"redefine your best." March 30, 2015


oh. my. goodness. just went to the mission office and my companion had a package from her birthday (woo!) aaaaaand, i had packages from YOU!!! and a letter from TYLER!! !Oh my gosh, i laughed so hard, cried, died--  Tyler you are the coolest guy ever. why was I not ever like you at age 14?
i canNOT believe what you sent me, mom!!! seriously. thank you so much. really, you spoil me so much. i really don't deserve any of that and it probably causes you so much stress to get it out on friday's before the post office closes ;) haha i can totally imagine the scene of you trying to get these packages out on time... you are so nice. so busy, and you still send me things. ahhh thank you so much. we also didn't have time for lunch or dinner today but your package saved me for today. you're seriously the best... ahhh. love you.

and you are all going on a CRUISE with the cousins!? haha what! sounds so so fun!! :) have fun watching hours of conference on that cruise! ;) no seriously.... you better. eat lots of food for me.

well this week.... haha oh man, i have so many lessons to learn. it's so good.
but first, we have an investigator we got a few weeks ago named Big One. I just wanted you all to know that because her name is awesome. Big One! 18 years old. she's a cutie.

Bobo Ng-- We taught her about 100 commandments yesterday after church, and she stopped us and said, "i want to share my testimony about commandments..." you should've seen our faces. she's amazing. she used to drink tea, coffee, and she gave it all up right off the bat and is testifying of the blessings from it. when we willingly follow God's word, we receive so many blessings and become way better people! she's so awesome. she inspires me.

We had a music activity yesterday at church. me and some missionaries sang! a TON of our english class students came to support "white big sister". that's my name translated in english... i love china. Sister Anderson and I die every day pointing out different things we love about China.

At the music activity, a less active who is a return missionary from HK, a retired military officer and lives in a sweet house in the country came!!! YES! we visited him and his wife and they are awesome... just lost the faith. man it kills me! but, Sister Anderson did the coolest inspired thing and asked him to write his testimony in a plain copy of the BoM that we could give to someone on the street. he gave the book back to us at the activity and we asked him to read his testimony outloud. he talked about how God has sent missionaries to you (the person reading the book of mormon) and how inspired this is. at the close of his testimony, he looked up. and this over 6 foot retired military return missionary less active man was CRYING. and he took off fast. it was the coolest thing... he felt the spirit!!! one thing about the chinese, they don't like feeling the spirit. they always run away from it. but he felt it, and he can't deny it :) pray for Ho Kwong Wa and his wife Ho Sau Ying!

but, the greatest lessons I've learned this week have been from my companion, Sister Anderson. ahh she's the biggest blessing in my life. you guys, we are completely opposite. haha it's so great. right when we found out we were going to be companions, i was stoked because we are already awesome friends, and also, i knew i was going to learn A LOT. and oh i was so right. this was so inspired of the Lord! I love her so much. But what I've learned a lot is about the law of consecration. i've been working on that a lot for the past 6 months, trying to figure out how to sacrifice my time, talents to the lord. which is why i literally never, ever, rest. every second doing something. with Sister Richardson, we would cut our meals short when we finished eating and hit the streets. i would cut my prep time so i could do other things to sacrifice my time even more. but with Sister Anderson, i've learned the biggest lesson. i know this sounds silly, but it's possible to get too caught up in the work. my fear is that i want to do my best for the Lord. if i don't do my best, i feel awful. so i always, always do my best. but with my awesome companion, i've realized i need to redefine 'my best.'
my biggest convert on the mission must be myself, and then my companion. i've been praying a lot on how to help my companion, when Grandma's words always come back to me, "love your companion like a sister." the second most important convert on this mission is my companion, Sister Anderson.
The law of consecration is a hard, hard thing to live. it really comes to the point of turning outward and forgetting yourself. and i realized, i don't need to be praying about how to help my companion, but i need to let her help me. In times of trouble, the 'trouble' is usually yourself. it hurts to admit, huh? :) i need my companion's help sooo bad, she's the greatest. we are learning a lot together. she's helping me become a better person, missionary, and servant of the Lord.
let the Lord change you and let others help you change! take an evaluation on your life... are your priorities where they should be?
i love this work! we learn so much every day!

love you!

Love, Sister Bosler


us with the most humble LA we found that came to CHURCH! woo!!

biking last week! yeah.

ms popular on her bday!!!

us with the most humble LA we found that came to CHURCH! woo!!

we got eaten alive...

Pictures to Karli and her responses!
the one of you 3 is my fav. jason looks like a movie star, ty looks like way cooler than Justin Beiber, and you look gorgeous. you guys rock!

From mom: Jason and I went hiking every day while he was here!

From Mom: I love Jason!

The boys went golfing
Tyler giving a man some money and food - so sweet

From Karli: mom- these pics were my FAVORITES!!!!! haha yes!! can i pleases have some prints! how the heck are jason and tyler so handsome?!? mom you are gorgeous! you guys are seriously so fun.

Dinner with Grandpa

From Karli: NO WAY!!!!! love that. he moved to DC? thats SO COOL!! yes!! :)

From mom: Karli we went to the Clarksons and the boys all LOVE Jason!

Tyler can spin a ball for hours

Tyler's team won their basket ball game in overtime!
Boys night!


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