Ngoh ge GaTihng!!!! (my family!)

Ahhhh our gatihng is growing!!!! Sammy is SO beautiful and BIG!! WOW! I love love love the pic of all the boys surrounding him and his incredible mommy! Seriously Bec, you amaze me. all my sisters do. You have such a wonderful family!!!

THANK YOU ALL for all your letters. THey make me so happy! haha the district and zone practically hate me because literally every day I receive a letter and/or package. It's so fun!! I can totally feel your love and prayers... man you're the best. seriously. Oh, and CORINNE literally sends me a whole raw/vegan LUNCH EVERY DAY!!!!!!!! really, muihyaht! (Every day!) It's so. so. incredible. Feast upon the words of Christ....and Corinne's food. That's the secret to happiness. :) 

Who sent me that mysterious package with some herbal tea and awesome energy bites? well, THANK YOU!!! It was so yummy. I am so spoiled. I'm supposed to be going through challenges here you know... ;) haaha!

Well, here's one thing i'm concerned about. Sister Tu'avao, from Tonga, can't email, write, or receive letters or packages from her family or anyone. She. Never. Ever. Receieves. Any. Letters. Never. It breaks my heart. There's a missionary here who is leaving for Tonga and she gave him 9 letters to get to her family. Ugh, breaks my heart. So... next time you want to write me a handwritten letter or send a package, please send it to Sister Tu'avao instead? Her address is the same as mine. (OH!! Our unit box is changed to 130 not 81!!!!!!!!) Seriously, that would make me so happy, and it would make her happy, too. You would make her life. She hates healthy food though.... ahaha!! But she LOVES love and pictures!! I gave her an HBT pic and she gasped, jumped, picked me up and hugged me and loves it. She also recorded me singing God Be WIth YOu Til We Meet Again 3 times when I was in bed one night, and then played it over and over and over again. Hahaha I love her. She makes me feel loved and important :) Please though, it must be so hard for her here! Coming to a foreign country, speaking NOT her native tongue, and learning a whole new language, knowing she will never hear from her family. not once. ugh.. it kills me. I love you all!!!

Well well WELL, this week has been life changing--no joke! Tuesday, I was feeling sorry for myself. Haha so lame. Sis Kartchner had to go to the clinic, so I was just waiting for about an hour just being lame. She came back out, I asked her how it went, and she looked at me and said, "The Dr said I most likely will be reassigned." I started bawling. S Kartchner has ulcerativclytis (Kaitlin! How do I spell it!!!) and cant eat SOOOO many things including sugar, raw veggies, and beans because it makes her bleed internally. Her condition got worse after she turned in her papers/ The Dr couldnt believe she got through to HK. She was so confused. "God specifically assigned me to go to HK. I don't get it. But, this does NOT shake my faith." I looked at this sister as she stood up to walk back into class, ready to work, full of faith, full of love. WHAT?! I was so amazed. Well that night we had a devo from... ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON!!!! Ahhhhh I am so lucky. He talked about the word "trusted". "It is greater to be trusted than to be loved." oh how true that is!!! How many of us can God trust? He loves us ALL unconditionally, but how many of us does He truly trust? Can I call myself trustworthy?  I wonder if Peter the Apostle had an opportunity like I do to learn a forgein language. He would JUMP all over than and learn as many as he could so he could teach the gospel in so many foreign lands! How lucky I am to learn this language!! So I can preach the gospel and HELP others come unto Christ! Elder Chri. talked about how trustworthy our ultimate examplar, Jesus Christ is. He talked about when Christ was suffering for each and every one of our sins, pains, frustrations, trials, weaknesses, sicknesses...and how at one point, Christ mustve thought for a moment, with concern, "I might shrink and not be able to finish." But He did. WHY? HOW? He was SO intent with the Father's will, that he COULD NOT SHRINK. Wow, I never even realized once that the Savior thought He couldn't finish for a moment. But no, He went a little further, like always, and He finished His Father's work. Our purpose here on Earth is to gain a physical body, to gain experience, to learn from our mistakes, to feel joy, to have families---but what was Christ's purpose here on Earth? Literally focused on you, on me, on everyone. His sole purpose for coming to Earth was to suffer for all of our afflictions, sins, and pains, so we don't have to suffer alone and so we can repent and be forgiven of ANYTHING; so we can learn His perfect ways, have charity and love, serve, be humble, and forgiving, just like He was; and to have a perfect person to follow so we know how to return to our Father in Heaven; and so that we actually CAN be resurrected and return to live with Him, in our perfect form. His life humbles me. He changes me. He makes me want to be as trustworthy to the Father as He is. He makes me want to live every moment for Him. 

