"We watched conference this weekend!!" April 12, 2015


we watched conference this weekend. amazing!!

and guess what... BOBO PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!!!! she still hadn't told her parents about baptism. but last week, after praying a lot, she finally did. they not only DIDN'T object, but, after that, her and her mom had a great, conversation, about other things in life. this was a huge answer and blessing to her prayers and her commitments to follow God, because her relationship with her parents has always been pretty poor. She never knew how to talk to them. and right after she develops the faith to tell them she's getting baptized, God immediately blesses her. incredible.

she loved conference, too. i love. her. SO much. honestly, i will always, always care for Bobo Ng. she is amazing and the most selfless person I know! it's incredible seeing how fast she changed under the guidance of the Lord. and it's all because she had the desire and faith to do so.

We went knocking on doors this week! the first door we knocked on, a Malaysian woman answered. she asked if we want to come in! cooooool!!!!!!! so we went in, and taught her a very basic Restoration. it was amazing. we were teaching in english. her little 9 month baby boy woke up and we played with him, too. we taught her how to pray. at the end, we asked her how she feels, and she just cried. this woman, Nancy, is a super spunky, energetic, young mom...and she cried. she kept apologizing, and she didnt know why she was 'sad'. we testified of the power of the spirit and God's love for us. we will go back to her home in just one hour! :) i love this perfect Gospel.

I don't have as much time to write this week because I was looooving all the million pics Mom sent of my cousins and Ty on the cruise! and mom and dad! haha my family is SO cool.

i hope you know i thought of you a LOT during conference. i pray for you, study for you, and ponder about you. i love you all so much, and I know Heavenly Father loves you. you all mean the world to me.

Love, Sister Bosler

 and.... right after Bobo's baptismal interview. we gave her this picture of our Savior. how precious is this??!

 at Bobo Leung and her family's home :) This woman is a member and her husband isnt. great time with them!

 some awesome salsa i made because of my diecer!!!
sister Wu loves the dicer! (can I PLEASE GO TO TAIWAN?! she's my favoirte person in the whole wide world.)

Pictures from HOME: We took the 6-pack 14-year-old cousins on a Caribbean cruise for Easter Break - funnest week ever.

We are at the final show of Dancing with the Stars right now! Bruce is back stage dying. Lol!! We all came early to get the best seats and cheer our guts out for Bruce who is dancing with a darling professional as his partner.

I'll send our St Thomas day and Half Moon Cay later - maybe tomorrow since we'll be there for 8 hours (Skyler has to have expedited checkout and 7:30 AM and it's mandatory that we go with him- it's all good though!)

Man I am going to miss these kids SO MUCH!!! This has been one of the FUNNEST weeks of my life.

By the way Derick, you don't have to worry about the kids meeting people...EVERYONE on this ship knows them. Haha. And we are the very proud "parents" receiving so many complements on your amazing teenagers!

From Karli: i cant even get over how awesome they are.. can i hang out with them too please??

 This picture from Mindi is my favorite. The kids are so excited to fly to FL and had no idea what was about to occur...cancelled flight, agents telling them they couldn't fly without parental supervision, rude people, and super nice people, and then a total MIRACLE!! That they all got here in the knick of time!!! They really have a great story for life.

At dinner the girls were all saying that Sam was really brave and they were SO glad he was with them as their protector. 😊😊
(Especially when a creep was following them, and when they were told their flight was cancelled and they wanted to leave the gate and he said, "NO! Stay right here! We are NOT leaving until we get on another plane!!")

Anyway, I told the kids this picture symbolizes our excitement in the pre-earth existence to come down to earth. We have no idea what's in store but if we hang in there, through all the tears, and all the prayers, we have angels assisting us and miracles happen!!! We can all make it together!!

From Karli: hhahahah i am laughing so hard. oh gosh i love our family!! they are so awesome! hahahah too too funny. haha icant imagine the story!!! LOL!

Kids watching conference in the cruise cabin. From Karli: and the conference pics.... YESSSS!!!! haha those are the GREATEST!!! haha loooove it!!!! ;)
they are so cool. so many missionaries here never watched conference when they were younger. so they are already ahead of the game!!

To Karli: Bishop Jimmy Chans family came to visit!!!  What an amazing family. I felt the spirit SO strong the entire time so much that I wanted to just pack up and move to HONG KONG.  They are the most wonderful people. And Jo gave me this little purse that fits my four favorite Doterra oils in it for my purse.

I am going to write more in my next email with more pictures. I LOVE YOU, mom PS Lunch at BJ's. My gosh they love you so much and said that the whole mission has never been the same since you left but everybody is trying very hard. You have such a loving way and bring so much energy, kindness, love, and joy to the mission it's just incredible! I am so proud of you Karli!!

From Karli: oh whatever!!!! they are so cute but yeah right. haha love them. they have KILLER elders right now. they are too funny. i cried when i saw the deaf section signing at conference! miss that ward.


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