My Family is just so fun & awesome! May 25, 2015


so sorry, i lost track of time this week looking at pictures!! my family is just so fun and awesome!

I honestly missed Memorial Day. Memorial Day here is actually a holiday here, Buddha's birthday. hm... yup, definitely not in America anymore. But, i'm grateful for all of our incredible, selfless veterans and active duty who sacrifice so much for our country, our freedoms, and our families. nothing is more important. I love how much the church is centered on families and freedom. God's plan for us is so perfect.

today we had black rain!!!! but whenever it rains insanely, miracles  happen big time. we taught an investigator this morning (she's back from taiwan! woo!) and it started POURING towards the end of the lesson. outside started even flooding! But then we decided to pray with her and ask God for it to stop raining so we could all go home, and my comp and i could go to the temple. we prayed, my comp offered it, and i was BEGGING HF that the rain would stop.... IT LITERALLY DID!!! only 3 minutes later!! Heavenly Father is  so awesome. the elders in our district were 20 minutes late for our session because of black rain though. the president came in and told us we can't leave the temple until it stops. AWESOME! :D wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

this week i had many physical trials, which was different than normal. but, even in the midst of all that, Heavenly Father still provides a way. i am SO happy. I love doing His will. I love you all!

please know i am always praying for you!

Love, Sister Bosler

NOtes from Karli:
you are all SO FUN! traveling everywhere, i love it :) sounds awesome! Im glad jason is doing well!

On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 6:24 AM, Kim Bosler <> wrote:
Hiiiiiii Karli!
I'm still thinking about how much fun it was and how awesome it was to talk to you on Mother's Day!
As you know Tyler's school went to DC for their 8th grade trip. So I got tickets for dad and I and thought it would be fun to also go to DC and visit Jason!
Yesterday we went to the national archives, the Smithsonian, the Lincoln Memorial, etc but my favorite of all was the DC Temple and the visitor center. I think it has to be one of the most beautiful temples and especially visitor centers in the whole world.

Isaac's baptism today.***

YAY!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!! congratulations Isaac!!!

He is so handsome now it's freaking me out! I CANT BELEIVE HE IS GOING TO EFY WHAT!!!!

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 3:50 AM, Kim Bosler <> wrote:
Tyler wanted me to come with him to BYU to check him in since this is his first year at EFY. And no roommate. But he's super excited.

We all went to the canyon last night- just five minutes from the Smoots. It is beautiful weather right now! We  attended Mindi's awesome ward today where two of the Studio C cast are (Whitney and Steve) and we finally got to meet them. They are just as FUNNY in real life! They invited us over after church so we are headed there now. We get to see their new goats. Ha ha

Lili is a snuggler


Sophie and Hattie sat by me all during primary. They loved playing tickle-my-arm games.

Fun cousins! Sam is coming over too this afternoon. What a great group.

We are on our way to Whitney and Steves so I'll write more soon!

Then we are headed to Grandmas and then to Kent's family to plan more Family Reunion games and activities in Oregon.

Love, mom

love these pics so so much! can't wait to learn how to cook from you and becky :) i just bought a cajun seasoning in Kowloon at an international store to go on my beans.

THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING PACKAGE!!!!! QUINOA?!??!? YESSSS!!!!!! i am so so happy :)

thank you for the beans and for the bars and everything! I'm already using the cute post its and cards!!! and my comp loves her water bottle and uses it every day!

you are so awesome. looks like it was so fun with the missionaries too!

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