"Goodbye Tai Po!!" June 21, 2015


wow, i want to start off saying that I literally have never been happier in my life.

On Tuesday, I found out I will be leaving Tai Po. It was pretty hard, because that ward is stellar, we have some baptisms coming up (joe joe got baptized yesterday!) and some of my best friends and greatest examples are in that ward. I found out I will be going to Sham Seui Po.

When our DL Elder Lam said my companion's name, i gave a little 'whoop!' of excitement, even though I had no idea who she was. 5 minutes later, I asked, "who is Sister Kesh..inier?" and Sister Anderson said, "isn't she your MTC companion...?" I realized in that moment, I heard the DL wrong and literally fell out of my chair of happiness. SISTER KARTCHNER IS MY COMPANION AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! and we have had the most incredible time. it's amazing serving with someone who still has the greenie fire like I do.
All of our conversations are 24/ 7 on how we can serve the area and the ward or the sisters we live with. And we are always laughing and full of this happiness that is so hard to explain! ;)
we've been working really hard. We have this adorable investigator named Kelly. We taught her before sunday about the law of chastity, and focused on gaining self confidence through keeping this commandment of God. We shared a talk and a video and had a great lesson with her. She explained to us, however, she really doesnt have any skirts or dresses for church. but we told her not to worry about it and we will shop with her next week. that sunday, she came wearing a modest dress!! I know it's such a little thing, but really, between her and the Lord, it's a big commitment. She did all she could to respect herself and the Lord :)

There's this adorable RC boy who is a referral machine. He had his friend, Stephanie, scheduled at 4:30 on sunday with us. but that morning, she said she cant come. so he told us he prayed so hard, and in the end, she said she can come :) haha so great. this boy literally carries around a BoM in a case, along with all the lessons. wow. well, our lesson with Stephanie was so powerful. she even accepted a baptismal date and rescheduled twice! and her desire? she wants to come closer to God. WOW. SSP is a miracle area.

Sister Kartchner and I also both love running in the mornings and eating healthy. We both even love the pouring rainstorms. we really are so focused on the work and MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING!!!!!!!! She is a huge example to me. She does all she can to serve, to love, and to do God's work to the fullest.

I struggled with some things in Tai Po, and was really trying to keep up the faith and love. at times in our lives, the Lord gives us big challenges. But as we keep up the faith and never give up, He WILL, eventually, reward us. president Packer promises us "for those who do not yet have all of the blessings you feel you want and need to have, I firmly believe that no experience or opportunity essential for redemption and salvation will be denied you who live faithfully. Remain worthy, be hopeful, patient, and prayerful. Things have a way of working out. The gift of the Holy Ghost will guide you and direct your actions."

I know that as we keep our desires and actions focused on the path towards our Savior, God will give us an enabling power to overcome any trial. He lives. He loves us. And He will always bless us!

I love you all, keep sharing this wonderful peace to your friends.

Congratulations Matthew and Maci's baptisms! WOO!!! so awesome friends also got to come! And Dad... Happy Father's Day. You are the best. Thank you for your constant example of peace and love to all of your children :) i'm also so grateful you know Chinese characters. you're seriously the coolest. thanks for making me have braces for 4 years, too. i should add that in ;) i sent a card last week


Love, Sister Bosler

yeah, SSP has SUBWAY. so happy.

with my best friend ever, Sister Kartchner. members keep giving us rice dumplings. this one had dried shrimp. mushrooms, beans, and pork inside. haha so fun!

with the Lee family we are teaching :) part members! Ho Tin is the oldest son, and he's a stellar member. he's going to serve a mission soon! woo! his mom has MS :( :( but we are teaching her and she wants to get baptized, she just feels sick going to church because she has to take shots. can someone please send me info on MS? thank you! pray for her!

From June 14 love notes:
So Tyler was excited to start conducting family nights after EFY. The first thing he did is he said,  "okay parents I am going to read the family proclamation at the beginning of each family home evening."

We started around 9:30 PM and as he was reading the family proclamation to us, we accidentally started to doze off. He stands up and with a firm voice says, "okay, the two of you stand up!"

And then he stood right in front of us and read the whole family proclamation. Dad and I were laughing so hard inside standing at attention to sergeant T-Bozz but it was so neat to see Tyler as such a leader and so concerned about making sure that we read this important proclamation each week. Haha

Love mom
Hi Karli,

Today was Maci's baptism (June 13) and it was so special. Donna, Maci's grandma gave the talk on baptism and it was an object lesson that was so loving and interesting. Then Maci and her two best friends sang The Holy Ghost. So sweet!! Grandma Thomas gave such a wonderful talk on the Holy Ghost and talked about we'll all be together again- but then when she said she only has about ten years left on earth, or maybe five, or one...I don't know it just hit me and I was trying not to cry too hard!

Brandon conducted and he got a little emotional too to see so many loved ones there. He's so great- he just now came in (I'm still at his house) and wants to harmonize with me and grandma around the piano. Yes!!

I love you Karli!! I'll write more later tonight,

PS Dad is young men's president and so he was in charge of the beach trip today and Tyler helped him even though Tyler really wanted to go to the baptism.

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