Do you want to STRUGGLE?!

Leih hou!!!!!! 
WHooooo this week has been the best by far. We got to host on Wednesday and the first girl I hosted was a Cambodian sister in our ZONE! We now have 7 more sisters and 16 more elders, going to Camb, Hmong and Viet. Pretty awesome! we have some great people in our new group! I love our new sisters. They're all so positive and have the strongest desire to be obedient. It's refreshing  having them here!

Well. guess what. Elder PERRY came and spoke on Tuesday!!! he was sooo incredible but honestly my mind is just on yesterday. Mir.a.cles. every second of the day.

First, I woke up and turned to Joseph Smith's testimony of the Book of Mormon. Whoa. I know this book is the word of God. I know it. 

Second, Relief Society. This INCREDIBLE woman named Sister Edmonds came and spoke and she was so funny, chill, and spiritual but so down to earth! She has served FOUR MISSIONS. Anyway, she answered one of my prayers. Her example was, "so how many of you have a district leader who is 18 going on 12?" We can ridicule them, we can ignore them, we can be bitter and fake towards them. Or, we can be part of the miracle that happens as we help them come closer to Christ. It was incredible!

Third, SingChaan. Sacrament. One of the Thai Elders, Elder Wright, spoke on the Book of Mormon. He had a whole talk prepared, but didn't use it and just bore his testimony. Whoa. I cried throughout the whole thing. I conduct the music and couldn't even sing as I was conducting, just smile. In every single verse on every single page of the Book of Mormon--even the war chapters--testifies of Jesus Christ. This Book is of God. I can't believe I used to just read the Book of Mormon to read it, or skip days not reading it-- it is my answer to life! It is the most correct, true book on the Earth! Ah, I don't have time to really write about Sacrament but I remember thinking, "wow, this book is changing my life." and just holding my Book of Mormon. I literally always want to read it's pages.. there's nothing so beautiful. I know every verse was written for a reason!

Fourth, the weather. Haha I know that's silly, but man it's been so beautiful lately! S Kartch and I just sat outside after Sacrament during Priesthood and just talked about the Book of Mormon and this gorgeous earth! ah! 

Fifth, choir. This time in choir we sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" MY FAVORITE HYMN!!! I've been making up a gorgeous arrangment in my mind for months now, and being able to sing an arrangement of it in choir made me happy. look up the words.

sixth, DEVOTIONAL. Now listen up! We watched Elder Bednar's "The Character of Christ." I reaaaally really really hope there's some way you can all find it and watch it! It is life changing! S Kartchner and I saw the first week here, and we were so happy they were playing it again because it is so is the makes you not only think about how you want to refine your life but actually DO it. Well, once it ended, the lights came up and I just thought, "man that video is incredible!" All of a sudden, the podium lit up. I looked up, and Elder Bednar himself walked in the room! We all stood and I just started bawling! The spirit he brought in with him was so strong and testified of the Savior! 

And guess what he did? we just held an hour long Q&A! whew. I was just 6 rows from him! Man, I can't even describe how I felt. When he left, I just started crying again. Sister Kartchner and I were talking afterwards and we both felt like the Savior was leaving the room. Okay well, I can't imagine what that would be like, but gosh, let me tell you.. I know he is an apostle of God. I know Jesus Christ lives today! I know we can literally become like Him, just one step at a time. The Atonement also provides increased capacity to do good and become better." wow, I wish I could have brought you all with me and you could have been there!!!! Anyway.. so many of my questions were answered. I didn't ask any, but I had quite a few in mind. 

It's joy that comes through and from the Savior and His Atonement and His gospel! But I've never felt more joy than I did yesterday. It's a greater joy than I've ever felt before. It's athe joy that comes from dedicating your life to Him! Man I love this so much!! Seriously family, I can't even describe anything from Elder Bednar's visit, I'm sorry! It was so spiritual and life changing that I honestly don't WANT to say anything because I don't want to butcher anything... nothing can express the feeling I felt there. 

Well... aside from that, we also had 2 General Authorities come to our CLASSROOM! Of just 10 missionaries! Elder Wong and Elder Martinez. Elder Wong and his wife are from Hong Kong! HE IS SO FUNNY AND ADORABLE. I just wanted to hug him. Both of their testimonies killed me because they both speak broken english yet bear the most powerful witnesses of the Savior.

Well that Saturday at TRC, we knocked on a door to teach someone... guess who it was? Sister Wong!! !hahahaha what.... talk about pressure. She was so kind though. and talked soooo fast. We asked a lot of questions, caught bits and pieces of what she was saying and that's about it. Haha we bore our testimonies and shared some scripture and she was so encouraging! We also taught the Chinese woman, Stella, from last week again. LOVE HER! And guess what she told us? She's Sister Wong's sister!! She said we wouldn't know thought because Sister Wong is so old. hahaha! Okay honestly, every person I've met from Hong kong I've fallen in love with. I can;t wait to go there!!! 

I also had the opportunity to interview the new sisters on friday and saturday. That was the COOLEST experience for me. I have so much compassion for them because I remember how difficult the first week was! I honestly had such a hard time! So I got to share a few scriptures and thoughts I had and it was incredible being able to help them. What a feeling. They're beautiful sisters. Buuuut I did get released now btw! I'm going to miss our awesome meetings on sundays, but aside from that, nothing really changes :) 

Anyway, I love you all! Life is soooooo good. Love hearing from you!  OH!!!! We had a super fun little party the other night! Corinne sent us a package for HUMP DAY! We're half way through??! This wednesday means start of week 6 in the MTC?! Crazy. Anyway, she sent us candies from HK, strawberries, Martinellis!! aaaaand, poppers!! hahaa it was so fun. Everyone loves Corinne. Thank you all for your love and support!!

love, sister bosler

Hump week!!!  It's been 4 weeks already??!!

Sister Tu'avao looooves her package so much!!! 
I love the packages sooo much!

Cute strawberry from Corinne! Everyone LOVED these strawberries bc they werent gross cafeteria ones. and our little party pulling the poppers! haha

OH!!! AND Corinne sent us all a PINATA at the end of our 4 weeks!! Haha one elder got hit in the face... but he's okay. it was so fun though! 

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