I'll just start with the biggest news... July 19, 2015

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well i'll just start this week with the biggest news: we talked to Kelly's MOM over the phone last night. She didn't hear much of what we had to say, but told us firmly that Kelly can't get baptised  this sunday. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. that was the worst phone call ever. we hung up around 10:30 and just sat there for a moment. but, within those 30 minutes before bed, Sister Kartchner and I built even more faith. We had just invited Kelly to start reading the BoM for 20 minutes every night, and now we are going to do a much better job on following up on her prayers. is she praying with REAL intent? i want to invite everyone to study about what praying with REAL intent means. I promise you, if you really study about praying with real intent and then act, your relationship with Heavenly Father will increase. When this happens, you relationship with everyone around you will also strengthen.

Well, Kelly is allowed to keep coming to church, so that's a huge giant miracle! Please, if everyone can pray (with real intent!) for Kelly, she will be able to get baptized soon!

Remember how last week I  talked about Sister Ho, the less active we have been working with? Well last week, in the midst of painting and cleaning her home, we made sure to just talk to her, share some scriptures with her and do little things like get some bread for her. In a lesson last week, her husband wasn't there at the time, but she said that every day, the first thing he does when he comes home is pray with the family. and after that, he goes into his room to pray alone.

THIS SUNDAY, the entire Ho family came to church the for the first time in a long time. Seeing them walk into our gorgeous, clean chapel,with their ragged, mismatched wornout clothes, unkept hair, and very broken hearts, was the most beautiful scene I have experienced here in Hong kong. THAT is the effects of the Atonement. THAT is why we call ourselves Latter-day  Saint Christians. The members took this family in, and they are healing them. But even more than any Christian can do, our Savior is healing their hearts and their family relationships. I've never seen Sister Ho have such a real smile as she sat in the air conditioned church building that sunday.

I can't express the immense love our Savior has for us, but I know I have felt. I've felt it through repentance, through service, and through sincere prayer. When I feel His eternal love, I change. I know we can all, no matter what our beliefs are or feelings towards the church are right now, can feel our Savior's love, too.
I love you all!

Love Sister Bosler

Notes from Karli:

matt is so cool. that firepit looks incredible! did you know the hong kong people DREAM of seeing places like this--in our very backyard--and never actually get to see it? we live such a fortunate life.

sounds so great! how is (friend of ours)? i think a lot about her actually. one night i kept thinking about how we need to share the gospel to her and what she needs to hear. i really feel like she's being prepared, she's just nervous to commit to anything and find out truth. she's stuck in her old traditions, but with some help, she can find the truth and this pure happiness.

aw Ty is so cute! he's seriously the coolest ever. i miss him a ton always!

Pictures and letters from home:

 Ron and Sharon George's 50th wedding anniversary!
 Last night with our dear friends at a 50th anniversary party. Missing you, Natalie and Sarah. ❤️

They are all on their way home now and I will write you more tonight -a letter- if you have not written to us yet. Sorry this is so rushed! I hope dad sent pictures of his and Tylers  high adventure biking trip this week. So glad they're alive!

I love you!!!

 Tyler was the shark in the pool.
 New game! Jump off mini trampoline into the pool. Look at Tyler haha!
 Tonight the gang came over for dinner and swimming. It was perfect weather.

Our tree is loaded with plums and pluots. (Or I thought it was.) These boys love fruit!!! Isaac is eating a pluot. (Plum/apricot mix-so sweet!)

 Matthew was reading grandpa and I segments of his new upcoming BOOK SERIES - yes,  he has a whole series and it is unbelievable Karli, I am not kidding. He truly has a gift for writing. I was so impressed I couldn't help bursting into tears. He'll be a famous author someday.

 Eating by the pool. Love these boys.
Swinging by the pool with homemade Popsicles.   

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