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HIIIII!!!! Fam. Hello, I love you all. I am SO grateful God gave me you! I've always known our purpose on Earth, but the past couple weeks I've honestly realized... wow! We truly all are God's children. He sent us to Earth to learn, grow, find happiness, and become like Him. Become like Him! Can you imagine how happy that must be? I'm just so grateful for this opportunity on Earth to grow closer to God, constantly use Christ's Atonement and grace, and love everyone. I love being here and helping others realize their purpose, too. We are so fortunate to have endless opportunities to repent, find forgiveness, and change. Ah. So lucky! Love you all!

Anwway, this week was so fun. FULL OF MIRACLES!

The highlight for sure was yesterday. Bishop Chan told us he's having FHE at his house and wants us to invite people. Everyone we wanted to invite weren't available. SO we had about 2 hours to find, and we thought, "Expect miracles. If you expect miracles, God will give them to you." AMEN. Literally 3 minutes out, we met the cutest Mandarin girl named Mia! I just love her!!!! And we invited her and she said she'll come! we spoke English w her bc she married a guy from America. she is seriously adorable. so we continued finding and we met a cute little woman (i should've scheduled her a visit at Dr Bosler's) named Sally, shared with her our fav verses in the BoM, taught her how to pray (and when an investigator prays for the first time, my heart fills with SO MUCH LOVE and excitement and happiness! ah! it's the first time they ever talked with God! so incredible.) and then rescheduled her. Stoked to see Sally again.

And theeeen! best part! So, everywhere we go we hold our Book of Mormon (gosh I just LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. ps. my personal studies now consist of literally only like 6-10 verses at a time. i can't believe how much truth, doctrine, and happiness each verse contains! and i can literally apply every verse to my life! I love it!). so i walked through a market and this woman yells "MOmanGAUU!" which is a demeaning nickname. so we started explaining how that's a nickname and shared 2 Ne 25:26 about how we preach of Christ. boom. her heart softened. and she came to FHE that night! and brought her son named Michael! Michael is probably 17ish, but he is mentally handicapped.

SO here's who we had at FHE: Mia, the Mandarin who is super sweet, beautiful, and adorable; Rosa, a Christian and her mentally handicap son Michael, 4 missionaries from USA, a topnotch Mormon family from Hong Kong, 2 deaf investigators, 1 deaf woman and her 2 wild sons, and a man with turrets. talk about a diverse group! Well, we were SO stoked that Rosa, Michael, and Mia came, but once William, the man with turrets came in, I got a little nervous. I wanted them to feel comfortable and already having deaf people is a little bit different for those who aren't used to it, especially coming to a random person's house with random American missionaries. Well, I instantly felt so ashamed. We started introducing ourselves and saying our favorite foods, and when William, turrets guy, tried explaining in Cantonese his name... I almost started crying. Because I looked around, saw all these people having fun together, all these DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT people, and thought "wow. We are all equal. We are all children of God."

I've never seen something more beautiful. We ended up playing charades, eating tomatoes, drinking sugar water with quail egg (S Cheung drank mine for me. still can't handle sugar water), and then sharing a simple message how we don't ever need to worry, because Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the light. and then we all shared one happy thing we learned that day. My happy thought was, "even though we speak 4 different languages in this room, we are all still able to communicate and have fun together." We are all God's children. This is why we have the gospel, so people of all types can come together, feel God's love together, and strengthen each other.

I love our ward so much. It's the most humble, loving ward! It's incredible to see how our ward has reached out to everyone. Almost everyone in our ward is learning Sign Language for the few that are deaf. It started with that one woman, Sister Chan, the one I sent you a picture of singing that song about the Word of Wisdom. I can't tell you how much I admire that woman! She raises her 2 wild sons on her own, and she has brought more people into the church than anyone i've ever seen. Whenever she talks, she ALWAYS talks about the gospel. She even invited our investigators at FHE to church. she's the best! Anyway, i'm going off on a tangent about Sis Chan, sorry!

Oh, but last night at FHE, we wrote down someone's name who we admire and wore it on our shirts. She wrote down mine! I don't even know why!!! I can't even talk with her except smile and thank her! haha. (OH! Mia's sing is my sing in Chinese!!! Cool huh! expect in Mandarin you pronounce it "Bye", with a falling tone).

Soooo, I'm sorry my letters are always so scrambled, but moral of the story is, this gospel is so true! MY comp and I are still on a spiritual high from the peaceful, beautiful spirit that was at FHE last night! No matter what trials you have, no matter who you are, where you came from, what language you speak or what mistakes you've made, the gospel of Jesus Christ is for you. We are all God's children, and the only thing He wants is for us to rely on Him, accept His gospel, and let Him change us and find pure joy! So we can return to live with Him! It's so beautiful :) I love this gospel!

Don't forget about all your friends you can share this incredible message with. They all need you :) I'm so excited that Tim is the ward mission leader! Yay! Can't wait to hear about that goes on at home!

I pray for you all every day. I'm so grateful for you.

Love always, Sister Bosler

Missionary affirmation for the week:
 "I know that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ. I exercise faith. I visualize my prayers being answered and see myself reaching my goals."

WE MADE HUMMAS!!!! This is Sister Smith, she lives in our apt. She's incredible! I'm so glad I brought that Magic Bullet! haha ooooh mom, i'm totally craving some green smoothies made out of green protein powder btw... love you so mucccchhh :)

 Here is our area btw Dad! Pok Fu Lam

 Here is Bishop Chan's parents! We teach them twice a week. Sis Chan has no interest, but will let her husband accept the gospel if he wants! He prayed for the first time with us and it was SO cute. We had our member help him pray and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Unfortunately, Sister Chan loves to make me food i've never had before... so this is sugar water egg with weird soggy foreign nut things. swwwweeeeet.

Here's the dessert! woo hoo.. but afterwards, the member took us out to japanese and i got veggie sushi :)

This is Jyu Wihng. Haha Sister Chan's (deaf woman) son. he can be soooo crazy, but then sometimes a little angel! one day during language study he sat there while I taught him the plan of salvation! It was adorable.

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