Feast upon the Word and ____!!

Sorry, not much time to write this week!

but.... HOW WAS CONFERENCE??!?! ahh it's the greatest thing in the world!

I can't get over grateful I am to be able to serve a mission, especially after watching conference. it's crazy, because just these few months my eyes have opened up to so much of what life is all about... haha I had everything wrong I feel like! I'm so grateful for this opportunity, because I don't know how long it would've taken for me to learn the lessons I've already learned so fast while serving the Lord. It's incredible because every single action I make is so important since this time is the Lord's time. I love how much closer I've grown to Him and how much I use His Atonement every day.

This week was wonderful. I feel my language improving, but I'm still relying on the help of God sooooo much haha. But, guess who came to 2 sessions of conference on Sunday? MARLO!!! After President Monson's talk on Sunday morning, I leaned over to sister Cheung and said, "this was for Marlo." sure enough, after the session, we went up to the 6th floor to go talk to the members and Marlo. Marlo. was. bawling. Like, bawling so bad she had to sit by herself for a moment and didn't come to eat with the whole ward because she was so embarrassed. She kept apologizing and saying she has NO idea why she's like this and has never been like this before... but she knows this is true. ahhhhh. She knows this gospel is the right path for her! she kept asking Sister Cheung and I, "what are the commandments i need to keep?" practically begging us to share with her what many people shy away from.

She is SUCH an example of one who is humble and wants to follow Jesus Christ! She said her favorite talk was President Monsons and she felt like he was speaking right to her. He is so inspired. I'm so grateful we have a living prophet. Can you believe how fortunate we are?! Can you imagine having none of this truth in your life?! Marlo is so grateful for this! She has explained she has been so confused and now all of a sudden--starting with a picture of Jesus Christ--she understands life. She understands why she's here. Ahh i just can't believe we have this opportunity to teach her and change her life! Even better (and kind of selfish) but I can't believe I have this opportunity to change MY life! :) so happy. love is everywhere.

Keep praying for Marlo :) She's scared because her husband really doesn't like the church and doesn't know she is taking the lessons. so please...pray for her :) thank you!

By the way, between sessions our ward ate together and my bishop told me to try this thing next to some curry fish balls. I've gotten to the point where i just try everything, so i just grabbed it and ate it--pretty good! then some members started laughing and told me it's (pronounced like gwat (high tone) gau (high tone) yuhn (low falling tone). then someone translated that it's like "jyu (mid rising) peih (low falling)" which is pig skin. WHAT. but what's even worse, is that it's LIKE pig skin... i finally figured out it's pig COLLAGEN. almost died. haha the members loved it though, so...that's okay... haha :)

Helen's progress: she's all the way in Alma 30. family, PLEASE READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERY DAY! please make it a priority in your life! there's nothing more that will change a person's life than reading the Book of Mormon, because of all the truth it contains. it has changed my life! it gives me so much direction and peace. I just hope you are all reading it every day; alone, as well as with your spouse and children. I promise you it will solve every problem you have, give you answers to everything, and especially help you understand and apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ every day. I love it! I LOVE YOU!

PS. how did you like the talk about health? if you don't like the way your body is, then do something about it! haha man... i can't wait to reread that talk again. amen!! :)

Love, Sister Bosler

PS love you so much!!!!! no i don't need any music! oh I'm performing at a fireside next sunday that Helen is speaking at! cool huh!

The whole mission! Can you find me? :)

Check out what was right outside our apt! All these dead dried fish!  Hungry?

A salad i made :) Awesome, huh!


and thanks Brooke for the juices! ;)

This cool weird egg thing we found for 5 HKD

Note from Kim: Bruce is going to China on his humanitarian trip, stopping in HK for one day, (he won't see her) so we asked her if there was anything besides supergreens that she might like.  Here's her response: 

okay. so here's something that I've been thinking about all the time for almost a month, and i totally understand if you start laughing and straight up say no! but.... can i have a juicer? hahaha aw man... it's just carrots are so cheap, and other veggies, but they die so fast and we only shop once a week. and a juicer would be 10 times cheaper than traveling on pdays to expensive places for overpriced imported juices with our tiny missionary budget! i would love to take any old crap juicer that even doesn't juice it all the way! haha but if that's too crazy, then it's fine :) haha i even feel silly asking, but me and Sister Dunbar have already planned where we'd put it and everything lol.
i would just love more powders and stuff! and whatever you want to throw in health wise! no tampons needed. haven't had a period for 6 months. maybe some top liquid eyeliner? its SO EXPENSIVE HERE! you can get it for 6 bucks in America!

you're the best! anything you think i'd love like healthy foods/snacks are the best! the healthier the better! no peanut butter, i sacrificed that a month or 2 ago haha. but almond butter....? ;) it's 168 HK dollars here LOL! i haven't purchased it, that's like a week of groceries.

dates?!?!?! OOOHH!! cacao powder!!! Oooh!! that would be incredible!! especially with that chocolate green powder you gave me! haha you're seriously THE BEST. and of course pictures :) i love them! everyone in my apt looks at them! :)

I responded, "Ask and ye shall receive" and that we would try to find a used one. She wrote back:

what the heck!!! Im tearing up i don't even know what to think!!! ahhh i can't believe this!!! ahhhh Sister Dunbar just took pics of my reaction I LOVE YOU OH MANNN!!!! haha i don't care what brand eyeliner! cheap or whatever! mascara too maybe? 

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