Gloria! January 10, 2015


So sorry, I don't have much time to write this time but that's okay because i got to do MISSIONARY WORK on P-day big time! every p-day i try passing out cards whenever it's comfortable, and today as we were emailing, people kept coming up to me and asking about the church! shared the Restoration with one guy, and even rescheduled someone! OH! biggest miracle during email time: and, an eternal "only activity investigator"  Christy we always invite to every activity (last week invited to church for the 50th time and she CAME) just called asking about what charity is and how she really likes reading Moroni and is glad we told her to. And then we rescheduled her to read the BoM together! what??!??! love this work. i love those moments where we get to share the gospel on p-days, or when you cut your lunch/dinner time to continue finding... i feel like I get to give a little more back to the Lord. it's the best ever! 

But, this week was seriously incredible. Why? GLORIA! She called us asking about things she didn't understand in the Book of Mormon, and she loves it so much. she's already found her answer! she invited us to come to her house and read it with her...and her COUSIN! oh YES! her cousin's name is Gordon and he is so awesome too--not like most chinese men. his knowledge though is SO little compared to Gloria's, but his desire to know if Christ can help them is there. it's so awesome. as we were at their house, Gloria made us chinese sweet soup, and we taught more about the BoM. She told Gordon, "this book is true. it's God's word. and i have an experience where..." and starts telling him how the BoM--how God--has already helped her overcome a problem! she's the best. 

Gordon even asked for a BoM on Sunday after church when we taught them our life's purpose. it was so cool. this work is the best. i've been so happy out of my mind lately! :) love it!!! Gordon said his feeling at church is like family. that's what it's all about. Christy and Gordon are both getting it--this gospel is about love. :) i love this! one of the best parts about Gloria and Gordon is how much the ward has taken them in. i love my Pok Fu Lam family!
this week a family invited us over to eat and they ended up feeding us pizza and ice cream. THIS IS WHY I AM NNOT SERVINg iN AMErICA! because i threw up 6 times that night! haha awful. and then the next day, a family gave us the traditional chinese sweet red bean soup... loved it so much. haha i love this culture! 

Brooke--your baby Stella is so beautiful. I am so happy for your family! Can't wait to meet her! My sisters are all so gorgeous! Tyler--you are SOOO TALL!!!! I hope you can come to HK some day and meet all these people I love! 

And HBT fam: SOOO FUN EATING TOGETHER! haha love you guys!! 

By the way, no p-day next monday, not until Wednesday because we are going to the temple! :) 

I love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

 Us and Gloria and Gordon! :)
Pretty decorations in the mall in Central. whoop whoop! 

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