What a WEEK again! February 1, 2015

Hi! :) 

What a WEEK again! :) haha it's been so great!

I've been learning so much about how to follow the Spirit and we've been having the greatest experiences. You don't just say, "okay Heavenly Father! Im gonna follow the spirit today so give me some miracles!" it definitely does not work that way as we know. We are able to follow the promptings of the spirit according to our diligence.

On tuesday, we had rescheduled a Filipino at her employer's home in PFL Village. We were waiting to take the bus, and naturally, talked to as many people as we could (diligence. consistency.). Because we were talking, we missed our bus 3 times to get to PFL Village. After we got to PFL Village, while we were walking to her home, I had the thought in my mind, "wow, I really must talk to every person I see." i thought of how PMG reminds us to not get caught up in rushing to apts, but to remember to always find. We always try to, but this time, it really was clear to me. And then we met Maggie Wong. she is 73!!!! BUT HAS SO MUCH ENERGY! oh my gosh she is my favorite person in the world. i love her so much. she could probably run a Marathon 3 times in the time I could. we talk every night on the phone after planning for literally 30 minutes because she has so many questions about The Book of Mormon. she is so funny, so loving, and truly wants to follow God. (It's been so awesome teaching someone who already has a relationship with God!) She met us, and instantly knew this was God's arrangement. She has grown up as a Catholic but she was so excited that at this point in her life, she met us. We shared with her the Restoration, and as we were reciting the First vision, she literally gasped after every sentence she was so excited. haha. her english is also pretty good, she speaks fluent Chinglish. Since she grew up reading an English Bible, she insisted on an English BoM. So we got her one, and she loves it. she loves talking to us about it! I honestly love her more than anyone i've met yet on the mission. haha there are no words to describe the personality and love of Maggie Wong! 

Anyway, she has a hard time thinking he needs to be 're-baptized'. but every question she asks, we turn to the Book of Mormon. we invited her to fast with us on sunday about baptism, and she did. she was SO excited to, too. 
But it's incredible, because at first she rejected the Book of Mormon, and just last night, she called us asking for one in Chinese, too :) WE LOVE HER SO MUCH. oh, and every time she sees us, she brings a HUGE bag of our favorite foods. what's better than that? ;)

about Gloria: we have to push back her baptismal date :( she COULD get baptized, but we aren't feeling the most important requirement from DC 20:37-- humility. the true, deep desire to follow God forever. but it's okay! The Book of Mormon answers all problems and helps all people no matter what circumstance they are in! :) 

The YW leader in our ward, Sister Leung Ka Li is the best example to me. She has taken in Yuki and has been treating her like her own daughter. We honestly feel like because of Sister Leung, Yuki will get baptized. Ever since Yuki started taking the lessons a month ago and coming to YW and church, we have seen her self confidence grow so much! She is so much happier! I love how the gospel changes people. Heavenly Father's love and power is SO real! But once again, this week has helped me remember how the gospel all has to do with the love of Christ. You start to get really exhausted when you literally don't even have time to pluck your eyebrows (you can leave that out of the mass email thanks haha), but then it all is SO worth it when you forget yourself and help others. diligence. love it.

I love you all! thanks for your love and prayers! 

Ty, you're almost 14!!!!! Nan, you're almost 20!!! Dad, you're so young and healthy and in shape! everyone that looks at your pic says how young you and mom look :) Stella is soo beautiful! :) i love my family. :)

NOTE TO MOM: haha i can't believe you were up that late either! I GOT THE CROCS AND WEARING THEM NOW THANK YOU! 
haha seriously, it was super annoying not having shoes that fit, so thank you :) you are the greatest. every day i drink powder in some juice and water. can you please keep sending me powders? I love the wheatgrass one so much! you are the most supportive mom ever! Love you so much! 
and LOVE the robe. I've been sleeping with in on every night and it's like another blanket! you are so thoughtful! laughed so hard at our family pictures!!  my companion is IMPRESSED with your photo shopping skills. love you!

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