Happy Valentine's Day! February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!! :) :) :) ours was awesome. haha we had an ALLLLL day finding day-- whoop whoop! it was actually awesome though, we found a less active who no one knows about! and she let us in her home, was SO nice, and now we are in contact with her. she's actually mandarin, but what a miracle! 

Hong Kong is SO busy right now. it's kind of like 2 days before Christmas and black friday all in one day, but every. single. day. Chinese New Year is the biggest thing ever! 

Well do you all remember Cinny? She was supposed to get baptizd in January, but her mom flipped out and then she couldn't keep in contact with us. Well our member came 15 minutes earlier to our lesson with a different investigator last week, so we were about to just go up to the church with her and sit and chat. but as we were about to go up the elevator, we gave the member the keys and decided to go finding for just 10 minutes. in that 10 minutes, we ran into CINNY! we all ran to each other, SO happy to see each other. and guess what she told us--her mom has been changing recently! they talk about church now! so we scheduled her and saw her yesterday at our YW president's home. oh man, it was the best ever. she's coming to an activity this week, and she even said we can go visit her during a tyuhn baai activity (some chinese new year thing--we give everyone lihn gou, which is new year cake). so her mom is about to meet all the young woman-- OH YEAH! we are so grateful we went finding for just 10 minutes.

we also randomly ran into Gordon, Gloria's cousin and he invited us over since Gloria had just gotten home. we have her scheduled tonight. she's been extremely busy, but she's been keeping up her reading in the book of mormon :) we are giving her a new baptismal date tonight--pray for her! 

Maggie is having a hard time understanding her need for baptism. She's been Catholic for 50 years, and she's with all her siblings right now (she has 14!) to celebrate the new year for the next 2 weeks. she knows the book of mormon is true though and is continuously reading it! but she still won't come to church! ai-ya. pray for her too. she always appologizes for being so stubborn, haha she's so great. 

About Yuki... she finally told her mom :(. she can't come to church anymore. but it's okay! My favorite thing about Sister Richardson is her faith in God and miracles. she NEVER gives up on people. we never gave up on Cinny, and she's back! we will not give up on Yuki! she loves the gospel and her mom will turn around for sure! 

there's no one i love more than our investigators. it truly is our honor to be able to help them find confidence, faith, comfort, power, and hope in Jesus Christ. 

I LOOOOVEEEEDDD THE PACKAGE SO MUCH! you are the BEST. thanks for making our valentine's day so fun! here's our apt. those red dangly things are paau jeungs. some members made them for us! :) 

i love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

To family from Karli: wow... our home is so beautiful. i love it. I'm going to be honest, i truly do miss running those hills. phew! gorgeous. 

TYLER DID NOT GO TO HIS FIRST DANCE!!! AHHHHHHHHH SOOOO CUTE!!! he is SOOO CUTE! ahh were you freaking out? i can't imagine how much you and dad were freaking out when I went? a GIRL? I CANT BELIEVE BECKY GOT MARRIED AT 18 OH MY GOSH. hahahaha that hits me sometimes. insane. 

make sure he dances with the awkward ugly girls standing in the corner by themselves! :) 

ah! I just emailed him a short letter. I'm writing him one today. he is so cool.

looks like so much fun. Sammy is beautiful! i don't even know who he is though! haha cute! 

From MOM:
Tyler IS sooo cute!!! It's his birthday tomorrow so we are watching a movie together right now! He's so good to his mama. 😊 Everyone says what a happy young man he is and it's true. I never see him in a bad mood! He reads a conference talk every night and his scriptures and he's SO NICE to people! All of his nephews love him! You are going to have so much fun handing out with him when you get home. 
He's making fresh orange juice right now from our trees.
Love mom
He LOVED your postcard!!! We did too! Ha

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