We've had an extremely great week! May 3, 2015

We've had an extremely great week!

Guess who we are teaching out of the blue-- the mandarin elders gave us a number from a girl they met on the street. i called her a few times, for some reason didn't give up. We actually had an opportunity to schedule her. we planned on just getting to know her and explaining a little bit about church, but we ended up teaching the Restoration and inviting her to baptism! She accepted a date for June 28th! it was amazing! and guess what. her name is KARLI. SPELLED THE SAME WAY. at the end of the lesson, i spilled the news that that's my name too ;) haha AND, her 2nd character in her chinese name is Hiu, the same as mine! how cool is that?!

we asked her why she wants to get baptized and she said, ' i don't know. it's really hard to explain. it just feels right. ' pray for Karli Liu!!! we are so excited and honestly like really good friends now! she is adorable!

Helen Chu came on a RS hike with us. she is ADORABLE. she didn't accept her baptismal date, but because she honestly has no idea what it is. luckily, we have a baptismal service coming up that she can see!

but at the RS hike, we had 3 investigators and one less active. it built a TON of trust from our auxillaries. yay, thank you heavenly father!

this ward is honestly incredible though! every sunday at church i feel enlightened. (maybe its because i can understand a good chunk of church now??) but there are some members in this ward that are, once again, influencing my life forever.

i realized a reason the Lord sent me to Hong Kong during my personal study the other day. First off, hong kong people are extremely busy. busier than i've ever been even. it's just how their culture is. but in the midst of all that, there are members here who STILL magnify their calling, hold FHE and spend time with their family, read scriptures every day, and STILL help the missionaries fellowship. one member said, 'if you don't make time for spiritual things, you will never have time for spiritual things.' haha that is such a simple statement, but it is so true. But i want to promise you what we always promise our investigators, when we sacrifice time each day to the Lord, He gives us more time. He gives us energy, and He provides a way. do all you can to magnify your calling as a member and study His word and share the gospel! the missionaries need your help--the Lord needs your help.

what missionary experiences have you had lately? i love hearing them so much! please let me know! :) if you feel like you aren't having very many, start sincerely asking for them, looking for them, and God will give you them. He truly answers righteous prayers! just ask Ty for any tips, he's a missionary expert ;)

i love you all!

Bobo shared her testimony in sacrament mtg. i cried! and then the bishopric made fun of me. haha I'm happy i was able to at least understand they were making fun of me.

OH! my trainee is TRAINING! I'm a grandma! woo! PFL has had 3 babies in a row. that's one STRONG ward.

 i love you!

love Sister Bosler
my favorite Sister Wu left :( no!!! this is her sweater from Taiwan. greatest thing ever.

at a hike with our LA!

havn fun with the Chinese

我 爱 你 !

NOtes from Karli:
i made beans this week!!! and lentils! SO HAPPY!!! but i can't find black beans at all!! haha oh well. thank you SO MUCH FOR TEACHING ME!!! they were all still a little hard, but i felt soooooo happy and healthy
no i would love for you to come pick me up! for sure! it's fine! an elder was just in our ward yesterday with his mom :) it's great! i just definitely can't go to mainland haha!

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 2:51 PM, Kim Bosler <kimbosler@mac.com> wrote:
I don't want to get you into any trouble. Don't worry about it at all! We don't have to come but if we do come to Hong Kong we of course won't go into China. Dad wanted to of course but it's totally okay.  Dad is so into speaking Mandren and loves Asia and you know that he is going to go on his China humanitarian trip at the end of September this year. I think he will only be home a couple of weeks and then we will go to Hong Kong to pick you up if that works out. If it doesn't it's okay totally!!
yay!! i will call at 9am HK time on Monday morning. :) can't wait to talk to you!

On Mon, May 4, 2015 at 1:33 AM, Kim Bosler <kimbosler@mac.com> wrote:
Sister Karli Bosler,

We get to talk on Mother's Day!!
What time and day will you be calling so I can be sure and get the call?
So excited!!!

I love you,
haha no its okay don't worry about that! i don't need them!

but if you DO want to send anything, your granola would be yummy? or is that too heavy?

On Mon, May 4, 2015 at 12:29 PM, Kim Bosler <kimbosler@mac.com> wrote:
I wish beans weren't so heavy to send and I would send you some! Maybe I can send a little package with instructions!
SO FUN!!!!!

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