The big news!!!

SOOOO MANY MIRACLES THIS WEEK!!! Wow, many times this week Sister Cheung and I just looked at each other and said, "we. love. this." haha we've had such an exciting week, i can't even share all the stories! But one thing I want to share is how much we LOVE POK FU LAM. Ah i'm seriously in the best ward ever, the best area ever. I love serving here! and Bishop Chan is the best! (by the way, my baptism picture is on the board now in the church! haha! Everyone knows it's me too because i'm the only white girl on there! hehe love it. i love how Jas is in it too! he's so handsome! :) )

Well it's almost time for move calls. they are tomorrow! so naturally, everyone gets a little nervous, or jokes about someone moving to Macao. Sister Cheung and I knew we were safe together in PFL though because she only has 6 weeks left on her mission, and each move is 9 weeks.

Well today we were walking back from getting groceries, when our cell phone said the office elders were calling. Sister Cheung answered and then stopped and said, "oh hi President Hawks! ...yes, Sister Bosler is here." what. we looked at each other, freaking out. I grabbed the phone and president Hawks said, "are you ready to be senior companion?" Whaaaaaaat??

Turns out... I'M TRAINING!!!!! haha holy smokes!!! I feel a little bad about my reaction, I was super shocked and super sad- because this means that Sister Cheung is moving! But... during my personal study, i got so excited and i surprisingly feel so calm.
I couldn't really focus during my study (especially since Sister Cheung was soooo sad--and I love her so much! will definitely miss her!) but then randomly turned to Alma 56. I found myself reading about the Stripling Warriors and applied their situation to my life. These boys were young. They didn't know what they were doing, they had never done this before. But they never doubted! They had absolutely faith the Lord would provide a way. And the same is for me. A huge wave of assurance, and confidence in the Lord and in myself came over me. Sure, I've only been in the field for 4 months. For some reason, I can still hardly understand Cantonese. However, I have learned one thing on the mission, and that is to have faith in the Lord. I have absolutely faith this call is inspired, and I know He definitely will provide a way for us to preach the gospel and help all we meet in Pok Fu Lam! I'm honestly not scared AT ALL! Just so excited and confident! I have total confidence in the Lord, I love it!

I've been praying extra hard lately to be able to understand Cantonese, because I'm still struggling pretty bad with hearing words I even know. Haha be careful for what you pray for, because I truly feel like this extra responsibilty to train is the way the Lord will make my language progress. And, I'm excited to experience all these crazy miracles me and this brand new missionary will experience. oh yeah!

But mainly, I'm extremely excited and really hope I am able to help this new missionary. I had an extremely tough time in the beginning, so let's hope my process of relying on the Lord will be able to help her! :) man, life is so exciting and awesome. I love it.

Here's some good news about the ward: Ashley gave a talk on sunday! She said she will never not go to church again. wow. music to my ears. gosh, I'm soooooo grateful for this opportunity God gave me to help her and her mom. so so happy.

Helen gave a talk at the fireside! A member told us that during sacrament meeting, she writes down notes, and she's always asking good questions. YAY! she's changed so much.... i love her!!

Jason: he also gave a talk at the fireside! haha he talked about how he met me and Sister Cheung on the street... oh man.. so embarrassing. that is why sisters do not teach 15 year old boys.

We randomly had many miracles at church, like Bishop Chan's dad came!!! haha he finally finished his surgery and he is just SOOO CUTE!!! he was wearing the most adorable suit with this little hat.... hehe i just love him so much. but another cool miracle, is Sister Chan Ching Har's LA son's girlfriend, Calyx! I loooooove Sister Chan, she just cracks me up, and randomly her son and gf came to church! and Calyx asked US missionaries for our number, and said she wants to learn more, and even came to the fireside! whaaaat! pray for them pray for them! it was incredible to see Sister Chan become an outstanding fellowshipper. gosh have i ever mentioned i love this ward? :)

But out of everything, I love the Lord. I love this gospel! I love the sisters I live with, and our adventures of spending 30 minutes of prep time trying to spray bug spray on the geckos in our apt (anyone know of a better way to kill geckos??), I love how much the Lord is changing me, I love all the veggies and smoothies and soy milk and fish here in Hong Kong, haha and I just love learning how to follow the spirit and teach people. changing lives. ah. I just want everyone to know about this INCREDIBLE MESSAGE!!!

I love you all! I hope you are continuing to read the Book of Mormon! It changes lives.

Love always, Sister Bosler

pray for my new companion!!! :) :)

Last week Pday... KWAI FONG MALL!!! This is the dirty mall. BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. literally can get 4 dollar shirts US$. haha it's so fun. anyone going to HK sometime soon to tour? email me up, I know all the places to shop ;)
And me, Sister  Cheung, Helen, and Sister Hamblin at the fireside last night. by the way i sang! And some members of random wards SOMEHOW know I have a CD??! haha what the heck! it was fun though.
And is that a MONKEY HAND in the dried fruit mix???!

When I found out I was getting a juicer (haha i know I'm not, but this picture is CLASSIC of us! totally mine and Sister Cheung's relationship! LOVE IT!!)

The way i cook in HK ;) haha sometimes...
Note from mom - here is the baptism picture that Karli is referring to. Her bishop wanted each missionaries baptism picture to hang on the wall of the church building. This is Karli's brother, Jason, who baptized her. :)

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