i love her to death.
 lsat day with S KArtchner and our summer missionary!
 This old woman is Lai Yee, at english class. so cute. she passed her mock interview with me ;)

Letters and pictures from home:

 Dear Sister Karli,

I have been spending precious time with your mother. It's so good to have her next to me. I love her so much. And better still, I'm hearing all about your mission in Hong Kong. I really do wish I were there with you. I traveled with Rich and Giselle Bell a number of years ago and loved my experience in Hong Kong. If I could only transport myself.

This past year I've been recovering from a stroke. And at 94, I'm still kickin'! And loving all the attention I get from my dear friends. Yes, the Lord is good to me and my prayers are with you and all of the missionaries. Be sure to spread that wonderful spirit you have. Your mother tells me how much you love your mission. Just wanted you to know that I pray for you.

Call me when you get home!

Love, Betty Vaughn

Dear Sister Betty Vaughn,

You definitely are an angel, meant to bless MANY lives here on earth! Thank you for thinking of me and writing a letter. Your family is wonderful. Hong Kong is a beautiful place, isn't it? Last night, a sad thought came to my mind: leaving Hong Kong. I can't imagine leaving all the people I have been able to serve with and serve! But instead of dwelling on the thought, I thanked our Heavenly Father for this incredible opportunity to serve these people. This Sunday we will have a baptism. I'm extremely humbled we have the opportunity to teach this mother, because she has fought through the hardest trials of even MS to be able to receive baptism! When we truly keep our eye focused on the Lord and on others around us, we are able to forget ourselves and see miracles.

I love you! Thank you for your 100% positive attitude and faith!

Love, Sister Bosler

 "Sistah's" at the wedding dinner!

Love you all - and so happy we're all part of this wonderful family,
What's beautiful wedding! Ashley and Derek are such a darling couple and they just GLOW! Everything was so lovely- perfect weather, the temple, a gorgeous reception venue and the spirit of love💍

From Karli: im so happy for her! thats incredible!

 Ashley and her dad - right as she was coming out of the temple. So sweet💗

The six-pack together again! At the reception.

So cute. The kids all loved the endless ice cream/cookie bar and the caterers had a healthy buffet. Kendra could be a top wedding planner now!
 Youngest and oldest with our dear mother at the reception.
I rented a 15- passenger party bus and it was a blast all weekend with my siblings and spouses, and all the cousins who wanted to ride. (You could catch air in the very back!)

I adore this whole family! Lily was smiling ALL DAY and like a little angel.

The Salt Lake temple was so packed that they couldn't invite any cousins and they had to bring in several benches into the sealing room.

Summer Missionary! August 17, 2015


All I want to do is write about how awesome my companion Sister Kartchner is. She's literally my best friend because not only am I my best self around her, but she is the most Christlike example! I've learned a ton from her about repentance and how to be a mom, honestly. She's the best. Heavenly Father is incredible for letting me be her companion TWICE.

Weeeeell, this week, we found out we will be having summer missionaries! They are Hong Kong youth that decide to be a full time missionary for 2 weeks and do everything with us! We were excited because we'd be able to do double the work this week (AND I'd be able to speak Cantonese 100% of the time with a native always by my side!). but when we got to the office today, we found out we only have 1 summer missionary. whoops.. but we're still so excited! It's funny how God works things out. I was excited to have a summer missionary for all selfish reasons--improve my cantonese, and do double the work. but, turns out God has a differet and WAY better plan. This missionary was actually from one of my previous areas and was less active at the time! She just did a big turn around and wants to try serving. It's going to be special because she doesn't know one thing about the missionary life style, lessons, or anything :) I've been praying to be able to train, and it turns out it won't happen, but Heavenly Father gave Sister Kartchner and I this opportunity to help a missionary strengthen her relationship with God. we're really excited for this opportunity! :)

This week, new missionaries came in, and the assistants asked us to take the new sisters out on the streets their first night here. We were paired up with a sister from Taiwan, who speaks NO Cantonese but has been called to serve Cantonese, not mandarin! woo! she's a trooper. Her very first time on the street, we met an adorable young mom at a park next to the church who said, "i've always wanted to come to church, but I was afraid we wouldn't be allowed since my daughter is so young" WHAT. haha we rescheduled her and visited her. Turns out, she lives in the richest place in all of Kowloon that all missionaries have always joked about teaching someone in those houses. we had no idea too! but, Lily Yeung is an angel. She doesn't have to work!! she, along with her helper from the Philipinnes  (that she treats like a sister! amazing!) stay at home with her 3 year old daughter as her husband works. Lily is also pregnant--that made Sister Kartchner and I even more excited. She really wants her husband to her about the gospel, too.

