I got to TALK TO YOU TODAY! May 12, 2015

Hello! :)

I don't have very long to write, but that's okay, i got to TALK TO YOU TODAY!!! that was seriously the best ever. Gosh, I'm so grateful for my family.

We started our personal scripture study right after calling you this morning, and I just thought of how grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ to bless our family. The Savior has taught me so much about love and hope. I realized, however, one beautiful thing: and that is, the love I have for my family, can be the same for all my brothers and sisters on earth. and in Hong Kong. We are all children of God. I thought about my companion, and found myself in a mess of laughing and crying. she is awesome; I love her and i am SO grateful for her. Sure, we are extremely different, but gosh, we work so well together. her strengths have stenghtened my weaknesses. But why? it's because both of us relied on the qualities of Jesus Christ to help us learn about this divine love from God. Life is so good :)

well, no pics for this week. we are in the library and it's not working. Sorry, love you!
we've been blessed to teach a LOT of people this past week. i love it.  Keep having faith, and the Lord will bless you!

love, Sister Bosler

Notes from Karli:
Dear Mom,
aw, thank you so much. It was seriously the BEST being able to talk you to all. I love you all so much. This time, before I called, I prayed a lot that I wouldn't get homesick and that it would be enlightening for us all, and God so graciously answered my prayer :) yay. He always does.
Your mother's day is the BEST!!! Look at that!!! we made a cheese cake with an investigator (Taco!) for her mom, and she asked what we do in America. haha i explained what WE as a family do, for breakfast in bed, and they all made fun of me for being so healthy haha. it's so worth it!
Dad and Tyler are the best. we are so lucky!
the payson temple is GORGEOUS! Thats SOOO FUN you went to Utah for one day! haha i love that mom--thanks for always putting family first, even before sleep. haha wow, you're on fire.
i wish i saw grandma more when I was at BYU. im excited to go back and visit her ALL the time. she'll get sick of me, im sure :)
i love you!
thank you for everything. never lose faith. :)

love, Sister Bosler

*** letter & pics great clips

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