"Go ye into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature" June 14, 2015

Helloooooo fam!!! 你好 !!!!

Heavenly Father is so awesome. every 4 months, He gives me another new awesome challenge. on thursday, we were going to an LA's home to teach her, and the elders called. they said, because of the shortage of elders in the mission right now, they are being taken out of Tai Po. WHAAAT. first, we were super sad because the elders are great, but then we realized that now WE TEACH MEN!

oh it's been an adventure already. we're definitely preaching the gospel unto every creature. haha just kidding.

last night, we taught the most awesome guy named Victor. he looks exactly like the mongolians on Disney's Mulan, with the pony tail and shaved side head, and 4x  the size of me. haha he's so awesome. when he walked in the chapel, Sister Anderson whispered, oh yeah, look at this man.
he turns out to be the most humble person of my life. he knows God loves him, and he wants to come closer to him. the spirit was so strong!

the other day i read a scripture in D&C 100. Sometimes, as missionaries, we really worry about our families! I pray for you all every day, and hope you are all physically and spiritually strong and happy. the other day i read this scripture and it gave me much peace.  . Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you...your families are well; they are in mine hands, and I will do with them as seemeth me good; for in me there is all power."

i love you all! Im so grateful that the gospel brings families together forever :)

love, Sister Bosler

Love notes from home:


I am going to be honest here. For some reason I have really been missing you a lot lately. I just love you so much. I love the way you were just such a light in our home. Tyler is too. Some people are so happy when their kids leave. Dad and I aren't like that.

Anyway I'm at the VPAT watching the premier performance - kids
performing in the piano and singing. The soloists and all the musical numbers are making me feel like crying. I just love good uplifting music and it stirs something emotional in me.

The reason I loved HBT was not about the money or the fame or anything like that. It was so neat the way you touched people with your music, and most importantly the personal connection. That was a very special six years.

Well I read something super amazing yesterday. It's a little three line affirmation that changes people's attitude right away. One man was very timid and scared of his own shadow. He was in sales and always telling his family that their financially tough times would be getting better soon. As soon as e started saying this affirmation over and over - he experienced an 85% increase in sales. (According to Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking.)

"I believe I am divinely directed by God.

I believe each turn I take is the right turn.

I believe that God will make a way where there is no way."

I've started saying that many times and it helps me through the day.

I love you!

From Karli: She is beautiful!!!! are they getting married any time soon???! i really hope so!

tell her she is beautiful and i cant wait someday to see her little boy! when is she due?

 From Karli: who ARE those huge men?!?! he is so tall, it's crazy
He did it! Dad got his mastership in the AGA! We went to Moscone center in SF yesterday for the big graduation. He was one of the FEW that got their mastership! So proud of him!! The dinner after was complementary for him but $150 per plate for the rest of us.

So I just drove home and packed for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We are on our way right now! I'm on the plane sitting next to Tyler and dad. We are first flying to LA, meeting up there w/ Kaitlin and Scotts family, and then we are all flying to Cabo together!

Tyler sent you a letter last week and hopefully you got it. He typed out his baptism talk for you.

I love you Karli! We'll send pictures w Kaitlin and Scott!

Love, mom

PS You know how Tyler and I are on that sixty day BOM challenge? Well he was gone for a week with a great friends family-fishing, hiking, etc so I thought he wouldn't keep up so I slacked a little. Guess what? He DID!!!!! So now I need to read 15 chapters on the plane!!

From Karli:
WOO HOO GO DAD!!!! happy father's day to HIM!! he is so handsome and hardworking. way cool!

Tyler is so diligent! haha read faster, mom! ;) you are awesome.

mom ive never been happier in my life!! i loving serving a mission! it's the greatest.

(Picture of Tyler and Dad on the beach)
From Karli:
mom, that food is nothing compared to what i eat at members, or what people eat on the streets.
so fun on the beach!!!

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