Every week gets better and better! July 12, 2015

Hellllloooooooo family! :)

I don't know how it happens, but every week gets better and better. It's amazing how much God blesses us and how much we can control  our lives by choosing to accept His blessings to have happier lives over time. God's plan for us is perfect.

We had many rare opportunities to serve this week. I'm grateful because we were able to find 2 very in need less actives and get the ward on board with helping them. We've been visiting one less active family since I first got here in SSP. This woman's home (last name Ho) is full of stuff--even Liahona's from the 1990s still out in the living room. As of now, the relief sociery and high council are on board to help their home! we cleaned her home on saturday, and they will all be returning again this week to get some measurements in and a new paint job. It's wonderful being ablt to help someone like that! But even in the midst of all this great christian work, my completely selfless companion at the end of the day looked at me and asked, "how does Sister Ho feel?" sure, we were there hours cleaning, organizing, preparing food; but during all of this, Sister Ho was hiding in her room. she would come out occasionally and help, but for the most part, she was hidden in her room. 

If it were me, I know I would feel flat out depressed. All these people over, cleaning up the life I can't handle, with my 2 sick kids screaming and crying--i would just give up even more. At the end of the day, I realized a huge lesson. I was completely humbled. In that situation, what would our Savior have done? Would he be out buying bins to pack things in, throwing stuff away, calling more people over, doing all the busy things? No, he would be with her, by her side, comforting her. Just talking to her. 

May we always remember to do all things in the name of Christ. Truly think about those words: in the name of Christ. If I cleaned Sister Ho's home in the name of Christ, I would've done all I could to help her feel she is loved. If we, in our daily lives, do ALL things in the name of Christ, imagine how much more purposeful all our actions would be? Imagine how much each person we know would mean to us? Let us never, ever forget the sacrifice He made for us. This love our Savior has for me should and does change the way I feel towards people, situations--everything. I can't wait to see Sister Ho again this week and just love her to pieces. :)

Besides our experience with her, we called President Lam asking permission to go to a mental hospital in a different area. We got a hold of an 18 year less active's mom, who told us her daughter was in that very hopsital--for already 2 months! No one in the ward even knew. 

The next day, we went with the YW president to visit her. We can call her Man Man. when sister Kartchner and I walked in the hospital, the spirit immediately left us. The walls of the cell Man Man was in were so bare and white! All the patients were in their hospital garments and everyone looked like the light of christ was gone from them. 

Only 2 people are allowed in at a time, so Sister Kartchner and I went to visit Man Man. Her face instnatly lit up. Man Man kept holding our hands, thanking us for our visit. No one, besides her mom had visited her for 2 months! She asked us to sing her a hymn, and we shared a scripture, and prayed with her. She told us that her faith in God has been healing her more than anything else. With a hopeful and healing heart, she shared with us that she gets to leave the hopsical on tuesday and is excited to meet with the missioanries again! 

Towards the end of our visit, her mom walked in, who we haven't met yet. She asked us to wait outside for she wanted to talk to us after. As we waited outside, we heard Man Man begin to practically wail of sadness. She had just found out she has to stay in the hospital for 2 more weeks :( we have scheduled again, however, to meet her this week! and, we left for her in that bare cell, a new copy of The Book of Mormon :).

Kelly fasted for the first time on fast Sunday. She received her answer. As we taught her (inside our mission presidents home, under the temple, with our mission president just chillin on the couch!!! coolest and scariest moment ever ;) ) she told us that she finally had the impression from the Holy Ghost that yes, she needs to on July 26 receive baptism!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!! Her faith is growing. family, Kelly used to not believe in God. But since she's found comfort in the Book of Mormon, she is coming to know that God. loves,her. Because of that, she has more confidence in her life.

Between these 3 experiences this week, the way I live as a disciple of Christ has changed. It's gone from 'doing what i know we are supposed to do' to 'in the name of Jesus Christ, doing what HE would do.'

My invitation to you all is to evaluate your day, your week, your lives. How can you change just ONE action--or thought--to do what Christ would do in His name?

I'm so grateful for my Savior. I love Him with all my heart. When we read His word everyday, pray to God for our friends and family every day, and then ACT in His name, He will change our hearts.

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

We had the missionaries over tonight for dinner and that always love to show them little clips from our trip to China! LOL

Tyler trying out my new gift for my birthday. A table inverter for my back! It stretches your spine. Tyler loves it the most I think! But it really does work.

Free 7-Eleven slurp bees on my birthday 7-11. We dumped it after the picture! LOL then we saw the movie "inside out" it is so good!

Trish Wilcox cleaned my whole closet out then we went to lunch and had pedicures. Becky's family was supposed to come swimming but they were all sick! 

Licia and Bob delivered the most beautiful plant for my birthday! Best friends in the whole world.

 Cabo with Kaitlin's family! Swimming with the dolphins...

Notes from Karli:
SOOO FUNN!!! wow, kaitlin musttve been in heaven haha
im so glad you had an amazing birthday! Im so sorry i forgot.... aw man. but, i will make it up next birthday for sure haha.
where is this place with dolphins? you are all so awesome
yay keep having the missionaries over! that dinner sounds seriously incredible. a member is taking us out tonight but we are eating dumplings. haha oh well.
im so happy to hear how happy everyone is! yay!
we are so busy right now--and so happy. ive never been so happy on the mission as now! sister kartchner is seriously the greatest, mom!

turns out, guess what! i CAN go to other countries when you come pick me up! but not china.
should we go to taiwan for a day?
 Anyway, how long will you be here for? sister kartchenrs family is also picking her up at the same time!

 We'll have to visit so many wards that one sunday haha!

From Mom:
That's sooo cool! We are coming in the 21st- VERY LATE and will be there a day early. We won't come see you until you are released but that's just how the tickets turned out to be more affordable. We will be there one week total– So whatever you want to do and whoever you want to see! I bet it is so weird talking about coming home and I know you probably don't even want to talk about it because you love your mission so much! I really need to talk to Sister Kartchners mom - how absolutely amazing that they are coming out at the same time! What the heck?! So awesome!!!!!

From Karli:

yeah, shes the best.

hey, what foods have melatonin in them? ive been weirdly exhausted lately when i sit down.

Hi mom! haha i dont think it's that severe! im okay! i have been extremely exhausted lately though. i fall asleep every study and never want to move! but, im probably just being dramatic because i do anyways and dont complain about it haha. anyway, maybe i just need  to change my diet? i dont ever eat protein or dark greens, so maybe that's why. my diet here in SSP is veggies like a carrot, some bell pepper, tomato. and then sometimes ill get a subway sandwhich (THEY HAVE IT HERE!!!) or an indian food falafel thing. and then of course chinese food. oh and i eat apples and fruit. so probably i just need to eat chicken again? or protein and dark greens! 


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