True Talent!!

Hiiiiiiii!!!! man i've been looking forward to emailing you! :) :) :) 

haha well. this week. haha the BEST part for SURE was a talent show our Relief Society had. haha we invited a ton of people to this activity, and a less active named Fuh Yim came! but anyway, it was such an AWESOME event. they had a ton of food (and i mean good food - my first time eating a salad in Hong Kong! SO HAPPY!) and then they had a talent show. hhaahahahahahha yes the best thing of my life. i couldn't stop smiling. and i was so wishing natalie and sarah were with me. for some reason, the Chinese can't really sing. i love it, it makes me laugh so hard! well, remember how we have a bunch of deaf people in our ward? Sister Chan is a recent convert and gets all her nonmember deaf friends coming to church, etc. the Elders' responsibility is to teach the deaf people, not ours (acc to mission president) but there is that one investigator who doesn't like the elders, so we attempt to teach her. 

Annnnyway, Sister Chan decided to get a group together to sing a song. yup :) and it was about the Word of Wisdom. i didn't even KNOW there was a hymn about the word of wisdom!!! and since signing is much slower, it took like 10 minutes. then Sister Chan decided she wanted to sign it again, but by herself. so we watched a 20 minute signed hymn about the word of wisdom. i was literally smiling the WHOLE TIME THOUGH. hahahaha i just loved it so much! people are awesome! 

now i've gotta tell you more about... HELEN! Man. this girl is SO prepared to receive baptism. Sister Cheung and I prayed about it, and we decided to move her baptismal date up a week, so now it's July 13. (our president doesn't want people to get baptized until 6 weeks after we start the lessons bc the less active rate is so high here) YAY!! anyway, I still haven't had a chance to teach the whole restoration yet, but we got to teach her all the commandments! and she has accepted everything, whole heartedly. she asks a lot of questions too, and it's incredible how we'll turn to a verse in the BoM, have her read it, and then she'll say "oohhh!! mihngbahk." which means "i understand." and then she commits! haha the only thing she had a problem with was fasting. lol! But we all fasted yesterday for her and her mom. 

Please keep Helen in your prayers! she really wants to get baptized, loves church, loves the gospel and has found God! :)  but... here's the prob. since she's 17, she needs her mom's signature. we finally helped her build up the faith to talk to her mom, but she told her mom she's going to church to take piano lessons! (oh! after every lesson, i teach her piano for 15 minutes. SO FUN!! she can play the right hand of "Come Follow Me" very slowly :) so proud!) so, after church on sunday we had a on the spot lesson, and we all knelt in prayer, with much prayer and fasting, that her mom will let her get baptized. be continued until next week! we're teaching her again tonight so we'll see! by the way, Helen called me her FRIEND! wow. that made me happy. i still feel pretty useless here, but somehow she feels that I care for her and want to help her. so happy about that! keep her in your prayers!

Please also keep Ms Cheung (not my companion haha- everyone has the same name, i know!) and her 5 year old daughter and husband in our prayers. they came to our english class on friday (OH! I LOVE ENGLISH CLASS!!!! hahaha it is SO much fun! we taught them about the 4th of July and America last week, so this next friday we're going to have a party and act out some American history stuff.... so excited. haha oh, one of the vocab words i put on the board was Joseph Smith. and then one man said, "who ees joseph smit and why ees he impawtant in american histawy?" hahaha we were all like "great question!" and one Elder explained how he has a part with religious freedom, but we'll explain more later during a lesson :) haha it was great.) so anyway, Ms Cheung came to our english class and I just love her! but she's also pregnant and tired a lot, so it's going to be hard to get her to come to church. but MAN i just want her to gain a testimony of how much this gospel will bless her family forever!! so pray for her to have the faith to continue meeting with us! :) 

I love you all! families are just SOOOO important! We are so lucky to have families and to strengthen each other! 

hey mom, guess what i ate. A MUSHROOM. actually i ate like FIVE. I'm a changed woman. more pics to come! 

LOVE YOU! families are forever ;) really though!!

Love, Sister Bosler

 Me and my companion, Sister Cheung
 First "cheng out". Ate half a cheesecake bc I know they're really expensive :(

 Eating a MUSHROOM!!!!
 Me and Helen!
 anddddd look agh these crazey views
Sister Chan signing the Word of Wisdon song... best talent ever!

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