Both Natalie and Tod have written me beautiful letters, thinking, "how did I deserve all this?" Look at what you have. Look at your life. Count your blessings. Why me? Why did Heavenly Father bless me with all of this? I could have been born years ago, or have been born with psycho parents and turned out to be a drug addict myself... I could be living on the streets... But no, God has blessed me with an INCREDIBLE family. He has blessed me with this voice, with Natalie and Sarah and having the opportunity to grow closer with them and to share our talents and love to thousands of people. He has blessed me with 2 arms, 2 legs, and the ability to run and not be weary, run and not be faint... He has blessed me with the knowledge of this gospel, and with a sure testimony that cannot and will not ever be shaken. He has given me this opportunity to come to this sacred place, the MTC, and study His life, study how to change, study a whole freakin new language and what incredible blessings come from that!! The opportunity to make new friendships and love people from all over the world! He has blessed me with this wonderful companion. And He trusts me enough to walk, talk, and love as His representative for 18 months. He trusts YOU to be the incredible mothers you are, the incredible men you are, the incredible individual and caring person you are. He loves you so much that He has given you this opportunity to live the best life you can. He loves your so much to bless you with the gospel in your life so you can constantly become a better person; so you can constantly become closer to Christ and LOVE ONE ANOTHER. We are so lucky. We have all we need, and more. I'm so grateful for this!!

Well about Sister Kartchner... after the devo, we have a devo review where we share our testimony. As it started, the specialist actually came in and called her out to talk with her. Oh man, I was praying my heart out. She came back 20 minutes later, with tears rolling down her face (no one knew waht was going on but me) and I just froze thinking, "she's crying. no. why is she crying." She looked at me, and just gave me thumbs up with a smile. WOW!!! Miracles happen!! I wanted to know WHAT the Dr said because he said there's no way she should be in HK since she has to get her blood drawn every 6 weeks!!!! It was actually her turn to bear her testimony, and she just bawled and told everyone what happened, and how she KNOWS without a DOUBT that she is supposed to be in HK, serving the people there. The Lord definitely wants her there. And I just sat there thinking, "here I was, earlier today, feeling sorry for myself....and here she is, almost getting reassigned, but having the faith and the heart to do whatever the Lord wants her to do." Turns out, our mission president said, "her heart is in Hong Kong. We will find a way." and there is a specialist for her disease in our mission area.

I'm so grateful for her positive example! I'm SOOO happy she's staying, too!! YAY!! And gosh, just that devotional about becoming trustworthy and the scare of my comp almost getting reassigned, and just thinking of all my blessings: LIFE IS AMAZING! I am loving this so much!!

Some awesome goals I've accomplished this week:
1) I realized I love to work. The mornings are my FAV, because I'm so pumped and ready to go. I love running during gym, I love the healthy food I'm eating; then we study hard and focus hard, and have fun during lunch and dinner. But at the end of the day, I just lay in my bed thinking "oh yeah!" haha! Man, I could not do all of this on my own though!! I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost@
2) I can shower, eat, and get ready in 20 minutes. When i'd schedule an hour 30 at home.
3) TRC - awesome. It's when volunteers come in and you give them a spiritual message. Our volunteer was in my BoM class and she served in HK! We talked about Heimohng (hope). At the end, she was going on and on about how great our Gwong dong wa is (Canonese)! YAY! She was amazed we were here for 3 weeks
4) We have a TON of foreign missionaries. Tongans. Love. White. Girls. Here's how Tongan's hit on white sister missionaries "oh hey seestaas! u need help to find scripta?" or "aiii seestas!!! you have crayon?" HAHAHA kills me. We always politely answer and then just die laughing afterwards. This happens like every 10 minutes when we study outside hahaha.

Mom, Thank you for the flip flops yay!! Can you please send a good family picture? The only one I have is of me in a swimsuit and I'm thinking that's not the best for a missionary to show... haha. I keep it in my scriptures though :) I have all my pics on my wall and love it!

Well, that's about it for this week! It's been incredible! I love you and miss you all! Give Sammy a kiss for me! 

Pray on! 

Love always, Sister Bosler

PS. I GET TO CALL HOME!! This rarely happens in the MTC! The numbers are just SO low right now! Mothers day, 3-3:30 ut time EXACTLY. I'll call Mom's cell. CANT WAIT!!!!!!! 

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