Beautiful Bobo! April 19, 2015

Well, that's pretty much my letter for today, not much time. sorry, maybe picture overkill! haha ;)

At a member, Jessie, home for her one year mark being baptized :) so happy!! this was the party where everyone called me out for not eating cake so i ate two pieces haha.

and YEAH BOBO GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!! i've never seen her so happy and excited!!!!!!! 

BEAUTIFUL BOBO!!!! she said, "last night I couldn't sleep i was so excited."

and here is her text to us at night :) ahhhh love her!! !

new neighbors sound AWESOME!!!!! YEAH!! can't wait to meet them! hahaha your letter was so good. i love the apricots comment. haha oh man i love how us Bosler's live. life is so good and awesome!

seriousy, tyler is SOO amazing. keep good friends with that family. invite them over for a family night! or ask her to teach at a church activity or something! they need to keep seeing tyler's awesome example and how the Restored gospel can bring them eternal unity and happiness. love it!!!

YESS i would love a pic of Grandma please!!!! i have one of Grandma thomas!!

YESSS OVERKILL OF PICS PLEASE!!!! us missionaries LOVE PICTURES you have NO IDEA!!! hahah yay yay yay! you're the best ever!

mom you're so cool. haha i can't wait to cook healthy with you and just do fun stuff and talk to TYLER! go on runs with that boy! woo! and especially have FHE! haha i have a huge testimony of that now! are you guys having FHE? just checking ;) conference is so good huh! you're awesome!

love, Sister Bosler


So this is a fun picture. first on the left is Jonny, then a guy who i only heard referred to as Winnie the Pooh (but i will explain more about him later), then Bobo, Then a brother Wong, who i know as Elder Wong because he just returned from his mission from Hong Kong. Then on the far right is Brother Woo, who i also first met as Elder Woo, he just got home in December. He is actually the brother of the Elder Woo that Colton knows from his mission.

So right before Bobos baptismal interview last week she told us that her boyfriend is actually a member of the church and served a mission and everything. No one knew about this boyfriend who is a member. Not even The Powerhouse. We asked them about her boyfriend after she told us, and they were like "what?!!!!!" So yeah. She has a boyfriend who is member and didn't tell anyone because she didn't want people to think she was joining because of him. Anyone who hears her bear her testimony knows she isn't getting baptized for any other reason than to follow christ. Her faith is amazing. Actually the night before the baptism she couldn't sleep because she was so excited. She is so cute. Why is Sister Anderson telling us this story you may be thinking (other than the fact that it is a crazy awesome story), but this is where Winnie the Pooh shows up. He is her boyfriend. None of us knew, but no one knew who he was. His english is so good. He served his mission in New York. Anyway, that was really fun. He shall forever be called Winnie the Pooh.

This other picture is just fun. Glad the Elders got in on the fun :)

HAHAHA so funny about Skyler!! lol!!

wow. those pics are UNREAL. amazing.

how is Maranda doing? how is she feeling?

aaaaand im so nasty now, i feel my skin getting gross and my body getting huge because of the way i eat! so laaaaame haha. but, im taking as a way that the Lord is giving me an opportunity to realize what i really want to do in the future and study at BYU- dietetics! thank you so much for all you taught me about food, about working hard, and positive attitude! mom, i realize you never, ever ever rest. and that's how i became on the mission, too! then President Hawks pulled out Luke 10 on me and told me i have the Martha syndrome. haha aiya.

Remember mom, part of living the gospel is setting all things aside to just have peace. to just relax your mind, just feel the spirit, and calm. that is the only way we are able to come closer to God and feel His holy guidance. i've changed a lot about how I 'work hard' to now making sure i give time to the Lord by relaxing. it's like hot yoga, execpt it's from God and has eternal blessings ;) i love you!!!

oh, and me and Sister Wu LOOOOOVE the dicer!! we have had SOOO much fun with it!! haha it saves so much time and it's just the biggest blessing ever! you are the best.

how are you? how are you feeling lately? how was the trip for you? I know it was fun for the kids (and they will remember this their WHOLE life) but did you and dad get to relax? how was conference? make sure you watch some ;) listen to the one about music, President Uchtdorf's, and the Relief Society president's. listen to all of them, but especailly those. i thought about you a lot and how grateful i am for you! make sure you give yourself some credit for being an awesome mom and thank God for all He has helped you become to be. You are amazing. He knew I needed you to be my mom!

love, Sister Bosler

so i figured out another way to work out! chinese missionary style. put the scriptures in the rice cooker la! its a great weight.

what does this picture look like to you?? this is just a reason why i love Bobo so much. she pulled out the Woolf Family post-run pose!!! so here was her pre-baptism pose! haha oh yeah!

the man who baptized her is Johnny, a coworker. he helped us teached every week and so did Fion, the woman in this pic. they are INCREDIBLE.

haha WOW!!! you are so nice. i would love a juicer, but not enough time and money. buuuuuuut i don't have a blender anymore since it completely burned out.... but don't worry about that, honestly, just green powders overkill is the best. i love that so much! and maybe chia seeds! I'm just finishing the flax seeds. love them!
Selfies la.

