Sister Chan time!! :D August 23rd, 2015

HII!!!! sorry, so little time to email today!

well, when Sister Kartchner and I had to split up, we cried. the first night and day without her literally felt like a break up haha! we called each other the next day and just talked for 20 minutes after 10pm. she's the best. BUT, we are still in the same zone!

im in SHam SHui Po still with... SISTER ELLEN CHAN!!! Brooke, you probably recognize her name? She's from New Zealand and we were insta friends before. she's AMAZING. we are having an incredible time together.

Lee Sun Ho Yan passed her baptismal interview!!!!!!!! YEAAAHHH WOOOOOOO!!!! before her interview, we reviewed Sabbath Day with her, because she has some problems with it. For some reason, it was the most powerful lesson we have ever taught. at the end, she looked at as and said, "i will do all i can to keep the sabbath day holy." she's amazing. she has gone through so much to receive baptism!

Sister Chan is super stoked for our zones plans and actions. we even have our mission president coming to our zone training this friday because he loves whats happening in our zone! not only is Kowloon Zone changing, but the entire Hong Kong MISSION. it's amazing, and we're so excited. time is so precious... ah!

We received a referral this week named Dragon Wu. I just wanted to add about him because his name is so great. But, we taught him in his mom's home (she's a member) and HE said he's looking for direction! wow, you rarely hear that from Hong Kong men!

I'm loving every moment here. Life is incredible. Heavenly Father truly loves each and every one of us. No matter what we are going through, we can truly change.

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

 NEW COMPANION!!!! Sister Ellen Chan!! she is seriously AMAZING!!! i love her to death.
 lsat day with S KArtchner and our summer missionary!
 This old woman is Lai Yee, at english class. so cute. she passed her mock interview with me ;)

Letters and pictures from home:

 Dear Sister Karli,

I have been spending precious time with your mother. It's so good to have her next to me. I love her so much. And better still, I'm hearing all about your mission in Hong Kong. I really do wish I were there with you. I traveled with Rich and Giselle Bell a number of years ago and loved my experience in Hong Kong. If I could only transport myself.

This past year I've been recovering from a stroke. And at 94, I'm still kickin'! And loving all the attention I get from my dear friends. Yes, the Lord is good to me and my prayers are with you and all of the missionaries. Be sure to spread that wonderful spirit you have. Your mother tells me how much you love your mission. Just wanted you to know that I pray for you.

Call me when you get home!

Love, Betty Vaughn

Dear Sister Betty Vaughn,

You definitely are an angel, meant to bless MANY lives here on earth! Thank you for thinking of me and writing a letter. Your family is wonderful. Hong Kong is a beautiful place, isn't it? Last night, a sad thought came to my mind: leaving Hong Kong. I can't imagine leaving all the people I have been able to serve with and serve! But instead of dwelling on the thought, I thanked our Heavenly Father for this incredible opportunity to serve these people. This Sunday we will have a baptism. I'm extremely humbled we have the opportunity to teach this mother, because she has fought through the hardest trials of even MS to be able to receive baptism! When we truly keep our eye focused on the Lord and on others around us, we are able to forget ourselves and see miracles.

I love you! Thank you for your 100% positive attitude and faith!

Love, Sister Bosler

 "Sistah's" at the wedding dinner!

Love you all - and so happy we're all part of this wonderful family,
What's beautiful wedding! Ashley and Derek are such a darling couple and they just GLOW! Everything was so lovely- perfect weather, the temple, a gorgeous reception venue and the spirit of love💍

From Karli: im so happy for her! thats incredible!

 Ashley and her dad - right as she was coming out of the temple. So sweet💗

The six-pack together again! At the reception.

So cute. The kids all loved the endless ice cream/cookie bar and the caterers had a healthy buffet. Kendra could be a top wedding planner now!
 Youngest and oldest with our dear mother at the reception.
I rented a 15- passenger party bus and it was a blast all weekend with my siblings and spouses, and all the cousins who wanted to ride. (You could catch air in the very back!)

I adore this whole family! Lily was smiling ALL DAY and like a little angel.

The Salt Lake temple was so packed that they couldn't invite any cousins and they had to bring in several benches into the sealing room.

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