This Week Just Flew By!!

I can't believe how fast this week flew by! I feel like I just wrote all of you... crazy! So you know how last week I had to go because we were about to teach someone in HK over Skype? They pronounce it "Sky pee!" hehe. Well, it went pretty awful, not going to lie. Haha man... For one, it was hard to hear over Skype, and 2, she was 15 years old in China and speaking sooooo fast. Caught nothing! yup! Okay maybe a few words. But still... anyway, I just started feeling frustrated. And even worse, that frustration turned into apathy! When it ended, we headed over to teach one of our "investigators". And during that lesson, I still had the same attitude, and wow. that was one of my worst lessons. I even laughed during some of it because my ability--or inability--to speak was so ridiculous. HELLO?!??! 

What am I thinking? I can't even stress enough the importance of having faith and inviting the spirit. Faith brings miracles. Faith leads to action. Faith leads to obedience, which also brings miracles. How can I teach our investigators about having faith when I had none at the time? Missionary work is the work of FAITH. If I exercise faith, the Lord will provide miracles. I know that to be true, 100%. 

My prayers that night were pretty heartfelt. I love that time at night to sincerely pray to Heavenly Father, to go through with Him what I had done that day; thank Him for what He had helped me with, acknowledge my mistakes, and ask Him for help and strength to do better the next day. I love setting those goals. He doesn't tell me exactly what to do or how to do, but, I know that when I make a decision or set a goal, I feel good about it. I know that He trusts me to decide for myself and He helps me achieve that. 

So the next day, everything went much better. We taught our first inactive, named Yanni. (She's our native teacher, Chahn JiMuih. I LOVE HER! She cracks me up every day!) It's incredible how much more I can achieve, how much happier I feel, how much more fulfilling each day is when I have the spirit with me! When the night before I plead with Heavenly Father to help me, and the morning of I plead even more with Him! I love Him with all my heart. 

I challenge you all to use your prayer time wisely. Test your faith. See how much God really is involved in your life.... see how much He truly will lead and guide you, but only if you sincerely ask for His help. Prayer is so sacred and so valuable! 

Well here's some fun stuff:
Last night at Sunday night Devo, Sister Kartchner and I performed! Wooooo hoooo!!! And when President Nally said we're both serving in China Hong Kong, we heard a bunch of missionaries gasp.... it made learning Cantonese all more worth it ;) So when we performed, I looked out at all the missionaries, and just felt the Savior's love rush over me. I wanted them all to feel the message of this song so bad! I wanted them to know how much I need my Savior! fam, I am honestly nothing without my Savior. I know what it feels like to be happy, we all do. However... not very many people know the feeling of pure joy. Not many people know the feeling of being filled with the Spirit, being filled with our Savior's love... it's the greatest feeling of all!!! 

The song went wonderful. I'm so grateful Sister Kartchner picked it. BTW it should be on YouTube! SIster Dunn, Mom you met her! Her son is from Fairfield so we became friends. Anyway, she asked if she could record us and posted it on S Kartchner's mom's account! WOOO!! HHaha too bad I had to sneeze during the little private performance though... anyway, I hope she sent it to you! If not, idk the link, but it's titled "Abide with me; 'tis eventide" all lowercase but the A. and you could probably also type in Sister Bosler and SIster Kartchner? hope you got it! 

But after the devo, EVERYONE swarmed around us and thanked us! And all throughout today we keep getting thanked! and when we walked back to class, our district (sisters) swarmed us and hugged us! Wowwww the LOOOVE!!! I love them all!! :)

I love you all! Thanks again for all your love and prayers!

One last request for you all though... Can you please for Sister Kartchner to receive the gift of tongues? Man, whenever I think I'm struggling, I snap out of it because she struggles so much more. So please, that would be awesome. Love you all! 

Pray on! :)

Love, Sister Bosler

MOM i loved your letter so much! I cant believe how busy you are! it made me laugh too, especially how you watered the garden with B1 vitamins. haha love it!!! You sound like you're doing fantastic! How is Dad? haha seriously, keep writing letters like that. I cant believe what a PARTY place our home is. and dad's new car?!?!?! YEAH!! Send pics! pics pics pics!!! 

I miss you and love you! I want to hear how T-boz is doing!@

Um so.... Looks like I can't go to Hong Kong anymore.... I fell off my bunk bed and broke my foot... haha okay lamest joke ever, not even funny. BUT, one elder in our district, Elder Klein, literally tore his ACL! :( He's here 4 weeks longer than us now :( but it's incredible, we all fasted for him and he's already walking without crutches, just 11days after his surgery. when he first tore his ACL 2 years ago, it took him 6 months to fully recover! Wow, fasting works. prayer works.
 MY FRIENDS!!! Sisters from China!! They speak some Cantonese! They are ADORABLE! haha and Sister Tu'avao having too much fun in the background....
 The whole zone!!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! There's Elder Klein in his wheel chair last week.. poor guy!

 Beautiful temple! I swear I don't wear that skirt every day. haha but see Mom, now you know how much I love it!
 Sister Chan, my teacher! She put on my NEW NAME TAG!!!! We're not allowed to wear those until we get to HK, but look how COOL!!!! I'll send home the ones I wear now in a couple weeks!
 Not the most attractive face or pose and none of the pictures were turning out... but here's my NEW NAME TAG!!! So exciting.

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