Wow. I cannot even begin to express how much I love all of you. I wrote one little note about a random sister from Tonga who doesn't receive any letters, and guess what, Sister Tu'avao has received 11 packages and who knows how many letters this week!!!!!! I can't believe how incredible you all are! Nothing has made me love you more than this moment. That was true charity. Sister Tu'avao kept saying, "what is happening here? i am so blessed! i dont understand!" the first time I saw Sister Tu'avao cry was this week, because of all of you. ahh it makes me cry thinking about it. my mind is blown! Honestly, it makes me happier knowing my awesome family and friends are serving her than if you sent me a package. so thank you thank you thank you! She not only got letters and packages from you, but she also got letters/packages from -- "sista Baaw" Corinne! A signed beautiful picture of a little girl and the Savior? Her favorite island foods? a ton of gifts and scriptures to open? AMAZING!! She also received things from Brad Wilcox! What!! She showed our  president's wife and she FLIPPED OUT and was so jealous! She received things from 'a random place in AZ!' and even from Elder Kevin Page??!?! Michael Christensen??! Kim Rich?! Wael??! wow wow wow. thank you all, I love you all so much. If I didn't add your name, please know how you mean to me. Every day I have thanked God for you and your charity. Ah! You're the best!! 

Weeeeeell I actually forgot my notes of what I was going to write everyone about! but how fun was that to talk to you over the phone??? We were all on cloud nine after :) That was so fun!

Saturday we had another 2 20 minute lessons for TRC, when volunteers come in. Our first girl was a RM from HK and we had a good time. the second volunteer was about 50 years FROM HONG KONG and spoke pretty bad english. We we were waiting in line for our teacher to pick who to talk to. She knocked on her door and said something in Cantonese to the old woman, and when the woman responded, my companion and I looked at each other in horror. WHAT language was she speaking?? Holy SMOKES she sounded like a strangled monkey! It was so scary and sounded NOTHING like what I've been studying! Fortunately, the lesson went pretty well! we'd say something in cantonese, she'd pause, and then repeat what we said but 100,000times faster hahaha. It was a pretty humbling experience. But even during this scary experience, where either of us could hardly understand each other, when I bore my testimony, I couldn't help but tear up. The spirit testifies of truth no matter how big the language barrier is! Haha at least that's what I tell myself ;) 

Did I tell you about our investigator Bobo? i. love. her. She's 18, she's struggling, she's homosexual, and she loves the Savior. Man, all of you PLEASE check out the videos (or .net! or .com! idk!!!)
ah I THINK! Be careful! haha. Go on or and type in mormons and gays and you'll find so many beautiful videos of homosexual mormons and their life in the gospel. Man, they're some of the strongest, most Christlike people i have ever learned about. My heart goes out to them. My heart goes out to Bobo, too. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love her no matter what. They love her SO much. They want her to be happy. She can find happiness in this gospel! After our last lesson she asked, "where  can I read about Christ?" WOO!! she's such a strong girl! Her favorite scripture that we've shared with her so far is Ether 12:27. I know that if we come unto Christ, He will make our weaknesses strong. She knows it too!!! 

One last thing. ELDER HOLLAND CAME ON TUESDAY!!!! We are seriously at the MTC at the most awesome time!!!!! He said that he thinks he has thought about his mission every day (he said, "okay there has probably been SOME days that i havent thought about it, but we get the point). Basically, his mission changed him. He argues that it's changed him more than it's changed anybody. He told us that this mission has to mean EVERYTHING to us.  He said, " I cannot live when a missionary comes home and is not active in the church. We spent every hour of every day crying and praying over people and then fall away?" Many RMs think, "okay back to real life now.." and forget their missionary ways... but no, this mission IS REAL LIFE. What do we preach about? Jesus Christ. what do we do every day? serve. this is real life. I never realized that. he also said this concerning RMs "I can't stand the thought of losing any of His sheep, but I cannot even conceive the thought of losing one of His shepherds. What kind of loyalty is that?" 
He also talked about how we as members of the church take the greatest gift in the world for granted: the gift of the holy ghost. But in all reality, we have the opportunity to constantly walk with one of the members of the Godhead. wow. His words were true. I felt numb after he spoke! 

Sorry this letter was pretty choppy and unorganized. BUT, I love you all so much! I love it here! pray on!

Love, Sister Bosler

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