Well, this week was great! June 7, 2015

Hello fam!

well this week was great. we had a super interesting lesson with this couple that is dating we met a month or 2 ago. we found out they live in the New T's, so we invited a married couple from their ward to come and meet them. the couple TOTALLY took over the whole lesson and pratically taught them every lesson, etc, so S Anderson and I just couldnt even contain ourselves. i almost died laughing 10 times. but afterwards, they insisted on taking us out to eat.
they gave me some type of rice soup with boney stuff in it. as i was eating it, they told me it was frog leg! woo... i thought of the time when natalie told me that they built an underground bridge in Davis for all the frogs to safely hop through... and now I'm eating them. but after they ate, they told us not to eat TOO much frog, because they usually carry a type of worm disease in them. so fun la!

We have a lot of investigators right now, we're just working on getting them to keep commitments. commitments are so important! if we, ourselves, aren't committed to reading the bom and praying every day, then there is no way we progress in life. our investigators have never known what it's like to read God's word, or to feel the spirit, so everything is really slow. we can't just say, 'cool, will you start reading the BoM tonight?" there is NO WAY they will understand. but that's why us missionaries are here, and that's why it's so crucial for us always have the spirit with us.

Helen, out of everyone, has really been feeling it lately. she'll just close her eyes with happiness as she comes to feel the love of God more in her life. I LOVE THAT!!

i shared with mom a little bit already, but this week was pretty tough for my companion and i. the gospel is so wonderful and essential in my life. God has told me many times how prideful I really am--haha it's great; I'm learning a lot about humbling myself! for some reason, the process NEVER STOPS ;) but i know that as we keep reading His word, developing faith and love, we can overcome any trial and any weakness.
I love our Savior!

about Taco.  we've taught her a ton of times, but she's always had a 'whatever, I'm tired' attitude towards everything. just last night we read Ether 12;4 to her over the phone,  4 Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God. 

what does hope mean to you? what do you hope for in your life? i know that when we have a hope in Christ, He will guide us so we don't drift away, as a boat would drift away from the dock without an anchor to keep it rooted in the ground. He is our anchor in our lives. Many times, the mission has been ROUGH.  life can be ROUGH.  But because of Him, He can keep us going with faith and happiness.

After we read this, Taco said, "wow, this is good. i like this!" and then she shared why and is willing to read more of what we invite her to read. YEAH!! the scriptures are true :)

i love you all!

love, Sister Bosler

Love letters from home:

Karli!!! Are you still on? I LOVE your letters so much! Thank you for sharing your trials and challenges as well as the awesome times! You inspire me SO MUCH!!!!


loved your letter so much!

stay strong, you can do it :)

thanks for that actually. I honestly needed to hear all of that even though that's what i share all the time. it's just really special coming from my mom.
it's been a little harder recently. i think satan is trying to get to me because of the little time i have left. my comp and i had big step backs in our companionship last week, but we're overcoming it!

i haven't received the blender package yet... it's at the postoffice in a really impossible place we get to unless we plan the whole day to go there :( so lame. I've been trying to get it, but because like you said, can't have everything the way we want it, i have to wait another 2 weeks. it's at the post office not the mission office because for some reason it needs to be signed by me.

but i reaaaaaaaally am so grateful you sent that to me! you are SOOO AWESOME!!! seriously, so nice. thank you. i've been a little worried lately, though, because honestly, the way i eat has hurt our companionship a lot. how weird is that? but I'm seriously not willing to give up the way i eat.. it's really, really sad how it's coming down to that! i just got worried a few nights ago because i thought, 'how am i EVER going to get married to someone who isn't 100% vegan?' you might start laughing at that question, and I've joked about it before, but now it really is a worry of mine. i think i have an eating problem, and my companion would 110% agree :/

but, to look at the BRIGHT side, because it's so much better than the bad side, I can't go running away from my problems or running to you. i must turn to the Lord. He is the only One who can help us know what to do to make relationships better! I'm praying a LOT and controlling myself a lot to work things out :) she is a special person-- i love her, really. she has really awesome personality traits that i don't have. heavenly father is just helping me figure out how to strip my pride and be humble! we can't change people--we can only change ourselves first. and we can change ourselves permanately, for a good purpose, in the grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

you're a great example to me Mom! keep on praying for guidance. never lose sight of hope! :)  4 Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.

I love you, Sister Bosler

 Party at Wilcox's - Russell's 30th b-day. What a blast! Tyler won!
Letter from Brad Wilcox: "Look up a website called Beyond 5.  This almost all LDS (four out of the five) boy band turned down a multi-million dollar record contract so they could go on missions.  Zack Love just got called to Hong Kong.  Tell Sister Bosler to watch for him.  Maybe they can sing together.  Love you, Brad"

 Marisol, Christina's baby - can you believe those cheeks?