I often wonder, why did God send me to the busiest place in the world to serve a mission? And many times I have received an answer of the importance of sacrificing time to do the small and simple things with your family and for God. Lily (and our progressing investigaotr Lee Sung Ho Yan) are both prepared to accept the gospel because they spend time for their children and husbands. (maybe this isn't the ONLY reason, but one I thought up of from my experience here in HK!) If everyone daily, set aside time for God--with heart, say their prayers and repent, family prayer and scripture study DAILY-- then most family problems and contentions would be solved.

The gospel is simple. Let's live it! The blessings are so much better than anything the world can offer :)

I love you all! :)
Love, Sister Bosler

No pictures from Karli this week but here are pictures & letters from home:

Karli: That is SO Fun that mindi came to visit!!! how awesome!!! :) she really is an incredible example. I'm so grateful for your example of always working hard and remember to do nice things for people too! you're awesome mom! i can't imagine how much you love all of your children, but thank you for showing that love through your care.

love, sister bosler

the protein powder has been AMAZING. I'm so grateful for it!

HAHAH!! Conner is awesome. love that response. what a stud.

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Kim Bosler wrote:

The Morris family came to visit this weekend and we had such a blast! We stayed up super late night swimming and then got up at 4:30AM for the Pleasanton tri-for-fun. Dad (Bruce), Tyler, Bailey, and Connor all entered and did amazingly well.  Mindi would've done it too but her arm is in a sling! Connor, by birth order I guess, was stuck with the old mountain bike. I can't believe what a great sport he was. After the race he said he couldn't wait to do another triathlon and I asked him how he felt on the old bike. He laughed and said "All I could hear people saying was 'on your left!"

We swam the rest of the day and night and just had so much fun together. I love it when family comes to visit!! We love you Morris's!! ❤️


I want you to know how much I love you. Everyone is always asking about you and it’s so neat to just hear how much they love you too.

Right now I’m reading the best book that Becky gave to me! Her boys read it too. It’s called
"The Power of True Success. How to build character in your life."

The first character quality is LOVE. Because it’s so important.
Then it has 42 others that are so awesome.

So here is an example: Gentleness Verses Harshness.

"Accepting God’s comfort and grace during trails develops an attitude of kindness and gentleness towards others.”

There are really great examples from the scriptures with each character trait.

It was so neat to watch how patient and gentle Mindi was with her children while they were here. She has been traveling for a whole week just by herself with them (Shad is working) and they went to Vancouver and so many places. Just her and her five kids and she has a sprained arm that is very painful. No complaining from her! And she is in a lot of pain and cleaned her room up, packed the car, etc and tried constantly to help me cook and everything. She is a very gentle and loving person - very selfless and generous and compassionate and humble. I’m so lucky to have her as my sister. She reminds me of you in a lot of ways.

Her kids love to travel and were very helpful and so COMPLIMENTARY of our food! And pool and just everything. They are so unspoiled!!

Well we are having family night now. gotta run. Can’t wait for your letter!

I love you!


"Super Star!" August 10, 2015

Heeeeeey hey! :)

wow, the weeks are flying. I can't believe it's monday again!

This week we had mission tour. The Assistants asked me and Sister Hadley to sing part of I Stand All Amazed in the middle of President Gong's training. He spoke a lot about the importance of the Sacrament. The most spiritual, life changing, and happiest moment of my week was a moment that everyone all over the world can have-missionary or not-and that is partake of the sacrament. I learned how important it is to truly prepare for the sacrament the night before. When we remember what a joy it is that we can truly start over every sunday, and through the enabling power of Jesus Christ, we can become better and more like Him. My companion is the most incredible person EVER, and she has the biggest testimony of repenting and becoming like the Savior. She lives what she preaches.

On Sunday, Sister Kartchner and I performed during Sacrament Meeting. I sang Abide with Me Tis Eventide in Cantonese while she played. We were excited to do this, hoping it would bring even more trust in the ward, and holy smokes.. i was a little shocked by everyone's reaction. We couldn't even leave the chapel because these chinese people were tackling us with hugs and handshakes and tears! I definitely haven't had that reaction in awhile.

