sap saai!!!!! :) :) May 31, 2015

I'm emailing you right now completely SOAKED - because we just went hiking with my favorite Sister Dunbar and our bishop's daughter Sister Cheung at Lion Rock. and then the rain storm hit us.... we even saw it in the distance coming over the buildings in Hong Kong toward us! haha too great... i seriously love Hong Kong. i want to take you all on this hike I went on, and to meet all the people i love so much.

well guess what, remember Pok Fu Lam? Well, that area has been killing it lately! I don't know if you remember me talking about Cinny a lot, but she finally got baptized last week!!!! :D :D :D her parents completely objected 2 weeks before her date back in January, but she made it this time. i love this work :)

weeeeeeell what happened this week? SO MUCH! :) a couple weeks ago on exchanges, me and my Filipino companion found a cute pregnant mom named Yolanda Ng on the street. um it is my DREAM to teach a family--especailly a pregnant mom! haha i know that sounds so silly, but i just know how much this gospel blesses families!

anyway, we've met with Yolanda a few times already, and she even met with us on her 2nd anniversary night for a few minutes! she's amazing. she wants a good path for her children to follow. the gospel her answer to all her desires and questions!

also, as we were finding one day, we got a call from a potential we found the other day named Venus Chan. she said, 'hi, can i come to church with you?' hmm let me think... ah! YES! but the funny thing is, neither Sister Anderson or I could not remember who Venus is. even after we kept meeting with her, we still can't remember where we found her or what we even talked about! it's a miracle she called us. God's timing and arrangement is so perfect.

i finally can start learning chinese characters now! WOO!!!!

this week, all in one day, we taught a chinese woman who was raised in Jamaica, a Malaysian woman in her home, an Indonesian woman at the church, a Hong Kong woman on the street, and a Japanese mom and son on the street. HONG KONG IS SO AMAZING!!!!!! i love all these different cultures and experiences we get to see!

We had an interesting experience on the street this week. our mission president challenged us to have 2 hours of 'consecrated finding'--where nothing can get in the way of it. we set it in advance, prayed about it, and put a lot of faith into it. those 2 hours came up and Sister Anderson and I were so pumped up to find the prepared person the Lord was going to help us find. as we got to the area we were going to find in, we kind of laughed because of the extreme temperatures that day, but we knew nothing could get in the way of finding this new investigator! an hour went by, and literally no one talked to us. okay, a 14 year old girl stopped for a second but then ran away. and then the next hour past by, with really no success. after the 2 hours, we stopped to pray, get some water, and evaluate the miracles that happened..... but nothing happened. why? we put SO much faith into that 2 hours! yet literally, both of us admitted, it was the hardest, most unsuccessful 2 hours of our experience finding on the mission. why, in the midst of all our faith, was there so little success? as i continued to ponder about it, we continued on finding. that night, we talked to multiple families on the street and scheduled some people. we saw miracles. as the day ended, i learned a great lesson.
it's called overcoming a trial of faith! it's one of the mormon cliches, but it's so true. sometimes, we may expect a huge miracle, and put so much faith in. but we'll end up having to face the hardest, worst experience of our lives. it's not until we keep going, with an eye single to glory of God, when He will reward us in the end.
never give up! God hears your prayers, He is so mindful of us all. With patience, persistence, and righteous actions, God will provide us a way to win in the end. He loves us so much!

I love this gospel so much. I love serving here in Tai Po! :) our teaching pool is bigger than ever before, things are picking up here. Thank you for your prayers and faith.
 Please remember, the greatest action of love is through sharing the gospel with your friends and family. David O McKay, a prophet of the Lord, even says so :)
who do you love that needs the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives?

i love you all!

love, Sister Bosler

look at that view. gotta keep my yoga poses up ;)
see that cloud behind me and Sister Anderson? yup, that's what hit us :D

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