333 I love you!

Hi!!!! :) :) I love you!!!

Haha well this week has been fun! Sister Cheung and I have had a lot more comp unity. I'm really good at getting stressed and staying stressed, so I made it a goal to put my vocab words aside and just crack jokes with Sister Cheung and tell fun stories. And it has been wonderful! This started all because of the most awesome Grandma in the world, Grandma Thomas! I remember at my setting apart the advice she gave was "love your companion like a sister." thank you Grandma! :)

Also, thank you all for your emails! I wish I had time to respond to all of you!! I love reading them though and love hearing from you. Remember you are in my prayers.

Mom. I GOT THE PICTURES!!! I ABOUT DIED!! OKAY-- soooo clever and cute about the "then" and "now" in Ohio! you and Steph are so young and beautiful! haha man, i love you all. please continue sending pics! can i have some prints of Sammy's blessing please? And when Brooke has her baby girl can I please have prints of those? keep sending them please! :) oh, and I know this is a total Elder Welch move, but they don't have Adam's peanut butter here. and i still kind of cringe whenever I eat skippy. when Dad  comes in Oct, can you also add just one jar of Adams? but mostly green powders and protein powders... OH YEAH!!! thanks so much!

Also, Mom. Can I just talk about you real quick? One of the most amazing things about the mission is that it's taught me how much I love my family. I can't even believe how blessed I am to have you! I think about how beautiful the temple is and that--because of this restored church with Christ's original Priesthood power--we will be sealed together forever. I know this is true. I am so grateful for this! Mom, I'm just so grateful for you. Thank you for caring about me so much. I wish I could explain myself better, but basically my scripture study one day was almost just about you and the family! The Lord is so mindful of us and loves us all so much. Eternal families are so important and so real! :)

Well about this week! Helen didn't get baptized. She didn't even go to church the week before. We felt SO sad and had no idea what happened! We had a few lessons with her this week, and then yesterday, she was at church on time, and came to a baptism! (Ken! S Cheung and her old companion found him and turned him over to the elder's! and he got baptized yesterday! yaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!) Anyway, when she walked into the baptism, she was just glowing. we have no idea why. we can't wait to meet with her again! S Cheung and I just looked at each other and both got the most comforting feeling that she truly will get baptized this month... plus she turns 18 on the 3rd no big deal.... WE'RE STOKED!!

I loved seeing Ken's baptism. The spirit was so strong. There's nothing better than seeing someone take that huge leap of faith in Jesus Christ and following His example by getting baptized! It's such a beautiful, beautiful blessing and opportunity we have!

Oh, Bishop Chan's parents! So his dad totally accepted baptism! he is SO CUTE!! We just laugh with him and his wife. I love them. This wednesday she's going to teach us and a investigator Christy how to make a sugar soup I'll probably hate, but I'm super excited! :)

Missionary affirmation for the week:

I love my fellowmen. I love the Lord and His Son, Jesus Christ. I like and appreciate myself. I look for qualities I like in all people. I smile at everyone I meet.

Never stop smiling, never stop praying! :) We have so much to be grateful for.

I found this picture on the wall at church! This was at FHE. That woman in the chinese-y shirt is Mia. The blue shirt girl is Sinead (pronounced Shanae) and she's Bishop Chan's daughter.

 WE FOUND FRO YO!!!!! <3 life is so good. :)

I got S Cheung hooked on do terra!! we use it all the time now! haha actually i can't fall asleep without lavender anymore. but a couple in the ward gave me mini bottles so i gave them to my comp! isn't that cool?? and Bishop Chan gave me On Guard beadlets! I actually got sick this week and kept eating them and now I'm all better. the magic of on guard. it's true. ;)

 Here's big buddah. of course a classic yoga pose, right? :)

 Last P-DAY we hiked to Big Buddah and even took a cool gondola back!!

We met up with Sister KArtchner again! (I keep praying we'll be companions again)

 Gondola ride!

YAY!!! Mom, keep having the missionaries over for dinner PLEASE!!! Love it!!! Best family ever!! You make them so happy!

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