His Work and His Glory

 Hiiiii lovelliiiieeesss!!!!! :)                                              (Aug 10, 2014)

MOM OH MY GOODNESS. Can I tell you how happy I've been this week because of countless green smoothies??!?!!? I've been making 2 a day! I am SO happy with the powders you sent me! thank you thank you thank you. if you can, please send more. this is all i want, just bags and bags of Raw protein and spirulina. whoop!! also, I LOVE THE PICS! haha holy smokes our family is so stinkin fun. Sis Cheung also loves our pictures haha! thank you for sending them! I got 2 whole packets! That was the best! I've seriously been so happy and loving these smoothies... thaaaaaaaank yooooooouuuuu you are a MIRACLE

Becky--Tim is THE missionary! and keep up the spanish with your kids, that is incredible! how is the sign language going? Here in HK, we sign religious phrases with ASL, but everything else is signed the Chinese way, minus the alphabet.

Brooke--- ahhh LOVED your last handwritten letter!! I wish i had time to respond but it was definitely a highlight! thank you for all you shared! I love families!

Okay. It might be a little late, but I have officially jaapgwaned. I have officially adjusted. I AM LOVING HONG KONG! ahh I am so grateful. I realized this just this last week when we visited the Ng Family (we actually visited 2 Ng families this week haha). They made us a lunch (with awesome fresh, whole steamed fish, bean sprouts, and a weird fungus thing i ate!) and S Cheung and I left feeling so grateful and so full of the spirit! I left their tiny little home feeling like... it was my home! I'm loving all the little Chinese traditions and culture and people. it is so, so fun. But the best thing about visiting the Ng family (they are members) was our lesson. We decided to simply teach the Restoration and help them remember their conversion stories. (the cool thing about HK members is that practically everyone is a pioneer. They all have the strongest and coolest conversion stories!) Well we finally got to Joseph Smith's experience, and it was my turn to recite the First Vision. Boom. The spirit hit me and I just started practically bawling! It's hard enough crying and speaking english, but crying and trying to say these tones?! haha impossible! Good thing they were members so they knew his experience already, because I know I made absolutely no sense. But after I shared his experience, Brother Ng completely opened up and shared an incredible spiritual experience with us about his conversion. and then HE started bawling. man, the spirit was so thick it felt like  the Hong Kong humid air. What I learned from this is that their literally was no language barrier, because the spirit completely testified of the truthfulness of this restored gospel! It was such a beautiful experience.

Well guess who I love so much. HELEN! you guys. She has completely changed. We had a lesson with her on Wednesday, and she walked in glowing, and said, "i have found my testimony!" WOOOOOO I totally cried of happiness! and when she left, S Cheung and I just jumped up and down forever screaming and laughing and crying! So here's what happened. Man that lesson was killer. We actually had no idea what to teach Helen, because she kept saying she has no testimony, she's too scared, blah blah blah... well randomly the scripture Moses 1:39 popped in my head and we decided to just read this ONE scripture and discuss it. "For behold, this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Boom, that's it. We were pretty stuck. Well during the lesson, we had her replace "man" with her name, "Ng Mei Yan" (helen is her english name). I think everything just clicked for Helen. The spirit was so strong! She said she found her testimony, she wants to get baptized, we set a date for THIS SUNDAY together, and she right then and there prayed for it and for help to achieve this goal. ahhhhhhh YESSSS!!!!!!!! This is missionary work baby! We can't even contain ourselves.

On Sunday, Helen stayed for choir, and then afterwards we had lesson with her and went over the baptismal interview questions and scheduled her real interview for tomorrow! whoop! But please, please keep praying for Helen! Help her not be afraid of her mom and to continue making the biggest step of faith-but most powerful and fulfilling step--towards Jesus Christ! :) :) :) :) OH! and, last wednesday, Helen looked at us and said, "why do you love me so much? I don't understand why you would care so much for me." i felt like crying. Helen talks super fast and has a large vocabulary, so even S Cheung doesn't understand a lot of things she says. But I am SO grateful she knows how much I love her! And then she gave me a big hug and i just died inside! oh--and, Helen always keeps her commitments and reads the scriptures every day. She shared with us a miracle! Whenever she's on the bus, she can't read anything or play any game on her phone or else she'll get carsick--except when reading the Book of Mormon! amazing huh! She was super excited about this little miracle God gave her :) I love her!

We also had mission tour this week, where Elder Funk (he interviewed me! Look him up in this month's Liahona!) Aw man, I wanted to talk about it but no time! It was super awesome though!) and Elder Wong came and presided and spoke. talk about AMAZING!! My favorite part though, was President and Sister Hawks' testimonies of the Book of Mormon. I pretty much bawled the whole time. I'm so grateful for this powerful scripture we have today! I can't even describe how sacred and special the Book of Mormon is to me. Every scripture applies to my life! Every verse testifies of Jesus Christ and strengthens me! It is definitely the most true and correct book in the world. It brings me so much peace and answers so many of my questions about life and it definitely, definitely has strengthened my relationship with my Savior. I invite you all to please start reading the Book of Mormon as a family! It is the answer to everything! And please start at the introduction and the testimonies in the beginning. They are so powerful and so true. I love it!

Missionary affirmation: "I am prayerful. I begin and end each day with prayer. I seek inspiration from the spirit. My heart is full, drawn out in prayer continually."

I'll be focusing on that affirmation this week. Who's with me? :)

Love always, Sister Bosler

Pray on!

PS. Remember that missionary Sister Moody I used to follow who served in Hong Kong? well she just went home exactly one week ago. and guess what. SHE'S ENGAGED. yeah i died too.

I love you all SO much!! Seriously. I am so grateful to have such an incredible family like you. You're all examples to me. I love you!

PS. Ty. I almost died looking at your pics. Swing dancing?!?! And that was NOT you wake boarding! I seriously thought that was dad! You're stinkin BUFF! what's going on? ;)

Pictures:  GREEN SMOOTHIES ALL DAY!!! :) Even in Hong Kong!

S Cheung and I made this awesome soup!

MOM YOU ARE THE BEST. My raw powder is literally almost gone already...


And a soup Mia made! Check the chicken feet. It was actually SO good and had a chinese ingredient thing for women! haha!

 Our cake pops! Bad lighting.

Candy's ADORABLE daughter Ada. (Couldn't upload for some reason but she is super cute!!)

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