Sister Bosler. Yup. This is my comp. 

so see the guy on her right... his name is Winnie the Pooh. well at least that's what Davia (DAVIA CAME TO THE BAPTISM! one of PFL members!) calls him. anyway... turns out he is BOBO's BOYFRIEND!!!! and no one had ANY idea he was a member!!!!! she didn't want anyone to know because she didn't want us to think she was getting baptized for him!!! and he literally had nothing to do with her baptism. haha but that was pretty fun finding that out.

love her so much :)

oh and that's Nancy! :) 


I LOVE YOU!!!!! 

just some pics in front of Nancy's home :) ******

kinda cool one Sis Anderson got! *****
hahaha yeah you did!!! but that's pretty much my letter for today, not much time. sorry, maybe picture overkill! haha ;)

On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 12:35 PM, Kim Bosler <> wrote:
Hi Karli,

Well we just love your letters. Did BOBO GET BAPTIZED THIS WEEK??  I loved the picture of you and Sister Anderson with her after her baptism interview with the picture of the Savior.

I’m so glad you love the dicer!!! Maybe I could bring one to Hong Kong and we could give one to Sister WU - your favorite person in the whole wide world - since she loves the dicer so much.

DO YOU STILL NEED A PICTURE OF YOU AND GRAMMA BOSLER?  I have one and so I just need to scan it. I know you already have one of you and Grandma & Grandpa Thomas.  Tomorrow Ill send it with a bunch of photos from January through April. I have a huge stack and dad started laughing when he saw it and said it was an overkill.  But oh well. You can look at them and then throw them away if you don’t have room. I think you’ll love them.

Tyler asked me to play basketball with him tonight outside. It was so fun. HE IS SO GOOD.  I can’t block him at all and I can’t shoot at all when he is blocking me and I’m a total wimp compared to him. I think it’s so cool that he likes to do things with me!!  I was sooooooooo happy for the whole hour we played out in the court in this beautiful weather. He’s so dang cute and fun.  Then our fun new neighbors came out to play. 

Did I tell you that Diana Erickson moved?? And some new awesome neighbors moved in. They own two huge YOGA STUDIOS in San Francisco and they have over 200 people per class in DOWNTOWN SF.  Hugely successful. They own the buildings and so are basically retired at 30 years old. They have the most darling little four-year-old boy (Shawn),  and 2-year-old girl (Zeeta).  They eat healthy and are soooooo down-to-earth and sweet!! Really, you will love them. And her body.  Oh, my gosh, she is what a yoga body should really look like. Long and lean and pure muscle.  ha ha  Cathy (who lives in Lucia’s house now) and I were telling each other how we feel like fat, pudgy mom’s next to her but we just laugh about it.  LOL!!!  She is going to do yoga classes outside by her pool with us for free! She is so good that she teaches other yoga teachers how to teach and qualifies them.

Anyway, Cathy and Brandon’s kids are 4 and 2 also and then Matt’s two girls so we have six adorable kids running around the court now and it’s a blast. Matt’s oldest girl, Alisha, is now getting tall and thin and really cute. It’s so amazing how kids change.

So Shawn is totally infatuated by Tyler. Tyler will play "hide and seek" with Shawn out in the court at dusk - right before Shawn’s bedtime and Shawn just starts giggling like crazy. He just loves Tyler. Shawn’s parents were outside talking to me and said how much they like Tyler and hope Shawn grows up to be like him. Sweet.

Then our home teacher, Blake Collier, came over and said he subbed today for Tyler’s Sunday school class and said that all the other boys were wresting and acting like “knucklehead’s” during his lesson and Tyler actually sat and listened and was polite.  Ha ha.  So somehow Ty had lot’s of complements today.

Right now I am munching on dried apricots that don’t have any sulfur and they are so tart and yummy but I need to hide them from myself because I’m getting a tummy ache from eating so many!  My gosh. Those and grandma’s plums!!!  So addicting.

Well I wanted to send this one more picture of dad because it’s so cute! He was amazing on the cruise “Dancing with the Stars.” I could NOT have done what he did. I would have thrown up from nerves - I am the worst dancer if I don’t have enough time to go over it. Dad learned it in 45 minutes, and then had one more 60 minute rehearsal with the pro. Then a couple days later they were on stage for a huge crowd.  Man.  The judges LOVED him and said he was “Fred Astair” like.  You can see the video when you get home. But the judges rated him and he got one “9” and TWO “10’s!!!” 

Well, I love you and YES we are catching up and watching conference. I try and listen to one per day but TY truly listens to one per day plus reads the Book of Mormon every night. I have caught him with all the lights on in his room as he’s fallen asleep reading quite a few times. SO ADORABLE.

Thank you for your wonderful example and love. We are so blessed with you being in the mission field. So blessed to have you for our daughter. My heart is full.

I love you Karli.


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