Summer Missionary! August 17, 2015


All I want to do is write about how awesome my companion Sister Kartchner is. She's literally my best friend because not only am I my best self around her, but she is the most Christlike example! I've learned a ton from her about repentance and how to be a mom, honestly. She's the best. Heavenly Father is incredible for letting me be her companion TWICE.

Weeeeell, this week, we found out we will be having summer missionaries! They are Hong Kong youth that decide to be a full time missionary for 2 weeks and do everything with us! We were excited because we'd be able to do double the work this week (AND I'd be able to speak Cantonese 100% of the time with a native always by my side!). but when we got to the office today, we found out we only have 1 summer missionary. whoops.. but we're still so excited! It's funny how God works things out. I was excited to have a summer missionary for all selfish reasons--improve my cantonese, and do double the work. but, turns out God has a differet and WAY better plan. This missionary was actually from one of my previous areas and was less active at the time! She just did a big turn around and wants to try serving. It's going to be special because she doesn't know one thing about the missionary life style, lessons, or anything :) I've been praying to be able to train, and it turns out it won't happen, but Heavenly Father gave Sister Kartchner and I this opportunity to help a missionary strengthen her relationship with God. we're really excited for this opportunity! :)

This week, new missionaries came in, and the assistants asked us to take the new sisters out on the streets their first night here. We were paired up with a sister from Taiwan, who speaks NO Cantonese but has been called to serve Cantonese, not mandarin! woo! she's a trooper. Her very first time on the street, we met an adorable young mom at a park next to the church who said, "i've always wanted to come to church, but I was afraid we wouldn't be allowed since my daughter is so young" WHAT. haha we rescheduled her and visited her. Turns out, she lives in the richest place in all of Kowloon that all missionaries have always joked about teaching someone in those houses. we had no idea too! but, Lily Yeung is an angel. She doesn't have to work!! she, along with her helper from the Philipinnes  (that she treats like a sister! amazing!) stay at home with her 3 year old daughter as her husband works. Lily is also pregnant--that made Sister Kartchner and I even more excited. She really wants her husband to her about the gospel, too.

I often wonder, why did God send me to the busiest place in the world to serve a mission? And many times I have received an answer of the importance of sacrificing time to do the small and simple things with your family and for God. Lily (and our progressing investigaotr Lee Sung Ho Yan) are both prepared to accept the gospel because they spend time for their children and husbands. (maybe this isn't the ONLY reason, but one I thought up of from my experience here in HK!) If everyone daily, set aside time for God--with heart, say their prayers and repent, family prayer and scripture study DAILY-- then most family problems and contentions would be solved.

The gospel is simple. Let's live it! The blessings are so much better than anything the world can offer :)

I love you all! :)
Love, Sister Bosler

No pictures from Karli this week but here are pictures & letters from home:

Karli: That is SO Fun that mindi came to visit!!! how awesome!!! :) she really is an incredible example. I'm so grateful for your example of always working hard and remember to do nice things for people too! you're awesome mom! i can't imagine how much you love all of your children, but thank you for showing that love through your care.

love, sister bosler

the protein powder has been AMAZING. I'm so grateful for it!

HAHAH!! Conner is awesome. love that response. what a stud.

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 9:21 AM, Kim Bosler wrote:

The Morris family came to visit this weekend and we had such a blast! We stayed up super late night swimming and then got up at 4:30AM for the Pleasanton tri-for-fun. Dad (Bruce), Tyler, Bailey, and Connor all entered and did amazingly well.  Mindi would've done it too but her arm is in a sling! Connor, by birth order I guess, was stuck with the old mountain bike. I can't believe what a great sport he was. After the race he said he couldn't wait to do another triathlon and I asked him how he felt on the old bike. He laughed and said "All I could hear people saying was 'on your left!"

We swam the rest of the day and night and just had so much fun together. I love it when family comes to visit!! We love you Morris's!! ❤️


I want you to know how much I love you. Everyone is always asking about you and it’s so neat to just hear how much they love you too.

Right now I’m reading the best book that Becky gave to me! Her boys read it too. It’s called
"The Power of True Success. How to build character in your life."

The first character quality is LOVE. Because it’s so important.
Then it has 42 others that are so awesome.

So here is an example: Gentleness Verses Harshness.

"Accepting God’s comfort and grace during trails develops an attitude of kindness and gentleness towards others.”

There are really great examples from the scriptures with each character trait.

It was so neat to watch how patient and gentle Mindi was with her children while they were here. She has been traveling for a whole week just by herself with them (Shad is working) and they went to Vancouver and so many places. Just her and her five kids and she has a sprained arm that is very painful. No complaining from her! And she is in a lot of pain and cleaned her room up, packed the car, etc and tried constantly to help me cook and everything. She is a very gentle and loving person - very selfless and generous and compassionate and humble. I’m so lucky to have her as my sister. She reminds me of you in a lot of ways.

Her kids love to travel and were very helpful and so COMPLIMENTARY of our food! And pool and just everything. They are so unspoiled!!

Well we are having family night now. gotta run. Can’t wait for your letter!

I love you!


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