Training!! And Dad was here in Hong Kong!!

Note from mom: Well, Karli is now training other missionaries. That is humbling for her for sure and her positive attitude is contagious. Bruce was in Hong Kong yesterday, while on his humanitarian dental trip in Guilin, China. The mission rule is that parents don't visit during the 18-month mission, and so he just dropped off a package of health food to her at the mission home. He actually did get to meet her bishop and his wife - an absolutely darling couple!  (See pic at bottom). He also met many of Karli's friends and several deaf members that were so sweet to him.

We have so enjoyed Karli's letters and her love for her mission, the Lord and everyone she meets. Thank you for all of your love and support :)  Karli's blog is

From Karli: Oct 17, 2014

Hey family!
Wow, this has been the most insane week of my life.

My new companion is Sister Richardson from Utah! Haha I honestly thought I would training an ABC or a native, but it turns out the Lord has different plans.

She is so cute! Haha we are probably exactly opposite, so the Lord definitely has a lot for me to learn.

It's crazy being the senior companion. I feel I am responsible for our investigators' salvation, and especially for my companion's sanity. I perfectly remember how hard it is in the beginning of the mission--knowing NOTHING--because I just finished training last move. My personal studies consist of how I can help these investigators, but also Sister Richardson. Pray for her!

But, we have seen SO many miracles. 1st, I have always relied on Sister Cheung to understand what investigators say during lessons. and's all on me!!!! AHH WHAT!!! but, somehow, SOMEHOW, the Lord truly helps me understand! It's so cool because all of a sudden, within this past week, I have grown so much closer to the members, and I somehow am able to help our investigators. All I can say is... I know this is NOT missionary's work. This is the Lord's work. I can't even explain how much my testimony of Him has grown. He truly is so mindful of His missionaries. I honestly can't believe I can teach 45 minute lessons, find new investigators, hold activities, and help someone build their faith all in Cantonese. wow. I know this is the Lord's work!! IT'S SO COOL!!!

This past week has been exhausting though. I can't sleep very well at night again because I stay awake worrying about our investigators, what needs to get done for the next day, or for my companion. It's crazy having all this stress and responsibility! But I'm so grateful for this challenge because it has shown me how much I truly have progressed. wow can't believe it!

haha well this week, guess what I tried? CHICKEN FEET!!!!! hahah naaaaaaaasty! We were at an activity, and a member named Je Kwai Lihn made the chicken feet. I told her I will try it just for her, and so everyone crowded around us and took pictures. oh man, the members loved it so much. hahaha. i honestly felt like i was eating chicken rubber skin and toe nails and bone. nasty. I am so proud of my companion for also trying it! funny fact.... she hates veggies and anything chinese. haha. i didn't know that, and her first night here, i had scheduled us to eat at a members house (sister Cheung's and I LOVE IT, because the food is usually awesome! Always have so many veggies, soup, tofu, and rice!) haha well I didn't realize how chinese I've become until Sister Richardson looked at the food. oh man... ga yauh! (add oil! meaning: good luck!) also, all her favorite foods here are EXPENSIVE, because she likes pizza, burgers, fries, chocolate, oreos and cookie dough. i'm so grateful I'm in HK because all my favorite foods are so cheap! hehe so this will definitely be an adventure! this has been so cool to see though, because I never realized how much I've adjusted to the chinese style. I LOVE THE CHINESE SO MUCH!!!!!! I love everything about the culture!!!! I love the people!!!

I can't even tell you how much I love our ward! Our last night with Sister Cheung here,  Bishop invited us over with some members, Helen, Ashley, and the elders. wow. we all literally bore testimonies of how much we love Pok Fu Lam. haha i can't even explain how lucky I am! I can't wait for my companion to develop this love, too!

so now an update on Marlo... ahhh her faith is sooo strong! we had the best lesson with her on friday about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We took her to the 6th floor to the chapel and set up pictures of Christ, and she basically taught herself the whole gospel. it was incredible. we showed her the baptismal font and the sacrament. she loved it, and just cried. She is so ready. well then, Saturday night, she called us. Her husband found out from someone in the ward that she has been going to church and forbids her to keep coming. He says she must follow his beliefs. NOOOO!!! We saw her today in Causeway Bay (she took us out to the most beautiful buffet!) and we rescheduled her for friday, where we'll talk more with a member so i can get all the details better. keep praying for her husband... her faith is so strong! she even brought her Book of Mormon to the buffet! i love her.

The Lord has been blessing us with people to teach. Ruby is one of them. Her baptismal date is for Dec 28! She loves hearing about the gospel, and even said, "i really want to see Christ." but she still hasn't found her answer if baptism is for her or not. Ruby is so special to me! I love her!

It's the greatest thing in the world being able to see the change in people. The only way a person can truly change in through coming unto Christ. and the best way to come unto Christ is through the Book of Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for the guidance it gives us!

I love you all! I love this work SO MUCH. I love working hard. It's the best feeling in the world. And it's all to help others come to know their Savior! It's the best thing ever! love you!

Love, Sister Bosler

PS. DAD IS IN HONG KONG. God blessed me with the power to focus on the work and not him--i totally forgot until I was falling alseep last night! wow. so. weird. haha when we were teaching Marlo earlier today (LOVE TEACHING ON PDAYS) Sister Chan (deaf) texted me a thousand times saying he is at our church in Aberdeen! AHHHHHHH! haha oh man. My bishop is awesome though, he really wants to meet him! I sure hope they will!

 i love my Sister Cheung so much!!!! She is my best friend! I am excited to build another relationship with Sister Richardson and learn so much from her too!
 cutest little dessert! hehe! I think it's red bean inside.
 here's the chicken feet. it's a HK fav ;)

 Marlo and I ate whatever animal that is! baby lobster? that's what it means in chinese.

 Pictures from mom:

Karli's Bishop Jimmy Chan and his wife (I love her outfit!!)

 Deaf members that let Bruce into the chapel and were so kind.

 This is the hallway of just one of the many floors of the chapel.  You can see the TV monitors, the nice elevators, marble floors and even the nice crown molding in the ceiling.  The chapel meeting room is very elegant with soft, red velvety seats.

 This was our family exactly one year ago in Hong Kong. Now Karli is serving there. And, as a side note, Tyler is currently THREE INCHES TALLER than Karli!!!

PS The first thing Karli said as we stepped into crowded, noisy downtown HK was, "Wow, I hope I don't serve here!" LOL  And how that has changed too - she loves everything about that city now!

This is the seven story chapel that Karli attends! We took this picture at night last year as we left. (We were in this chapel just one year ago when Karli, Tyler and Bruce and I went to China to run the Great Wall marathon. Wow. Time has flown!)

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