To mom - I love the new house!

PS Just to mom: 

I LOVE THE NEW HOUSE SO MUCH!!!! thats amazing!! aww everyone is so nice. MOM! the blog is INCREDIBLE!!! it looks so awesome! holy smokes! I showed a lot of people in my zone and they say it looks so cool

hahaha about that skirt, leave it there! its probably a bit too tight, and it is kind of warm. but thats so funny, have fun with my clothes as long as you dont stain them. i may need to bring a few cute warm sweaters to HK... nvm! I can buy them there. less to pack/

ooh! no vitamins please. i cant swallow them. BUT, sprouted powder! I MISS GREEN SMOOTHIES. I dont poop 3 times a day anymore, and some days I never poop!! :( :( :( im still eating well, its just the food here isn't as nutrient dense as food at home. but im still staying so healthy! I cant wait to start making smoothies in HK! 

Love that dad chose a green smoothies over a cookie. that;s me any day. and I love that ty is going to choir. YES. love you! thanks for the socks! unfortunately none of them work tho.. they slide off and show through my shoes. so i gave them to Tu'avao and she was so touched! haha i said they're from you!! but i used the work out socks! so thank you!! I love you!

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