I Got My Itinerary!!

I GOT MY ITINERARY!!!! WOOO!!!! We were literally jumping up and down, screaming. SO EXCITED! We leave Monday morning at 4:45  am! then fly into LA and then.... HONG KOOOONNGGGG AHSIHNSKDUDFSNGBKAS so excited. seriously, I'm so ready.

But when I say "ready", I mean spiritually and emotionally. defintiely NOT with the language. haha holy smokes, it's going to be one awesome struggle. I'm SO excited to be immersed in the language though, constantly writing down words I hear, and learning so much from my companion! YEAH! it'll be great! haha and SOOOO overwhelming! it just makes me laugh how little I know... might as well just laugh about it, right? ha..ha.... 

I definitely can't wait to get out there though. I've had teaching experiences this week where my heart has just filled--i'm pretty sure it's almost burst--with the love I have for my Savior. and the desire I have to help others learn of Him...to help others know that there is someone there who knows exactly how they're feeling, who, "in his love, and in his pity, he redeemed them, and bore them, and carried them all the days of old." There is One who has "trodden the wine-press alone"...so that we don't have to suffer alone. There is One who loves us more than we can imagine. There's nothing more beautiful that this gospel! I just can't wait to share this with all! 

We had to pretend to teach someone we love, and I just cried. There is nothing I want more for all my friends and family, but to be using our Savior's Atonement. To be studying His life every day and applying His ways to their lives. To be asking Him for forgiveness, communicating to God through prayer, and receiving a remission of their sins... there's nothing I want more for everyone in Hong Kong! yup, everyone! yup, all 7.3 million! ;) Think of the person you love the most. Think of what you'd do for them, how much you couldn't live without them, how much you want to help them in their lives, how much joy they bring you... and multiply that by more than you can imagine. That's not even a portion of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. I'm so grateful He trusts me to help my Asian brothers and sisters come unto Christ! SO READY! the language will come. Moroni 7:33. I have faith. My faith isn't perfect, but i've been working hard. I've been trying. I've been praaaaaying. I know He will provide the way. For "who hath made man's mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? have not I the Lord? Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say." I know those words are true. 

And how do I know these things are true? How do I know the Bible is the word of God? How do I know the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of our Savior Jesus Christ, and testifies of the reality and divinity of Him? How do I know this church is Christ's restored true church? How do I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet? Because I have found out for myself. I have asked God. I have asked again and again. When I have prayed and asked, I never received a voice, or an angel, or anything dramatic of that sort. But as I have tried to live my life in Christ's name, as I have begged God for forgiveness-- He has refined and transformed my life to the point where I know I could not live without my Savior. I have had experience after experience where I've known without a doubt this is true. I have read His Word with much faith, and have been overwhelmed of happiness and love--the power of the Holy Ghost! "everything which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God." 

Whenever I read the Book of Mormon, whenever I pray, I all of a sudden want to do better, want to be better, want to serve and love better. Is that not what life is all about? Is that not inspired of God? it all starts with faith. Have the desire, and God will make it manifest unto you. 

I can't remember if I already asked you to do this, but I invite you to read the Book of Mormon, and within every verse, every page, every chapter, search and find ways that it testifies of Christ and apply it to your life. Let it change you! it will! :) Not that you all need to change or anything... ;) haha 

Seriously though, no one gets as many emails, letters, etc than I do. I am extremely blessed to have you all in my life. (ahh literally tearing up right now!) you all inspire me in different ways. each and every one of you as literally inspired me and helped me in my life! I should be sending this email to Tim, Tod, and Scott, too! Because they've all inspired me, also. Make sure Grandma Thomas knows this too! she's one of the most Christlike, greatest missionaries I know. I can't believe she doesn't have her own section in D&C. ;) haha jk. missionary's have the lamest jokes, i swear. Anyway, I love you all. Let the light of Christ in you burn even brighter. 

Listen to Recognizing the Spirit by Elder Bednar. It was INCREDIBLE!
 OH YEAAAAHHHHH!!!! These pics capture Sister Adams' and mine excitement to go to Hong Kong. BOOM!!
 This is me and Sister Tu'avao holding Elder Kevin Page's last letter--came in a pringles box with cool quotes and scriptures haha!

LOVE YOU ALL!!! I can call when I get to the airport on Monday woooo!!!! We get to LA at noon i think? CA time. and our flight leaves SLC at 10am, UT time. idk when i'll call, BUT I WILL!!! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! love you :) 

Love, Sister Bosler

LOVE THE PICTURES YOU SEND ME SO MUCH!!!! YAY!!! :) :) :) :) haha keep sending! btw mom, I LOVE YOUR LETTERS THE MOST! minus Tyler's last letter to me. that was the best letter of all. hes the coolest boy ever. but seriously i love hearing about everyone and everything! have fun in IOWA!

PS. i never proof these letters.... 

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