Wheat Grass and On Firrrrrre!!

Mom- LOVE THE WHEAT GRASS POWDER!!! haha i got another package... YES!! wow, love love love. and what's makes it even better: we just found this tiny little place in West Point that has fresh juice, and their store has the cheapest veggies in the world... like green onion for 2 HKD! which is like 40 cents??! haha oh man, i love Hong Kong. so with all your powders, i pretty much drink a bananna and 1000 veggie smoothie every morning.

Tyler is ripped and a stud. haha i cant believe how cool he is!

HOW WAS CONFERENCE?!?! i cant wait to see it next week!
but....did you hear Elder Wong?? He was the GA that visited my MTC group! and when Elder Rasband was here, he told us he would be the first to speak in another language at GC: In cantonese!!! SO COOL.

Well, this week Sister Cheung and I have been on firrrrrre. seriously. and it's all because of the spirit. my testimony of the spirit has grown so much! ive struggled time and time again to follow the promptings of the spirit, to do what missionaries do and turn this way because the spirit told them to, or say that because the spirit prompted them to, or ask a certain question, or know this or that... you know, you hear the miracle stories. so this is definitely something ive been praying for over and over again, to be able to teach by the spirit.

And i've felt the spirit SO much! every day i write down ways the spirit has guided me, even if it's the tiniest thing. But our lessons now consist of basically just asking questions, and letting the person talk, and the spirit teach. it's been incredible seeing the change in people on the streets.

But here's our miracle... MARLO! ahhhh. Sister Dunbar and I met her in Wah Fu on Wednesday. we just fell in love with her! she came to english class, and then we taught her on sunday. we started out the lesson just asking questions about Jesus Christ, showing the picture of Him holding the lamb. Not even 3 minutes in the lesson, Marlo started crying. she pretty much cried throughout the whole thing! she expressed how she's been confused for the past few years, not knowing what path to take in life... and how this is her answer. everything is making sense. i've never seen someone have so much love, hope, and faith in Jesus Christ like Marlo developed. I think the best part though, was her prayer at the end. We invited her to pray about following Jesus Christ through baptism, about if this is His true restored church, and she got so nervous and excited. I can't even express how humble her prayer was...but this woman knew she was talking to God, her Father in Heaven, and she knew He was listening. She started bawling--we all started bawling, and the spirit testified that these things are true.

I haven't felt more joy on the mission yet, then seeing someone for the first time, talk to their Father in Heaven, and to receive her answer right then and there that these things are true. I am so grateful God guided us to meet her at the exact place at the exact right time in Wah Fu! wow. she's amazing. throughout the lesson, she would stop talking, choke up, and grab our hands and call us angels. aw man, i've never felt more love in my life!!! THIS IS MISSIONARY WORK AHHHHHH IT"S THE BEST IN THE WORRRRRRLLDDD!!!!!! oh and an even cooler thing, we had a lesson right before she came so she had to wait in a different room of the church with the fellowshipper, and also with all our deaf members! (they like to stay and chat after church.) well Marlo is perfect for Pok Fu Lam, because she grew to love those people, and wants to learn sign language so bad! haha man, miracles, miracles. she's going to add so much to our Pok Fu Lam ward :) keep praying for Pok Fu Lam please!

But overall, when you pray in the morning and when you pray at night, please pray for the guidance of the spirit if you arent' already doing so. Take just 5 minutes every day to write how the spirit has guided you. or, if necessary, ask, 'what do i need to change to let the spirit guide me?' it works. i promise you, if you do these things, you will feel the spirit more. you will be happier. you will have more energy. and you will know what to say and when to say it.  The spirit is more willing to help us than we let it. So let it!
 i love this gospel! i love the spirit! i love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

well... once again we arent at the apple store, but a library and i cant read chinese. so im sorry, no pictures! next time if we can go to Central! love you!

One picture:  Cute Pohpo at Wah Fu! love the way the chinese sit. trying to copy

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