Quick Note & A Few Pictures Today; July 26, 2015

Part of our district. we have the assistants and office elders in our district, we learn SO MUCH all the time! its awesome.

by the way, new goals we are setting for the zone (because many companionships are having problems of finding for 7 hours a day on the streets.) is setting a vision. the visionary man we are calling it! (See 1 nephew 8! woo!)

anyway, we are challenging everyone to only be able to tract on the streets for 1-2 hours, still be obedient, and get work down. now people have to start being creative and using the spirit and members to do more effective work. it's going to be awesome!

YOU ARE AMAZING! and guess what, the mission office is my church building so i basically can get packages/mail whenever i want!!!!! WOO!!!!

 shopping with Kelly :)
 crazy dinner out with an investigator. wowwwww so much food! love fish a ton btw!!!

Pictures from Home:

We had a lot of fun this weekend as Scott was off for two days – his anniversary and birthday. He is doing a residency in Modesto this entire month which is really nice and it was awesome that he could spend the weekend with us. Kaitlin and the boys are staying for two weeks and traveling up to the family reunion in Oregon together w us.

 Candy bar poster and presents for Scott's birthday!
 Lots of wrestling with Uncle Tyler

 The boys played a long time today on the trampoline with Tyler and their dad
 Cute couple!
 In primary today Scott got volunteered to be a prophet- He was super popular with the kids and such a great sport! Landon and Carter loved being in primary with their dad as the star.

 When we sang "follow the prophet" all the kids got to follow Scott and he really took them on quite a path over the chairs and everything else! It was hilarious.

Scott's favorite – triple berry pie
 Yummy dinner in the backyard.
 Dipping biscotti in yogurts
 Long cucumber curls! We made them for primary treats. they were a big hit.
Juicing fresh carrots

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