Some blessings are so big it just makes life sweet. Like our neighbors. Everyone helps each other out, we borrow eggs, get together to BBQ, court parties, plant flowers, laugh together about everything, and mow each others lawns (we try to keep up with you Brandon!) Once I locked my keys in my car and Butch saw me struggling in my driveway and he ran over with his fireman's kit to open my car door! I rang Matts doorbell early this morning and he helped me power wash my patio with his pressure washer. Matt is always there for everyone-helping out and laughing with his loud, fun voice. Cathy and Brandon hang out with us like we are their age! Lol Fred is our cheerful corner watchman- eyeing all newcomers to make sure they're safe. And even though our dear friends the Morales' have moved to Buck Ave, we still are best of friends and their roots will always be here- Stonegate neighbors!

 Our new neighbors own a yoga studio in SF. Matt's family.

Cathy & Brandon Boicelli our wonderful friends and neighbors!

Dearest Karli,

How are you? I love you. I am so excited about Cinny!!! She got baptized! Wow that must be hard with her family against it, which means she certainly has a true testimony! I always admire people that can do that – how hard! Because the gospel is all about families! But eventually many of them end up getting baptized too.

I didn't know you had a Filipino companion? Maybe you were on splits! But you both met Yolanda Ng - how is she doing? Don't you love that last name?? Lol! Ng. Love it❤️ One of the missionaries that we met in DC in Jason's ward had that last name too.

How is Venus Chan??? Did she like coming to church!? I like how you say God's timing and arrangement is so perfect. It's true.

How is learning the Chinese characters? Do you need me to send you the flashcards that bishop Chan gave me? Haha

I think my favorite experience that you shared in your last letter was the two hours of "consecrated finding" – where nothing can get in the way of your success. I thought it was so great that you set it in advance, prayed about it, and put a lot of faith into it but still when those two hours were up you were so hot and really had no "success."

That is definitely sometimes how I feel about certain situations in my life right now. The Mormon clich̩ Р"overcoming the trial of faith!" Because as hard-working people who always want the best for others as well as ourselves, we are willing to work hard and do anything to achieve that. But it may not be God's will at the time. The only, and I mean only, lesson to be learned and applied, is to have an eye single to the glory of God and give our hearts to Him. Everything else will somehow fall into place, if not in this life then it will in the next.

I have learned there's so many things in life that we just really can't control. And that is probably good. We are not really in control of anything. I remember one time Wael telling me, "Can you imagine if everyone in the world had their own way all the time? This whole world would've been blown up long ago and every single person on the planet would be dead." Lol

I said, "Yeah, that's just if mean and hateful people had their own way." But then what if righteous people only had their own way? So everyone was good and perfect all the time? Well, that is Satan's plan!

The only thing we have complete control over is our own will. We can give our hearts, minds, and soul to our Heavenly Father earnestly seeking His will in our lives. That is the only way to feel real happiness and to defend ourselves against the "bullets" that come our way.

I once heard in a class that it's really hard to qualify for the telestial kingdom. You would have to cheat, lie, murder, steal etc and love it. Most of us have too much light of Christ and the desire to progress and be better people to feel comfortable in that kingdom.

But the speaker said the only qualification we need to be worthy of entering the celestial kingdom is to "feel His spirit" every day. I thought at first that that was just too simple! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that in order to truly feel the spirit we need to pray, repent, read the Scriptures, ask for his guidance,
think about the words that come out of our mouths, act as the Savior would towards others, serve, go to the Temple, be baptized, – all the things that enable the spirit to be with us and to help us be happy and have joy. It sounds like a LOT but really it's just becoming that way.

Sharing scriptures in my studies this morning:Jacob 2:8

***Serving Becky's amazing pies - crusts made with coconut oil. Fresh apples. Yum!

 From Karli:he is so handsome. i want to talk to that boy for ever all day every day. (tyler). he is so cool.
i can't believe matthew is a DEACON wow!

haha so fun!

man, Bailey is going to be an awesome mom! haha they are so fun :)

***Matthew becomes a Deacon - Is this the cutest picture or what???

***Tyler was so excited to go to church in Mindi's ward as he and all of his cousins love the Studio C show. I had never seen it and so Connor made sure that I saw several of the funniest episodes before we went over to Whitney and Steve's house. LOL

They are such a nice and fun couple and they also have fainting goats which were hysterical! Every time they get a little bit scared they faint. But maybe they'll grow out of it like Kaitlin did! LOL JK

Feeding the goats weed(s)

At Steve & Whitneys (Mindi's ward)

Also I just have to say that Bailey was really watching out for Tyler when he checked into EFY. She came with us to check in, and introduced him to some of her friends that are super cute and nice and once we got into the all-boys-dorm at heritage Hall's, she unpacked his suitcase and put all of his clothes away and organized everything! LOL

So even though Tyler went without a roommate, he got off to a great start – thank you Bailey!

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