Hello lovely fam :) May 17, 2015

Hello lovely fam :)

guess who we got to see this week... Nancy! The malaysian woman we love so much. The international elders (who live all the way in Wanchai on the Island) have had a hard time scheduling so they asked us to stop by.
We had the greatest time with her! Every time, the spirit is so strong. It was like coming home when we were with her and teaching her. Towards the end of our visit, she told us she read the Restoration pamphlet, but hasn't had a chance to read the Book of Mormon and feels so bad. I don't blame her though, she has a 9 month baby and it's just so hard to even get a chance to read as a mom. So she asked us, "do you sisters mind if you could just come by more often and read some of the Book of Mormon with me and explain it to me?" hmm let me think... ;) gosh she is so great. her belief in God is coming. She wants something deeper in her life, for her family. We love her so much. Heavenly Father's plan is so perfect.

Bobo got a calling!!! WOO!! she was so excited.

Oh, so we taught Helen again. She's  the one who believes in Confuscios' ...douhleih (english word? idk). we've known her for 3 months now, and we still haven't gotten past the restoration with her. but at this last meeting we asked her, "helen, do you believe God is your Heavenly Father?" she said she BELIEVES!! And she truly believes Jesus Christ is her Savior! We asked her how she felt at the baptism last week, and she admired the devotion of Stella. Finally, we asked her again to be baptized. and this time she closed her eyes and  said " 我会." with a smile. meaning, 'i will!' YES!!! the gospel changes lives. when she first met with us, we introduced her to some members and she didn't say a word. now, she runs up to people she hasn't met and gives them hugs. i love our Heavenly Father!

We had our last zone conference with President and Sister Hawks before they leave. I have pages in my study journal written of how they have influenced my life because of the people they are. They are true Christians. They are true disciples of God. I love them so much. One thing that President Hawks has taught me is a principle that is in The Book of Mormon: learning how to act and not be acted upon. I have had trainings on this since my first few months in the field, and I finally understand how it applies to MY life, and not just our investigators.
We cannot be careless in our covenants with God. We must be obedient. There is no other way, It must become a part of us. How can we learn to follow the spirit of the law if we can't obey the law in the first place? As we do all we can to love and understand obedience, then we are able to have the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. then, and only then, are we able to follow the spirit of the law.
I thought of a simple example in my life: the way I eat. When I was 16 years old, I decided I want to eat healthy. And i've stuck to it. No matter what, even if it's someone's birthday, or MY birthday, I won't lower my standard of eating. Even when everyone else is eating sweets, I won't, because i have an understanding of how eating healthy blesses my life. Because of this way of living, when I got on my mission, I am able to in a way follow the 'spirit of the law' and eat things that don't follow my diet at member's home, but still stick to what I know to be true. I realized that's the way keeping our covenants with God is. We must learn to act, and not be acted upon. Let obedience to our Heavenly Father become a part of you. Love it, understand it. Realize the blessings He always, always gives you! This life is a time to succeed, to grow, to become like our loving Heavenly Father.
Sister Hawks shared with us her "last testimony." She told us 4 principles that have changed her life:
Pray with your family.
Read the Book of Mormon with your family.
Live obedience.
Keep your covenants.

I know those 4 simple principles will give us strength to overcome trials. They will give us love and help us learn forgiveness. And evenmore, they will give us eternal happiness.

i love you all so much! don't forget how much God loves you!

MOM!!! THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES!!! I LOVE THEM! our family is so amazing. I'm going to the post office today to pick up a package, it might be from you!

i love you so much!

love, Sister Bosler

dinner at a LA's home
P-day a few weeks ago!

Grocery Shopping and Apple store. Fun times

Notes from Karli:
haha can't wait to see pics!

On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 4:41 AM, Kim Bosler <kimbosler@mac.com> wrote:
Hi family,

Tyler is excited about graduating from middle school and it’s a really nice event outdoors in the football field (like WCW).  He will have a part in it since he is student-body VP and has a 4.0. He’s already ordered spiderman suspenders and bow tie and not sure what else but he has to keep it formal. He and his friends have something fun up their sleeves.

Refreshments are served but we can have everyone over for lunch afterwards.

Some of you live too far but just want you to know about it. There are lots of activities preceding graduation so it’s a really busy month for all. Tyler’s heading to DC May 22-26 and may get to see Jason!


Date: Friday, May 29th
Time: 9:30-11:00 AM
Place: Vacaville Christian School Football Field  - 821 Marshall Road
Lunch at 830 Stonegate Court following!

I can’t believe he’s going to be in high school!

can't wait

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 1:27 PM, Kim Bosler <kimbosler@mac.com> wrote:
So yesterday we went to a new convert couple's baptism and sister Hansen gave the baptism talk. It was so good and Tyler took meticulous notes. So he based his baptism talk off of hers and added a few personal stories and it was so good. I will send you a copy this week. Seriously people loved it and I cried. (No surprise)

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