Buuuuuuuut before I forget, MOM YOU ARE THE BEST!!! FAMILY YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I got the greatest package of my LIFE, full of cards and sooooooo many protein powders.. haha seriously, i can't even tell you how happy i am! love you ALL. I'm so blessed!

I want everyone that's reading this email to (After reading this paragraph) put down your phones, shut your computur, or turn off your iPad and just close your eyes and thank God for what He has given you. This morning, we taught an RC who has progressed a lot the past few months, suffering from the death from her husband. The gospel has helped her find pure happiness. Remember, He has blessed us with so much! We must remember to always thank Him :)

I love you all!

Love, Sister Bosler


 we made little Visionary Man pancakes for zone training ;)
 now thats how you save time!
 and ate Dim Sum with the Lau family at some gym center! then played ping pong! (this was last p-day)
 Sister Chung needed help working her blender and asked us to help her. she didn't know how to blend up black sesame. so we helped her and then she boiled it, added sugar, and made some tohng seui, sugar water! it looks great in your teeth...

we heart attacked a YW's door on her birthday and she cried about it during her testimony! it was so cute! it's amazing by just using a few minutes can really make a difference.

Exceedingly Fine; August 2, 2015

Hey hey faaam bam!!

Last night, Sister Kartchner and I started our planning session at 9:30 and thought, "wow, what DIDN'T go wrong today?" and as we kept thinking about all the amazing things that happened, I realized how Heavenly Father truly has led us to accomplish our vision for the ward in just over a month's time. When we have a goal in mind, and it's in line with Heavenly Father's will, He truly will guide us to accomplish it. We must have faith, and we must be willing to do all we can to do what He wants us to do.

I read in 1 Nephi today, the famous story of the Lord commanding Nephi to build a ship to go to the promised land. What impressed me this time was how Nephi completely ignored the pressures of the world, of other people, of men who are completely skilled in making ships and their friends and their wives--and did what the Lord told him to do. How many times do we know deep down inside what is right, what God wants us to do, but we chose the wrong because of our emotions or because of outside pressures? Nephi never, ever did.

Now I Nephi, did not work the timbers after the manner which was learned by men, neither did I build the ship after the manner of men; but i did build it after the manner which the Lord had shown unto me; wherefore, it was not after the manner of men.'

We all have moments right now in our lives that we are struggling with, and we want to solve it now. Or, we'll find ourselves saying we want God to solve it now. Let's look at Nephi's example. He did not follow his own emotions or the easier way but he looked towards God and followed Him. How did he do it?

And I Nephi, did go into the mount oft, and I did pray oft unto the Lord; whereofre it was not after the manner of men."

May we never underestimate the power of conversation with our Heavenly Father. Prayer is what gives me strength, new ideas, power to continue, and a heart to forgive. Why? Because it's the Lord's way.

After he finished the ship, 'my bretheren beheld that it was good, and that the workmanship thereof was exceedingly fine, wherefore, they did humble themselves again before the Lord."

in the end, after Nephi so faithfully knelt before the Lord in sincere prayer and ACTED on his answer from God, everyone knew the Lord's way is the best way. I'm so grateful that they best way to receive answers from God truly is simple. It's something we ALL can do, whether we have no money, no time, no family-- we can all always pray. and we can act on that prayer.

Lee Ho Tin got baptized one year ago. we have been teaching his mom since before i got to SSP. She has MS, has come to church once in a year, and decided to never go again because her body could NOT handle it.

We have been reading scriptures with her every single night since I got here (thanks Mindy) and encouraging her to pray. LAst week, she committed to coming to just Sacrament meeting. SHE CAME TO SACRAMENT MEETING!!! this was huge--we were amazed. she found out that her son, Ho Tin, would be sharing a message in Sunday School, so she decided to stay. Well, 3 short hours later, we saw Ho Tin's mom, smiling, full of the holy ghost, with energy. she had stayed for all 3 hours! we asked how was this possible? She looked at us, smiling so big, and said, "I have found faith. I took my shots last night, and was so scared, like normal, I wouldnt have energy to come to church. But I decided to pray, and fast like you just taught me. And now I'm here."

Just a few months ago, Sister Lee would have NEVER thought of coming to all 3 hours of church because of her MS disease. But because God lives and loves us, she, through her faith and efforts of reading the book of mormon and praying, developed the faith and hope in God to help her literally fight MS and come to church. She has a solid baptismal date for August 30th, because she wants to be with her children forever.

