"Super Star!" August 10, 2015

Heeeeeey hey! :)

wow, the weeks are flying. I can't believe it's monday again!

This week we had mission tour. The Assistants asked me and Sister Hadley to sing part of I Stand All Amazed in the middle of President Gong's training. He spoke a lot about the importance of the Sacrament. The most spiritual, life changing, and happiest moment of my week was a moment that everyone all over the world can have-missionary or not-and that is partake of the sacrament. I learned how important it is to truly prepare for the sacrament the night before. When we remember what a joy it is that we can truly start over every sunday, and through the enabling power of Jesus Christ, we can become better and more like Him. My companion is the most incredible person EVER, and she has the biggest testimony of repenting and becoming like the Savior. She lives what she preaches.

On Sunday, Sister Kartchner and I performed during Sacrament Meeting. I sang Abide with Me Tis Eventide in Cantonese while she played. We were excited to do this, hoping it would bring even more trust in the ward, and holy smokes.. i was a little shocked by everyone's reaction. We couldn't even leave the chapel because these chinese people were tackling us with hugs and handshakes and tears! I definitely haven't had that reaction in awhile.

Buuuuuuuut before I forget, MOM YOU ARE THE BEST!!! FAMILY YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I got the greatest package of my LIFE, full of cards and sooooooo many protein powders.. haha seriously, i can't even tell you how happy i am! love you ALL. I'm so blessed!

I want everyone that's reading this email to (After reading this paragraph) put down your phones, shut your computur, or turn off your iPad and just close your eyes and thank God for what He has given you. This morning, we taught an RC who has progressed a lot the past few months, suffering from the death from her husband. The gospel has helped her find pure happiness. Remember, He has blessed us with so much! We must remember to always thank Him :)

I love you all!

Love, Sister Bosler


 we made little Visionary Man pancakes for zone training ;)
 now thats how you save time!
 and ate Dim Sum with the Lau family at some gym center! then played ping pong! (this was last p-day)
 Sister Chung needed help working her blender and asked us to help her. she didn't know how to blend up black sesame. so we helped her and then she boiled it, added sugar, and made some tohng seui, sugar water! it looks great in your teeth...

we heart attacked a YW's door on her birthday and she cried about it during her testimony! it was so cute! it's amazing by just using a few minutes can really make a difference.

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