Let us remember Sister Lee Sung Ho Yan and Nephi's example of true faith! They did things that people (even the Assistants said she can't come to church!) said they can't do, because of their faith in God; their willingness to forget their emotions, their desires, and do what God wanted them to do.

I have a firm testimony that when we follow God's path, our lives are happier and easier. We have the Spirit of peace and love with us, we have confidence we are doing the right thing, and we can never lose.

I love you all! keep up the faith in Christ :)

Love, Sister Bosler

Here's part of my letter to President Lam this week:

We were riding the bus last week and met a family. We rescheduled them in their home for last thursday. Last thursday we called to confirm, but they canceled and said they will only be home on sunday, but not giving us a specific time. So after church, we decided to head over to their home and stop by. We knocked on the door and a beautiful mom opened, different than the Lee family we had met earlier. We asked her if her family name is Lee, she said yes, but really had no idea who we were. She asked to look at the address the previous people had written down, and was completely shocked. "This is exactly my address!" She literally marveled for a few minutes and then looked up at us and started crying. She said, "I am so unhappy in my life. I know this is 'yuhnfahn' (fate)!" She then let us in and we talked to her about her life, and communication to God through prayer.
This experience was so special to us. Because we follow Elder Ballard and open our mouths at all times, we found that family who wrote a different address. Because we are following our zone plans and scheduling people in their homes, we were able to actually go TO her home. And because God lives and arranges everything in our lives, He led us to Shuie Lee on that sunday afternoon! We are so grateful for the guidance of God in our lives!

Love Sister Bosler

Notes from Home: 
The boys all love Aunt Kaitlin!
 Yesterday Kaitlin and I had such a nice day at Becky's house with all the boys. Honestly, to see these little boys running around loving each other and jumping on the trampoline and climbing the trees and playing with the chickens and the love they have for each other is just so sweet. Becky's home has such a beautiful spirit within. She and Kaitlin radiate such a beautiful light.

I definitely think that Satan wants to destroy families. Mainly because there's so much joy found within when we are living the Gospel. Even outside the church, of course, there so many happy families built on fundamental and simple principles of kindness, courtesy, laughter, and quality time, but there is even potential for greater richness as members of the Church Jesus Christ because we can do eternal things together like baptisms, attending church, working in the temple, feeling the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and having a personal relationship with our Savior. I do believe He can heal all wounds, especially within families because it's the most important!

“Cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

“Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day” (Alma 37:36–37; emphasis added)."

Well, we are off to Oregon now!!  Family Reunion 2015 at Sunriver!!

 Becky showing the boys the chickens

 My favorite picture- trying out Becky's super comfy guest bed!! Haha

Quick Note & A Few Pictures Today; July 26, 2015

Part of our district. we have the assistants and office elders in our district, we learn SO MUCH all the time! its awesome.

by the way, new goals we are setting for the zone (because many companionships are having problems of finding for 7 hours a day on the streets.) is setting a vision. the visionary man we are calling it! (See 1 nephew 8! woo!)

anyway, we are challenging everyone to only be able to tract on the streets for 1-2 hours, still be obedient, and get work down. now people have to start being creative and using the spirit and members to do more effective work. it's going to be awesome!

YOU ARE AMAZING! and guess what, the mission office is my church building so i basically can get packages/mail whenever i want!!!!! WOO!!!!

 shopping with Kelly :)
 crazy dinner out with an investigator. wowwwww so much food! love fish a ton btw!!!

Pictures from Home:

We had a lot of fun this weekend as Scott was off for two days – his anniversary and birthday. He is doing a residency in Modesto this entire month which is really nice and it was awesome that he could spend the weekend with us. Kaitlin and the boys are staying for two weeks and traveling up to the family reunion in Oregon together w us.

 Candy bar poster and presents for Scott's birthday!
 Lots of wrestling with Uncle Tyler

 The boys played a long time today on the trampoline with Tyler and their dad
 Cute couple!
 In primary today Scott got volunteered to be a prophet- He was super popular with the kids and such a great sport! Landon and Carter loved being in primary with their dad as the star.

 When we sang "follow the prophet" all the kids got to follow Scott and he really took them on quite a path over the chairs and everything else! It was hilarious.

Scott's favorite – triple berry pie
 Yummy dinner in the backyard.
 Dipping biscotti in yogurts
 Long cucumber curls! We made them for primary treats. they were a big hit.
Juicing fresh carrots